Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wrath Warrior Priest Pwnage

Metrogamer has the best graphic ever at the top of their blog, and brings us the tale of what I assume is the ret paly equivalent of Warhammer. I had a Ret friend in WoW that suffered through all of the 'lolret' bullshit before it became flavor of the month, and Bogz gave my rogue a run for his money every time we set foot into SSC or TK. More often than not, the 'real DPS' mages, rogues, and locks would just drag our feet through the instance, picking our noses or getting up in the middle of pulls to get beers from the fridge, then we'd see our asses being handed to us by 'lolret' and have to whip ourselves into shape to stay on the charts.

I myself am (was?) a horribad Warhammer player, just charging into the crowd and trying to punt as many people as possible into the lava. I'd 'protect the runts' on our healers, and try to keep them out of harms way, but the numbers flying off this guy's head really has no meaning for me, because I never enabled scrolling combat text for Warhammer, so I dunno how hard each swing of my 2h axe was really hitting for.

Where's the footage of leet Shaman DPS from Warhammer? I have a level 18ish Shaman in Warhammer, and looking at the DPS trees, it looked like every talent's tooltip should have just read "DON'T WASTE A POINT HERE, YOU'RE A HEALER, DOOD".

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Anonymous said...

Punting dudes into lava is never horribad. You should continue playing.

Roll with order on Ironclaw :x

Anonymous said...

Im surprised your not playing wrath, although missing the stampede of the first few days is always a good thing. Im hooked again, real bad.

Rich said...

my copy is in the mail : /