Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Second Best Game Ever

Following a link from Kill Ten Rats, I found a game that embodies the "Achievement Grind" so perfectly, it takes the Second Best Game Ever title here at the First Place winner, of course, being a little known MMO I discovered that you may remember from a little while back. Hit "continue..." for the glorious link, and a shameless Kotaku Styled review, just because it's Christmas Day, and I'm at my desk with no classes to teach and fuck all to do until I leave in two more hours!


-engaging gameplay, accented by awesome unlocked achievements
-achievements unlocking, for the unlocking of achievements
-plot driven, achievement unlocking, character development
-online achievement unlocking achievement
-achievement enhancing achievementy achievements
-achy eve mints

-some achievements are achieved by achieving achievements
-achievement unlocks are achievement achievements
-acheivement achievement achievement
-please help, i can't stop typing achievement
-omg rescue me from archsisdmcmcdss
-ah that's better

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I did it! i beat that stupid game

Also i love the fact that you throw back to PQ. i had forgotten about it again