Monday, December 22, 2008

Crying Over WoW

My guild has recently become a hotbed of pissing and moaning over 'days long past' and 'the good old days when a rogue would two shot mages and there was no balance'. People in my guild are just pasting random paragraphs in guild chat of emo QQing from the likes of 'teh hardcorez' that feel like WoW is a huge waste of time now. Call me crazy, but when was spending time in WoW anything other than A HUGE WASTE OF TIME? I kinda thought that was the point.

I honestly just think I'm getting too old to care anymore. Like if you went to the playground four-square court at 25 and honestly got involved in the conflict between Billy and Tommy over whether or not 'Insies or Outsies' are allowed this round... it all feels a little trite at this point, and I'm kind of getting embarrassed to be seen at the four-square court in the first place, when I should be doing something more productive with my time.

There's this whole movement now, too, that "WoW is totally catering to the retards now, and everything is totally trivial". When prodded, someone in my guild asked me when the last time I jumped out of my chair shouting when the raid boss was downed. I can say pretty honestly that that's never happened. I've had a few pump-your-fist-and-give-a-quick-"yes!"-over-vent moments, but I guess I'm playing the game wrong if I'm not hopping around like a monkey and flinging my feces when Patchwerk falls over.

The irony came when we wiped four times on Rasuvious the Instructor in Naxx 25. There was much gnashing of teeth, and indirect (as well as point blank) inferences that the priests weren't up to snuff. I tend to get tunnel vision on fights with my new warlock, because I'm still pretty new to the class as a whole, and keeping my DoTs up almost forces me to play like a healer... watching little numbers counting down instead of health bars, but not really focused on what else is going on around me. The culmination was a gkicked priest, much 'THANK GOD'-ing and 'IT'S ABOUT TIME'-ing in gchat, and the immediate dissolution of the raid with much QQing in vent by the officers about lackluster performance, and that we should be recruiting people that aren't retards.

Am I valuable to the guild? If I got gkicked one day, would everyone celebrate my departure? It makes you wonder why we're a guild at all, if everyone celebrates the instant someone is removed. Back to the aforementioned irony though: here we are, wiping on an encounter, but making progress each time (the raid disolved and Csin the Priest was gkicked on a 13% attempt). Isn't that what you guys are complaining about? You want non-trivial encounters? To me that spells out 'shit we wipe on'. Or do you just want shit to fall over when you zone in? How are you ever going to reach a 'jumping around like a retard and shouting in vent' frame of mind if everything is one shotted?

What the fuck is it that you really WANT from the game? We're never going to be a guild of world firsts, and I personally am totally okay with that. I play the game after coming home from my job. I enjoy having some of the people in the guild that I've played with off and on for some years now, but are we REALLY going to get into whether or not Billy was doing Bus Stops on the Line when Tommy totally said that Baby Bouncies was a no-no?

God, I hate this game.


Khatib said...

And yet you're playing it anyways, mostly because nothing else is available that's newer and is actually different from it.

And that's the sad reality that has me playing no MMOs at all right now when it's -20F with a -40F wind chill outside and I'm bored off my god damned ass in North Dakota.

Anonymous said...

It's actually quite simple as to what people want. They want to be challenged by the complexity of the fight, not by the idiots in there raid/guild. It's one thing to make mistakes when it's a new fight and/or so many things are going on that require near perfect execution, and another when you have mouse-drooling idiots wipe you on the easiest available content.

Rich said...

yeah, but what makes a fight 'challenging'? 25 people working together as a team? An encounter that requires more than 'standing still and spanking the boss' till it's dead?

The main reason I raid in the first place is because I love working together with other people towards a common goal. 25 man raids are large 'co-op' endeavors. Yes, it would be easier to 25 box a raidboss, and only you yourself would be accountable, but that kinda defeats two out of three of the letters in 'MMO'.

Anonymous said...

Ixo, people want it all, they want challenging fights, but they don't want to wipe due to people making the same mistakes over and over again.

Most of the people that tend to complain about the ease of WotLK raiding are those that aren't even actively raiding, or get spots in some PUG raid on a server.

I can't say that raiding was ever all that difficult though, the only real determining facts for how hard a boss or fight were: do we have people that can follow instructions, do we have the gear to take on the fight, are people going to actually show up ready to play tonight?

If you can get an affirmative to those questions, then you can beat any encounter in the game. The hardest part of raiding since 2005 has been finding the quantity of quality players that know how to play, and can stay focused.

Anyone that complains about anything else in between is just skirting the real issues.

Anonymous said...

If you hate the game then stop playing. Although it sounds more like you like the game and hate tha community. Stop being an asshat. I hate your blog.

Anonymous said...

^ @ that guy ^

If you hate the game then stop playing.


I hate your blog.


You know what to do~

Anonymous said...

Your guild sounds vile.

Anonymous said...

I remember jumping up and shouting like a monkey when we killed C'Thun for our first time. The real joy was a feeling of team accomplishment, albeit virtual.

I was not happy when all my hard-earned level 60 loot was outranked with the Outland expansion. The time requirement to stay at the top of the game exhausted me and I retired for a long time.

Now I play again, casually, having fun here and there, but there is definitely no more feces-throwing excitement. I like being able to see some end game material without the previously enormous time sink, as I am trying to level up my real life skills… Now I want to be jumping up and shouting like a monkey over real life accomplishments. Blizzard cannot make everyone happy at the same time, but I think they do a great job trying.

Catullus says it best, I think for most of us:
Odi et amo. Quare id faciam, fortasse requiris.
Nescio, sed fieri sentio et excrucior.

I hate and I love WoW, but I am still going to play.

Anonymous said...

I hate the retards in WoW. I actually like WoW quite a bit.