Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Remember "Fury"?

Yeah, dey dead now.

Fury was an MMO (I guess) in a very loose sense of the word; a more accurate description could be that it tried to be an ‘MMArena of Sorts’. At a time when World of Warcraft’s Arena QQing had reached an all time high, along came Fury to try and set the record straight and determine once and for all who was the biggest bad ass in online grudge match competition. I honestly have no idea; I don’t really participate in WoW’s structured implementations of PvP… I kill the opposing faction when they’re trying to steal my ore nodes, and that’s about as deep as it goes for me.

I played Fury after reading on Ming’s Blog how it was supposed to blow away WoW PvP by eliminating crap like the RNG (random number generator… what determines when mace procs ‘happen’), and auto-swings from the equation. All the big names in PvP –well all the ones that Ming knew about and wrote NBA analogies about week in and week out—were creating characters on Fury to really test their l33t skillz (yo). There was this thing called the Fury Challenge going during beta that was giving away real prizes for ending the challenge at the top of the ladder, and while WoW’s Arena system gave you flying donkeys for being number one, there was no cash benefit to doing well in Arena at that point.

I just found it funny that it went from OMG FURY DAY ONE, to FINAL THOUGHTS ON FURY : / in the span of four days for the most vocal PvPers WoW had to offer. It apparently did the same for everyone else, as the servers will be closing down possibly today or tomorrow. The company selling the game even goes so far as to say if you bought the game less than a month ago to return your copy to the store for a refund. Ouch.

Fury used a kinda cool combat system where you had various elements that you could build up and then release. Little spells like “Pew Pew Fire Bolt Rank 1” gave you 1 fire orb each time you used it, and then “ZOMG Fire Wave Blast 9” took 3 fire orbs to release. You’d have to pew pew a bit, build up some fire, and then nuke the fuck out of someone. You could choose from about 6 schools of magic (fire, water, air, blood, chaos, nerdrage, or whatever), and certain schools had good synergy with each other. Fury also had player collision, and did away with autoswing way before Conan arrived on the scene.

I seem to remember that gameplay was extremely frantic, like playing WoW on a Quake map. Lots of jumping and using magnetic lift pads, and generally dying. You could even grab powerups on the playing field, similar to health packs or damage multipliers in an FPS. There were healers, but I never played one, a lot of the spells were HoTs, fire and forget and hope your team lived through the onslaught. Every class had a root or snare, so generally melee classes got the ass end of the stick, but it was interesting to play. Well, interesting on paper anyway. I played the beta, grew bored of it, and didn’t bother to reinstall it after an OS reinstall.

Anyway. GG Fury. We can’t say you didn’t try. : /

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