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Engineer Trinkets = PvP hAxXoRz!

Engineer Trinkets = PvP hAxXoRz!

So here I am, reading up on the WoW forums in regards to the upcoming PvP arena system. For those of you living under rocks, it goes a little something like this: You form a mini PvP guild of you and your pals. You get a separate little charter, and put 'me and Toby and Sally are going to zomgwtfpwn the 3v3 bracket' on there. You register it, and you have your own Arena Party. You can be in the same guild, or separate guilds, whatever. It's just for the sake of the new Burning Crusade PvP Arena tussles.

Jack and coke FTW!
Fights inside the Arena (be they 1v1, 2v2, or 3v3) earn you "honor tokens" which can then be redeemed for PvP Gear. I'm pretty sure that they've done away with titles like 'High Warlord' and the like at this point. The expansion is trying to cut down on the brutal honor grind, and it’s inherently flawed decay system. According to the new system, you could conceivably play one match per day and still potentially earn the highest ranking PvP loots. Obviously, it would take three decades or so at that rate, but the mechanic is in place. Since you’re earning actual tokens that go in your bank instead of accruing some obscure stat on your character page, it’s possible to earn them over time without fear of losing your spot in line to do something silly like eat or use the bathroom. No longer will something trivial like having both of your legs mangled in a freak forklift accident down at the docks endanger your pursuit of that axe with 3 extra agility on it! After months of painful physical therapy you can jump right in where you left off!

Of course, it must suck for those who have already ground out "High Warlord" or "Defender of the Queen's Jewels" (or whatever they call it on the Alliance side) over the course of the last 8 months while losing their jobs, girlfriends, and complexion... but hey, tough break! Don't worry about me, I've never made it above rank 5, so the gaping hole in my soul labelled "PvP" isn't really that gaping after all. Thanks for your concern, but I think I'll learn to survive somehow.

Where was I? Oh yeah… Arena matches! So here comes the Arena System, designed to counteract all that jazz, while still providing “meaningful PvP” for those too lazy to leave capitol cities. Like I said, I was reading the forums about the whole thing, when this gem fell into my lap:


You'll need to give me a second to digest that crumb, because it seems a little odd. Here on live we have a battlegrounds system, and yet ... I don't remember there being a need for "every player (to) have to be Engineering to be competitive :-/ "

Last time I checked, engineering trinkets REPLACE other trinkets... I have yet to see the recipe that allows me to craft a Gnomish Third Trinket Slot. In fact, except for spell reflectors, just about every trinket you can craft is pretty much a waste of a slot. Plus, warriors are getting a new skill at 64 that allows them to reflect any spell, so the issue of having the 'shadow reflector *or* flame reflector' on becomes moot... well, for warriors anyway.

I'd much rather have a Hand of Justice or a Zandalarian Hero Charm equipped, and those are from ZG and under. Are you trying to tell me there are no better trinkets in AQ40 or BWL (Naxx?!) that you would rather equip some stupid net-shooting crap trinket that might backfire instead? Hot damn, stop the presses! You got netted "a few times over the weekend"!??!! I smell an X-SPLOIT!

I leveled engineering up to 300 one day without ever leaving Ogrimmar, just because I got sick of having only one hearthstone. At 300 I earned the right to make some stupid Gadgetzan teleporter that has a 4 hour (!) cooldown. Half the time it drops me to my death outside of town, or gives me some debuff that disallows warlock summons for two hours. I carry jumper cables as a joke, because when was the last time the raid wiped, but the main tank lived? I have a bunch of stupid trinkets in my bank, but they're honestly just a waste of bag space (in my backpacks or in the bank).

I'm sorry but this theory just doesn't hold water.

Here's an idea to make it a 'truly level' playing ground: let's ban all professions, instead of just engineering. Blacksmiths are able to craft some rare Bind on Craft chestpieces and weapons, so in order to compete with that, everyone would need to be also need to be blacksmiths. Oh, wait.... Enchanters can put fancy stats on weapons, but I guess you can pay an enchanter to do your weapon, too... But what if your weapon is better than mine? What if your guild is more organized than mine, and you've seen higher content? We wouldn't want anyone to actually have to go and play the game to become competitive, would we?

Not crafted by Engineering, but totally overpowered anyway.
Let's have Arena matches be fought stark naked... no weapons or trinkets to 'unbalance' the playing field. And let's make entering the Arena impossible with a keyboard attached to your PC. Some people use those fruity Z-Boards or whatever, and that might create an unfair playing field. Let's make everyone use standard two button scroll wheel mice, and force them to click on every spell button they want to use. Oh, wait...crap. That won't work either, because a mage can still shoot frost spells and stuff while the warriors are running around swinging their naked fists... Hmmm... OH! I got it! Each team enters the arena, and the members of each team /roll 100. That would leave it completely up to chance, and give everyone an equal opportunity to earn honor tokens, no matter what silly profession they've been grinding!


Win-Win FTW!

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