Sunday, December 24, 2006

Solo Guide to Obtaining the Best 2h Axe in the Game!

Two Handed Axe. 3.5 second Weapon Speed. A whopping 157 top end damage! Pure, unadulterated bliss in the form of 37.3 DPS! This baby can be yours for a simple run thru the Scarlet Monastery Armory that pretty much any semi-coherent level 60 warrior or shaman with an even partially functioning frontal lobe and at least one spell bound to their action bar can solo. Okay, seriously... even if you had no buttons bound, and just ran in there autoswinging everything, it really shouldn't be that hard for a 60 to pull off.

Why do I have such a stiffy for this Radiant Shard in Waiting? Take a look at that proc!

Chance on hit: You attack all nearby enemies for 9 sec causing weapon damage plus an additional 5 every 3 sec.

Are you kidding me? ALL NEARBY ENEMIES? Whirlwind hits only four additional enemies, has a ten second cooldown, only works in berserker stance, and has a cost of what some might call “much rage”. This thing costs zero rage, works in any stance, and will hit as many enemies as you can get into melee range before it procs.

Twinking / Guild Noob runs in lowbie instances just became a whole lot easier. Okay, they weren’t really difficult before, but this thing kinda breaks up the monotony. I know I’m gonna catch flack for this one, but seriously… this thing has its applications, and deserves one slot in your 80 slot inventory. Some people still carry around that silly staff from Gnomeregan that lets you breathe underwater, this one beats that thing out in the ‘will come in handy some day’ category hands down. My friend, Mirun, was the first to turn me on to it, and I laughed and called him names on vent for it. I kept laughing at him in Wailing Caverns as he was running my druid thru there for Fang set pieces. I stopped laughing when we did a BRD Emperor Run on our 60s with no mage, he pulled this thing out, and pretty much destroyed the Lyceum single handedly. We now have a shaman in the guild with one, too, and when they both get spinning, cleaves flow non-stop. Don’t get confused. They aren’t wearing this thing all the time, but every once in a while it comes out, and when it does… it’s got to be seen to be appreciated.

A few simple things to note about this thing: It procs All Day Long. It procs procs, which then proc a proc. We’ve seen it go 4 times in a row, which can be a good thing, or a bad thing. That’s like 20 seconds of whirlwind vortex love (when it re-procs, the 9 second timer resets, so you don’t get a full 4x9 out of it), but sometimes you want to turn it off. You can’t. It’s good in situations where the priest will survive if left alone for a few seconds, or where there’s a spare lowbie tank to throw an emergency taunt if needed. Worst case scenario is that it just procs forever, and everyone just stands on top of you as you spin. As long as no one else is doing anything, you will gain aggro, and kill whatever is coming.

It isn’t a level 60 DPS machine, but it isn’t a level 12 item either. At level 42, it’s actually not as bad as it sounds. Skills like Mortal Strike and Overpower, which deal damage based on “weapon damage plus x” will take a hit, but skills like Execute, Sunder, Revenge, and Bloodthirst will be working the same as before (okay, Bloodthirst will probably hit for less since you’re likely nerfing your AttackPower by using this instead of your Untamed Blade or whatever). We joke about putting Crusader on it, but unless orbs start falling from the sky, it probably won’t happen.

Your mission, should you decide to accept it…
This isn’t meant to be a full sales pitch, or even a full blown article. My submission day is Wednesday, but this one was just too good to pass up… the pictures (although grainy, sorry) pretty much speak for themselves. It’s just something to think about, or an easy little diversion to run when you’re bored and everyone else is offline.


*Bonus Points for making a /yell “BLADES OF LIGHT!!!” macro to go off when it procs, lol.

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