Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cyber With AoC GMs. It's Cool, They're Into It.

Wow. You'd think they'd have standards for hiring, but I guess when the game is plummeting off the charts, you 'go down' with the ship. OH SNAP! See what I did there?
To []: ..with dual wield barbarians though, I mean TWO?!?! That's a bit difficult for me to handle. I'd rather stick with one big sword.
[|GM|]: You like it rough I take it :)
To []: Of Course, I'm a ***ing rock sniffer.
To []: With daggers.
To []: And I'm specced for second wind =) I can go all night.
[|GM|]: lol wow, I don't think I would ever be the same :)
[|GM|]: um WOw this is turning me on lol.

Yeah, check the LINK for full lols. The GM got fired, but wow.
Just... wow.

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