Saturday, January 3, 2009

I Are Not Dead

Some other teachers in the district went to Thailand for xmas break. A few went back to Canada to visit the folks etc. Christmas Vacation for me meant grinding the hell out of my RAF bonus toons (warrior and priest are both 64 as of last night, about to wrap up Zangarmarsh and head into Nagrand ASAP). Once the bonus wears off at level 60, it's a painful reality check when a single mob only gives you 300 XP again. I granted my druid up to 36, where (s)he could conveibaly (wow... 'conveibaly'? i'm gonna just let that one sit out there, and not bother to spellcheck it, that's how burnt out I am) team up with the 40 rogue and begin the whole 'pull Cath in one pull on the friend's 78 ret paly acct', but honestly, after the priest and warrior hit Northrend I think I may be done with alts for a while.

I'll get back into the full swing of posting regularly again as soon as I get back to work and have larger gaps of empty time to fill with my glorious insights. The guild drama sorted itself out. We are no longer Rapacious, and are all now wearing the Audacity tag, as if that'll make the problems go away. Just last night I got forcibly kicked off our vent by a 16 (and a half!) year old in our guild that apparently has admin rights to the server (mom? moar monies for teh vents plx?) to shut the fuck up and go to bed because he sounded cranky about the loot system.

There's days when I love this game, and days when I hate it, but on some special days I just love hating it. Like, I get genuine satifaction from knowing that "IXXOBELLE, THIS IS YOUR LIFE!!"



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So I take it you had to break tradition and not pick an undead race when you made the druid.

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That seems to be the tradeoff in wow guilds, either you're in the "super epic naxx on farm" level guild comprised of angsty Tweens and maladjusted twenty somethings failing their way through college because "omg, my parents can't tell me to do my homeworks anymore!" or you're in my guild which can't get past the second boss in heroic utgarde because someone has to pick up their kid from soccer practice half an hour in.

But the tradeoff of gear for playing with people who live the same lame " dad life" as me is ultimately worth it to me.

Rich said...

... i seem to be living in the third option: got 4/5 t7 on my warlock (3 from 10s and 1 from 25s), and am perpetually "about to put my kid in/ take my kid out of the tub".

I miss being in a guild that's willing to embrace that they're casual. I end up in ones that keep insisting that they're 'uber hardcoerz', then they explode every other week when there aren't enough to make a 25 man, or they cry and get all emo when we *DO*, but proceed to wipe three times on 'totally puggable content'.