Friday, October 24, 2008

WoW's Zombie Infection, and Cancelling Your Account

This is a short one, but man oh man. I was just reading Tobold's question of whether or not the Zombie Invasion is a fun idea (since it breaks up the static world), or griefing (because it allows player interaction, which is apparently a horrible, horrible thing), and came across this anonymous comment:

I just cancelled my WoW account. Glad i didn't pre-order WotLK. I chose a PVE server to avoid being griefed by asshats. Now Blizzard not only force PVP on me, they give the asshats the tools and tacit encouragement to disrupt my gameplay. Killing / curing them brings a torrent of abuse and smacktalk. This isn't the game i signed up to play.
To me, this is one of the biggest problems I have with PvE servers in general, and the people who roll on them to 'escape' the rest of the population. If you want to play alone in a bubble, play Baldur's Gate or Planescape Torment. Hell, jump on your Playstation and play Final Fantasy. The M and M in "MMO" stand for Massively and MULTIPLAYER. If you're honestly so traumatized by a non-scripted event, then you need to be playing ALONE, and actually, should in fact be playing Solitaire. Even THEN, would you still rage-quit the game because the 3 of Diamonds wasn't the card drawn at the precise moment you were ready for it? Was the deck of cards 'griefing' you?

Ugh. Get a grip, or at least some perspective on gaming. Even in fully Co-op games (which I love), there's still (usually) a common foe you're facing off against. What if the Zombie Invasion wasn't player influenced at all, and was only NPCs? Would that then make it okay? I guess I'm just confused on what people want, and baffled at the speed which people cry and call "Greifing!"

Suck it up, Buttercup. I'm honestly glad to see when I get back to poking around in Wrath, you won't be there. Jeez.


Anonymous said...

Zombies are awesome! Auction house -> Slaughterhouse.

Unknown said...

I just wrote myself about this, and my analysis about the frustration is that people get so differrent experience from what they expected to receive. In the case of the one whom you quoted, it was the fact that s/he couldn't fulfill her/his dream of being uber-asshat. I had some frustration not being able to do the seasonal quests while being ganked by lv70 zombies.

The world event has caused something incredible in WoW, though. The Old World (at least the areas where Necropolises are sighted) are full of capped toons, making the world live again!

More Old World centered world events, please.

Hatch said...

Someone actually /gquit my guild because some people in the guild dared to like the event and he HATED IT.

Anonymous said...

Looks like I have followed you to your blog, I feel like a stalker now. But anyway, I think the invasion is awesome, the biggest problem with mmos is that they are so static, take wow as an example. In the previous games a city couldnt last 10 years without a sacking by something or another, but in the game itself the most exciting thing is when somebody sticks up a pumpkin at halloween. I mean, the exciting aspect of playing the game is that you are in dangerous times, but not if your in your faction capital, then its hunky dory dispite the fact its a huge target.

Anonymous said...

well said ixobelle. I wonder if these players are oblivious and don't realize they'd be happer in a single-player RPG where nothing can interrupt their utopia.