Thursday, January 15, 2009

Chunli in a New Game!? Slow Down, Breathe...

Well paint me a fan boy and call me Sally, I love that little lady in the blue outfit with the legs that kick kick kick at lightning speed. So sue me. People come and people go, and everyone seems to be caught up in one silly little thing or another regarding her massive thighs, freakish "man hands", or a mysterious 'bulge' in her panties, but for me, lil Chunners can do no wrong. Chun-Li was my premiere female avatar back in the days of Street Fighter II at the local bowling alley, and ever since I first gained the satisfaction of beating someone's ass with a girl, I've been sold.

Since then, there's been the various pretenders to the throne... Pai in Virtual Fighter, Kasumi in the Dead or Alive series, all my Isobelles in WoW (and any. other. game, for that matter), even that little chick with the bird in Samurai Showdown. But for me, going back to the basics is where it all comes together, and whenever Chun-Li makes an appearance (excluding shameless Pachinko tie-ins), I gotta do my duties and get to spinning-bird-kicking.

Imagine my surprise (and delight!) then, when Tatsunoko vs. Capcom on the Wii actually featured some pretty solid badassery. To think I bought the expensive USB arcade stick for my PS3 in anticipation for Street Fighter 4 (and to practice my skillz on MAME ROMS on the PC), and now have a really fun fighter on the Wii is a bit of a letdown. I do have the 'classic' controller though (that looks like a beefed up SNES pad with dual analogs), though, so I wasn't stuck with the 'pussy' control scheme made for those with just a nunchuck (where like F + P is a fireball instead of the actual D, DF, F + P).

Tatsunoko uses a system similar to Marvel vs. Capcom, where you have a tag partner, can double jump, and basically there's like 800 things happening on the screen at once at certain times. They also use Baroques, Advancing Guards, and all kinds of nutty shit that I don't quite understand. BUT MAN OH MAN, KICKING OVER AND OVER GETS CHUNNERS GOING, SO FUGGIT, RIGHT? It actually has a somewhat trimmed down system, consisting of light, medium, and heavy attacks only (instead of 3x punch and 3x kick), but if you know how to play a character, it all lines up anyway. Jumping and hitting medium is going to give you the "medium kick" you'd expect (not some lame jumping punch), and a standing fierce throws a punch. It feels like they sat down, and were like "standing fierce, punch or kick? yeah punch. crouching low, kick or punch? yeah, kick" etc etc. It works. With someone like Ryu (my tag partner), the forward fireball motion does a fireball, the back one does the spin kick, and the shoruken does a shoruken. It all just. makes. sense.

While I'm really looking forward to SF4, still, there have been a few moments in this where I acidentally do some super double limit break whammy, and Ryu jumps out WITH ME, and we both drop a fucking nuke bomb right on someone's fucking face, and I smile knowingly...

I'm home honey.

Did you miss me?

:) :) :)


Hatch said...

As a Chun Li fan, look up a band called "Man Factory". They have an album that is basically a Street Fighter rock ballad focusing on Chun Li. The music is surprisingly good. I think the album is just called "Street Fight".

Best link I could find. Can't visit it at work, so dunno if it's terrible or not. I torrented their album and have never been to their website.

Cap'n John said...

Damn it, Ixobelle! From the Wikipedia article: "Capcom has stated that [Tatsunoko vs. Capcom] will "probably not" be released outside of Japan due to Tatsunoko's licensing issues. However, Capcom USA is working to deal with these issues."

Capcom USA bloody well better get moving on that, then! And it damn well better come out on the US Wii, too!

Sorry for the profanity. I just got really excited when you mentioned someone vs. Capmcom, and said it was for the Wii. I forgot you were in the mother country of all video games.

So I clicked the bulge link, and dude, some of the ads on that site are not exactly SFW. Then again, what am I doing blogging at work? Eh? Eh? ;)

And I'm not positive, but in that frame it looks to me like Ryu is just bug-eyed staring at Chun Li's crotch, and who could blame him? Any red blooded male would do the same when a babe like Chun Li is standing in front of him in that outfit and she's practically doing a vertical splits. Numerous, rapid kicks to the head notwithstanding ;)

I seem to recall creating a Chun Li for WcW/NWO Revenge for the N64. At least I think I did. I definitely had Ken, Ryu, and Akuma. Even their wrestling moves were very similar to their SF-II moves (not inc. Fireballs, of course ;)

And, um, just in case TvC never does get released here, didn't you say you were considering moving back to the U.S.? Coz, you know, the weather in Los Angeles is great this time of year. Actually, it's L.A. It's gorgeous all year round ;)

Anonymous said...

It's posts like these that remind me of versing other kids at Arcade Street Fighter. Whether it be at the shops, the movies or even at the airport :P

Krunchy said...

I haven't enjoyed a SF since SFII at the local arcade, but I'm actually rather excited about 4. If they have online play and they don't restrict matches by region, I'll totally take you on!

On a related note, slightly jealous you can get Tatsunoko v. Capcom. We've been drooling over the videos over here, but aren't holding our breaths for the domestic release.

Until next time (read: once internet stops being broken)

Anonymous said...