Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I Officially Don't Care About Nihilum

There seems to be this consensus running around WoW whenever the "nerfing of endgame" is brought up. Oh Fucking No! Some fuckers with the ability to raid non stop without jobs defeated the last dungeon already! Some guy who had a group of friends standing by to summon him to zone 42g the instant he was ready to stop farming mobs nonstop in zone 32b (with the help of people outside of his group healing him to full, and killing the mobs he tapped for him) reached level 80 a mere 72 seconds after the release of the new expansion! Wah Wah Wah, the game is totally EZ-MODE now! There are two problems with this mentality. First of all, this isn't how 'normal' people play the game, and B) who fucking cares? It doesn't make my enjoyment of the game ANY different knowing that the boss I'm fighting has already been beaten already.

There's this quote that's brought up in one form another that seems to be the anchor these statements are attached to:

"The pro guilds were the heros of WoW and casuals saw them as their role model."

This quote is lifted verbatim from an article talking about how 2 German guys managed to solo Loatheb. I haven't even read the articles I'm linking here (past the third paragrah where I pulled the quote from in the first link), because I honestly don't care. I right clicked the link the first guy provided, and "copied link location" in Firefox, and am only linking it here in case YOU care enough to read it. Never mind the fact they weren't able to CLEAR to Loatheb alone (they used invis pots to bypass trash), or the fact that without any DPS at all, the fight took 3 1/2 hours. Congratulations on discovering the reason enrage timers are in the game. You have damage mitigation, Mr. Warrior, and your friend Mr. Paladin never runs out of mana. Way to go, I guess I should never bother raiding Naxx now, because there's no point anymore.

The fact that Nihilum and SK-Gaming, two of the world's most 'hardcore' raiding guilds, MERGED to form Novemberseventeenth or whatever is then met with shock and awe that they somehow managed to fite teh scriptzors bosses that they already had on teh farmzors on the PTR is amazing! Let me state for the record that I, normal guy Ixxobelle the warlock, honestly give TWO SHITS* about what bosses they have or haven't fought, or when they did or didn't fight these bosses.

The fact is, I don't play this game with Kunstgen, or Pewzilla, or whoever the guys in those guilds are. I play WoW with Tragedyx and Krunchy and Razed, among others. These are people I've been playing with for a couple of years on and off, and we aren't superheroes of WoW by any stretch of the imagination. We don't suck, but we log off when it gets late (except for Tragedy) , and go to work the next day. Am I alone in the idea that I can continue to play the game even though some crybabies in Europe are 'done' with it? Blizzard has been crapped on internet-wide for the nerfing of the game, and catering to casuals, but did you prefer grinding to Revered before being able to run heroic Ramparts? Did you like the whole Hyjal attunement? Yes, I suppose you felt a sense of really earning it, but fuck... didn't it kinda suck for those that missed that one lucky Kael kill that the guild finally managed to squeeze out by 1% on the main tank, and they weren't there to loot some dumb vial?

We did Naxx 25 for the first time last night, and lo and behold, the first piece of shit trash mob that dropped an epic turned into some huge ordeal ON VENT from some fucking healer about whether or not we were going to just /roll 100, or "make a decision based on who put in the hard work to get us to this point". I wanted to stab myself in the face, because "forming a raid and zoning in" isn't a huge ordeal anymore. Thank God. Yes, you ran heroics. Congratulations, Mr. Resto Tree. We are all very happy for your continued perserverance. I still get pissed when people complain about DPS numbers even at the end of runs. Gosh, sorry my DPS was only 1932 instead of 2017. Gee, we all managed to somehow survive and here we are, looting the last boss, so why are you complaining? I guess I accidentally Shadowflamed that one time when I should have Seeded. That misclick cost me .3465 of potential DPS. Hold on, lemme get my spreadsheets out...


*I actually was about to post two pictures of nice big turds for your viewing pleasure, and then I started searching Google Images for "turd" and "shit" and lost my desire to do so after the first or second page of results.


Anonymous said...

Iso's blog is not the first time I have seen the "role model" quote on the various blogs, and each time I see it I try to post a derogatory comment in the hopes that someone with sense reads the same thing I do. It is truly the downfall of civilization if modern society needs a role model to motivate it IN A FUCKING GAME. People with jobs need role models to do their jobs better, because jobs are hard and they suck. Children need role models due to the fact that growing up is also hard, and also mostly sucks. If we as a species need people who are better at having fun than we are to motivate us to have fun at a level that is unhealthy the world is going to end soon.

That said, I realize that most of those people who bitch about how easy the end game is now, and those who agree with the quote above, are a sort of unappreciated scholar. They have their corner of the universe that they set up shop in and they are good at what they do. And when society spurns your choice of commitment it is human nature to bite back in whatever medium is at your disposal. However, anyone paying any credence to the idea that the game will be poorer without these unappreciated scholars is a retard. First off, any uber-whatevers that leave the game will shortly be replaced by one of the throng of other ubers in waiting. Second, the critical mass of people playing the game are spending most of their time trying to figure out why no one will run SM with them, and could give two shits about why your shoulders are glowing. And third, it is a game, a pastime to help you get through the painful parts of your day with a little escape.

So do us all a favor uber guilds, you unappreciated heroes of the unwashed. Quit the game. Get replaced by other scholars, who will in turn bitch about how the next expansion is too easy when you play eight hours a day. I will still be trying, along with the millions of others who make up the general WoW populace, to find a group for SM.

Melf_Himself said...

It's times like these that I get all smug in my firm "WoW is a piece of shit" stance...

Anonymous said...

Ixobelle wrote: "The pro guilds were the heros of WoW and casuals saw them as their role model."

I too have seen that quote bandied about, and all I can think is that this piece of propaganda was started by a pro. guild or their sponsor. The only players that I imagine ever looked up to these people are five year olds who don't understand or know any better: "Daddy, daddy, when I grow up I want to live in a basement, spend ten hours or more a day glued to a computer screen and pee into empty coke bottles! I wanna be a hardcore raider Daddy!", and the parent drops to their knees and cries "Noooooooo! Why God? Whyyyyyy?" and they hope and pray every day that their child relents and goes back to wanting to be a professional seal clubber.

Melf_Himself wrote: I get all smug in my firm "WoW is a piece of shit" stance

Don't get too smug, you'd be doing much better DPS if you switched to "Most MMOS are a piece of shit" stance. This is why we don't take you on raids.

Larísa said...

Having a raid wide loot council on trash drops seems insane. Either you decide that trash drops are need/greed or you stick to your dkp. I can definitly understand your frustration. That "who's earned it" path is doomed to fail.

About Nihilum: I like to read about their deeds but their opinions about the difficulty level of the game shouldn't be taken too seriously.

Anonymous said...

wow this blog is horrible. i hate your face. i put you to bed, sleep peasent child.

Anonymous said...

Here's something else the "role model" guy said that made me wonder:
"Blizzard needs to offer an elite content patch real soon otherwise they are going to loose the role models of the masses"
Disregarding the spelling error and sheer lack of logic, it seems to me that he really thinks that Blizzard gives a shit about the 5% of elite raiders. Does he not understand that a loss of 5% of money from a bajillionmillion is still 95% of a bajillionmillion, which is a fuckton of money? God, all this reminds me of the WoW South Park episode...

Danshir said...

It truly wracks my mind that there are people that consider themselves rolemodels due to their lack of a life outside of World of Warcraft. I've never heard of a more asinine concept as this.

So these elitest guild "jobs"*same hours at least* are complaining because they are ONLY Focusing on grinding levels/gear? There are OTHER areas that exist in MMORPGs.

Great Post Ixobelle. I would write more positive things..but I'm quivering in rage...

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post, Ixo. This sort of thing bothers me as well and to play off of what Brim said, I would be delighted if those 'role models' did leave the damned game. It would make me feel better about still being level 71.

Melf_Himself said...

"Don't get too smug, you'd be doing much better DPS if you switched to "Most MMOS are a piece of shit" stance. This is why we don't take you on raids."

Haha that's very true. I wonder how much it costs to respec (probably just reputation points, hmmm).

Anonymous said...

Well considering Malygos is broken atm and he is considered the most endgame of the endgame it is hard to judge just how good a guild has to be to down him. We will know when they fix how OP resto druids are against him.

I'm actually happy how blizz has finally done things. Naxx is much harder than kara was when it was first released and actually worth my 4 hours of time.

Instead of wasting our time with endless keyings and attunements they are just letting us roll in, fight the bosses and guess what, you win or lose based on your skills, not how many hours you farmed zomgheroix.

This attitude taken by hardcores is rediculous. I would certainly put myself in the top .5% of players in this game. But to condenscend to other players and say they "look up to hardcores" is so fucking lame. And to my fellow hardcores quit acting like this game is difficult. Some of these "casuals" who "look up to you" have to assist a doctor today with open heart surgery on a 10 year old.

That's difficulty, maybe you should be looking up to them.

Anonymous said...

"I would certainly put myself in the top .5% of players in this game."

Based on what Krimspins? I got news for you, YOU ARE THE DUESHBAG they are talking about. Hmm...i'd say im in the 98th percentile of people less dueshy than you, based on nothing at all but my own bloated self importance.

Rich said...

<<< willing to admit i lol'ed at 'deushy'

Rich said...

gah, should the arrows point the other way now? i'm so confused >>>

Anonymous said...

I agree, who cares. I used to think way back before i tried raiding myself that people who pimped in t1 around og must be amazing, that raiding must have been awesome because it had 40 people, and that it was tough, like you had to insantly work out formulas in your mind or do street fighteresque combos that lastest an hour.

Its even more of a joke now, Im guessing we havent seen an end to hardcore content, but right now blizzard are happy to have us nub it up in naxx. I heard naxx was easy, but when I went with my guild who did it back in the day I couldnt believe it, i was running out of los on instructor expecting a shout, and people were dieing on the heigan dance because they moved too fast .

All they did this time around was get 25 people to 80 fastest, woohoo you didnt even beat something that required pots or punished the raid if on person fucked up (see cthun).

But its to be expected, wow is all about pimping it out, so they should have an announcement page just like my guild has, but I wont be fawning over them like some people seem to love to

Anonymous said...

Based on the fact I got glad title all 4 seasons. Based on the fact I have almost always played endgame content as it has opened.

I dont see where that makes me a dick. I'm not being condenscending about it. I know this game brings many various thing to people and they all enjoy it their own way. But if we are going to quantify achievements in game then I would consider myself in the top tier-ish of players.

You can try to discount or discredit it however you wish, saying arena isn't real pvp, or I've just got a ton of time on my hands to pve. I know the reality of my situation, I work full time, I have a life, and I play the game the way I enjoy to play it.

You seem to be the duesch who wants to tell people how to play, Anonymous.

Anonymous said...


I don't think I ever told you how to play, just pointing out the irony of your post. In fact, I could care less how, why or when you play.

-I am one of the most elite players in the game, but i'm not like those other guys who claim to be elite players- ORLY!? YAY FOR YOU!

The fact of the matter is, you have no idea what your skill level is. Maybe you are a resto druid who can cyclone his way to the top and sit in the back of the raid spamming hots, great job champ!

I will gladly donate $5.00 so you can have a little trophy next to your name on these forums. Can we set that up Iso? Just have the base plate read "Krimspins, A player so elite, he is better than the other elite players".

Well i guess it is time to actually register if ISO is staying with this blog. I posted under Mybust and some other names on NA for a few years, what should my new name be here Krims?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous ftw...

Gotta love internet bravery and badassery.