Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Where's My Steak Knife?

I need to stab myself in the face real quick. As anyone entrenched in WoW knows, there's like an 800 hour downtime going right now because:

1) Blizz crapped all over the mail system


B) apparently 'locks got free season 2 sets (they could buy them from the Honor Vendor for freesies).

Point #B leads to a bunch of retards on the internet getting all self righteous and proclaiming that anyone who purchased the items 'are totally asking for a banning', and 'if only no one looted the free items', there would somehow not be this downtime.

Hate to bring up old shits, but remember the Heroic Underbog bug? Where you could pull the Black Stalker with a warlock pet? For a good 3 weeks that's the ONLY WAY THAT SHIT GOT RUN. Not by me alone, by every server I had toons on. It was the generally accepted way, SERVER WIDE, to get a free roll on a nether and whatever drops the BS offered.

LFM Heroic UB, got a lock, last boss only, PST

That was the LFG channel back then. If Blizzard puts huge piles of gold in the center of the XR, then expects people to show restraint, then they're going to be surprised at the results I guess. It's a good thing you can't DE or vend PvP gear, or it would probably be trickier to sort out. I can't get enough of dipshits on Twitter acting high and mighty, people QQing in the forums about this day that was 'taken from them thanks to greed', or whiny WOWInsider posts asking the big moral questions aimed at today's youth.

I need a beer. Ugh.


Anonymous said...

"I need a beer. Ugh."

The only thing of relevance in this post.


Hatch said...

Totally agree, Ixo.

It's a game. Let me repeat that. A game. People will do whatever offers the best investment/reward ratio, every time, period. It is not their fault, they are simply playing the game. So it's the designers responsibility (and in fact the only true hallmark of good game design) to design the game in such a way that players find the investment/reward ratio good enough that they play the game that you intended to design, rather than some different game they created in reaction to your poor design (ie WAR devs intended for public quests and RvR battles, but screwed up the ratio and ended up with servers full of nothing but scenarios...I could give about 100 way blizz has screwed this up in the past)

Cronoo said...

The one maintenance I don't spam the Login button for...could have gotten my lowbie lock some free shit. T_T I blame NCIS marathons and Final Fantasy Tactics A2.

Anonymous said...

Who cares. 1. locks suck 2.S2 sucks. If you actually cared you'd be in full s4 or raiding equivalent by now.

Not like WoW is fucking difficult to begin with. Whining bitches.

Rich said...

the gear was revoked, like this was a shocking development on any front.

Everyone knew they wouldn't be able to keep it, and that maintenance would be required regardless, it's just funny the amount of QQing that accompanies any debacle by the devs.