Friday, November 21, 2008

I Are Grind

Not much to report recently, but thought I should throw something out here so you don't stay up late at night worrying about me.

"Is he dead?"

"Has he dinged?"

"Honey, call the Yamaguchis three doors down; THEY'RE Japanese, maybe THEY know what happened to Ixo!"

The sad truth of the matter is that it's nothing so dramatic, I've just been busy at work with the school play coming up, and any time spent in Wrath has been a whirlwind of DoTing and fearing. My trash-tastic warlock has arrived at the far end of the tunnel to emerge a new shiny noob. My gear is now 'normal' instead of being 'awful', and I've got a fancy new spec courtesy of a wonderful post over at mmo-champion. It's the first time I've had a class that can run into a crowd just spamming buttons, and end up alive at the end with 20 corpses at my feet sparkling with loots.

While the world's first 80 was also a warlock using this spec, I'm not as bold (or easily amused). I'm still plugging away at quests, but anytime I see a mob I need dead, I pull 12 or so instead, just because I CAN (muhahahahah!).

I have school classes this Saturday, but can maybe provide more insight next week. Currently 72.7 or so, putzing around Grizzly Hills.

P.S. The zones in Wrath? Awesome! Was I this impressed by Hellfire Peninsula? I honestly can't remember : /


James Warne said...

I just dinged 72 w/ my full affliction lock, but this looks way...funner.

Still not sure what the rotation is. I see her in the video just run and start beating on shit. Just cast siphon life on everything you see, and throw a curse of agony or corruption as you can? Howl of terror when you bite off more than you can chew? Do I have it right?

Anonymous said...

Iso do this quest or its horde part. I dont remember if your toon was ally or horde but it exists for both sides with a twist and its awesome. The chain is long. I mean its longer than any chain I've seen. (Maybe The missing diplomat being the exception) Even to get started you must do all the quests in Wintergarde Keep and then yet another long chain and just when you are about to die of boredom and traveling, an epic cutscene appears and you end up cutting through Undercity with Wrynn or Thrall. It is truly epic and was one of the few moments that I felt like "I love this game."

Rich said...

i basically just spam siphon life, agony, siphon life, agony, siphon life, agony to tap as many mobs in an area as I can, then howl when they start to close in, then hit off corruptions as they flee. it's actually almost perfectly timed so they come running back to you and die just as they reach you for easy looting.

you can get the corruptions off before the fear, but they end up being out of range when they die.

when the howl brings more mobs back, it's just all the better. I'm currently glyphed for imp siphon life (+20% effect), and imp howl of terror (-8 sec cooldown). the felguard can take a single mob off you if one gets thru, or you can just deathcoil it.

mana tap early (and often) because you'll be at full health the whole time. I also have herbalism's little bonus HoT (and mining's +30 STA), so those help when I need them.... but honestly... nerf locks plx.

try and find an area with non casters that aren't undead (fear-proof) and you're golden.

re: the long quest chain... yeah, i gotta get that started for sure. my friends who are already 80 said it was awesome in the scope, and had great rewards. :)

Anonymous said...

You`ll love the gate cut scene, I was cringing at the movie itself, it reminds me of every cheese wow machinama ever made with cheesy human emotes, and a big lotr rip off. The following quests however, wow ! One of the biggest weaknesses of mmos is the fact your supposed to be doing these massive epic things, but at the end of the day despite killing a hundred scourge that village is just the same as it was at the start. Finally blizzard have cottoned on to that and are making a world that actually changes with events.

James Warne said...

Yup, works as advertised. Respec'd this morning and off I went. Now, I walk into an area and pull every single mob I see. Does feel a little OP, but to be honest I've seen hunters do the same thing with their gorilla pets and volley. Thanks for the heads up Iso, this will make 72-80 that much easier!

Anonymous said...

My usual cold hearted ruthlessness hasn't taken over yet for me this xpac. I'm still sitting relatively low and just riding the ups and downs of northrend. But I can say for once I'm having a blast leveling.

For TBC I had re-rolled a pally so I started at 1 and it was basically just a screaming race to 70, no time to look around and enjoy the process of questing while trying to catch my server-firsting guildmates. Though those early Kara kills were fun when I finally got in I have noticed this time around I missed a lot of the joy in questing. Which can, in its own twisted way, be very fun.

I certainly enjoy the bevy of awful players at my disposal. Being a retadin in full s4 ATM I'm strong enough without the skill differences, but goodness. At 72 I was disposing of 78's and multiple players at my own level.

Though my lust for ruining others days does take over at times I have even taken to restraining myself! Just last night I came across this cute little 74 NE priest was just grinding his heart out. Normally with a bar full of ready-to-go cooldowns and the 8800HP punching bag in front of me my eyes would tear up and by the time I dried them my little friend would be a crit-up pile of body at my feet and I'd be random emote spamming. But not this time. This time I just took a look at my cute little non-combat Polar Bear pet and thought "What kind of role model would I be to little Jeffy here if I killed this priest?"

...dear god I'm becoming RP!!