Sunday, January 4, 2009

Oh Boy Loot Whoring

So my guild fell apart. Then it reformed under a new name. Now it's kind of in the process of falling apart again. I blew the fuck up on vent last night, and came to the conclusion (again), that MMOs probably aren't encouraging me to live an ideal lifestyle. File this one under "Rant" and move along, nothing to see here, unless you're into this kind of thing.

My wife heard me yelling about "OH MY GOD PURPLE PIXELS, PURPLE FUCKING PIXELS, WHATRE WE GONNA DO WITHOUT THEM?!" on vent the other night, and kinda stopped to ask me if I was alright... was I really fighting with my friends online, or was I just joking around? She speaks English, but in a broken, endearing mixed-with-Japanese kind of way, and to have her tell me "suge, honto ni DURAMA mittai" (wow, it sounds like a real DRAMA) just made me laugh. In Japanese, they use the word drama to describe television shows that take themselves a bit too seriously. We use it the same way English, but more often that not these days it describes people being emo.

I'm pissed at one loot whoring interloper in particular, but to get upset about it is just a huge waste of energy. I know this in my rational mind, and yet...

I've played WoW since closed beta, and shortly after it went live I joined my first guild. Blah blah blah, yadda yadda yadda, long story short, there are a few people that I still play with to this day that I've played with for close to four years now. Over various servers, and in and out of god knows how many guilds, there's been a core little group. A few join in on this group, and a few fall off the map, but there are about 5 or 6 people in particular that always wind up in the raid, and we're the ones that tend to be talking on vent the whole run. I never understood people that don't talk on vent, but maybe it's just because I won't shut the fuck up and let them get a word in edgewise.

The Wrath iteration of the guild was called Rapacious ("grasping or covetous"! I have no idea who comes up with the names), but as is usual, we had to recruit numbers to fill out raids. We grabbed another little close knit crew as a package deal, and they joined the guild as a little clique (they called themselves "groupsex", and had their own little channel in vent, which should have set of warning flags). I've covered this in another post. The problem was that Loot Whoring Lunchie the Mage was apparently using the guild as a launchpad to bigger and better things, and was sending little tells around recruiting those he deemed worthy of forming the Next Big Thing.

He eventually pulled the trigger and left, along with his merry band of ... merrymakers(?) ...and formed Audacity (another winning guild name, to be sure). The problem is that they took our raid leader, who is easily the most driven out of our core little group. Tragedy wants to raid, period, and should really just re-roll European and join one of the uber guilds and get it over with. After some intermittent drama regarding Tragedy leaving, a few of us just joined the new guild, too, in order to keep the crew intact.

BUT! Not everyone.

Razed took it the hardest, as he was the GM of Rapacious, and to have people leaving 'his' guild for another was a blow he took personally. We also lost Cienna, who had been with us for a long time, and Pants, who just didn't care for Lunchie at all. To be fair, I didn't like Lunchie either from the get go, but felt it in a more general sense, instead of the acute "you fail at life, please die of herpes tomorrow" I've got going now. Krunchy also ran out of gametime, and was taking a break for a month or so, which was apparently "no big loss" to Lieutenant Lunch Dawg, who regularly flamed Krunchy's choice of a frostfirebolt spec in vent until he tried it one day and lo-and-behold realized it was a better spec. Krunchy isn't super DPS mage #1 in the world, but he's a friend, and I'd personally take him any day over Lord Lunchnuts the Lootwhoring eLeet. I made an effort to get in touch with everyone after the initial split, and offer them a ginvite along the lines of "fuck the NAME, just join this guild too, and let's keep the group together" but many declined out of principle, which I can respect. Their argument being that if none of that shit truly mattered (as I was saying), then why were people leaving in the first place?

Audacity chugs along, and everyone is on edge. The ten man package that we recruited (including Lunchie) regularly runs their ten man Naxxes each week, and grabs heals or tanks from the other groups when needed. No big deal, we're a guild, right? I went on one run with them, and while we did fully clear it eventually, the entire vibe on vent on just kinda gross. Lunchie kept INSISTING over and over (and over) that loot distribution was entirely at his discretion, and that he was going to take the mage helm if it dropped off whoever drops it, because that was the only reason he was gracing us with his presence at all. That, and he was complaining the entire run about "that trash priest from yesterday's 25 man that got the chest, god what a fucking loser, we should of given it to whoever instead". Seriously, I just kinda tuned him out eventually, but every single sentence out of his mouth was "don't fucking suck", "you don't decide who gets loot; I DO", or "blah blah blah, this one player totally fucking blows".

This is a guy who started playing WoW when Wrath came out. Before that he played Counterstrike all day. I hate to give him any credit at all, but he certainly has one thing going for him: he seems to have learned how to be an elitist WoW asshole in record time.

Fast forward to yesterday, where there's general unrest in the guild because we don't have enough on to get a 25 man going. Nevermind that Santa Claus is probably just now pulling the sleigh into the North Pole, or that people maybe spend time with their families during the holidays (shock!). Apparently only being able to form a men man Malygos raid wasn't awesome enough, so he gquit Audacity, joined "Jinxed" (...the makers of WoW Apparel worldwide?) and took members of his little ten man crew along with him. The crowning moment had to be when he came on to vent to tell us "how much he loved us still, and that he was GOING to take those two BOE epics in the guild bank with him, but he decided to put them back, because he has a soul. You can check the logs, Lunchie takes them out, and Lunchie puts them back".

Maybe it's just me, but when I gquit a guild, it never even occurs to me to check if I have rights to the guild bank, to see what I can steal before I leave. The fact that "what purple pixels can I take with me on the way out" even occured to him just screams Loot Whore more eloquently than I ever could say on my own. Then he began assuring the five of us in vent that he'd still probably be in our server 90% of the time, because he likes us all and blah blah blah. At that point I just began droning on over him in a loud voice about purple pixels purple pixels, what're we gonna do without teh purpels omg life isn't worth living anymore oh my god please don't leave us we'll be lost in the darkness wihtout your loot whoring beacon of light to lead us to salvation in ten man naxx, blah blah blah, and don't you have Jinx vent to bless with your presence at this point?

At which point I was kicked off vent.

By Lunchie.

Who was no longer even in the guild, but somehow had admin rights to our server. See last entry, apparently there's a mouth breathing 16 year old in the guild (Tragedy's nephew) who runs it.


I will end this entry with the pièce de résistance, the crowning cherry on top of the sundae that is Lunchie's Loot Whoring Legacy Living On: his level 60 deathknight (who I had run thru Ramps a few times on a 78 paly, but who Lunchie couldn't manage to return the favor on his 80 mage... not for lack of trying, but because apparently Ramps on an 80 mage is too hard for him?) is apparently going to stay in the guild and grace us with his presence. The guild isn't good enough for his main, but he intends to keep his DK there, possibly until it's good enough to join a 'real guild'. Someone kicked him out, but then someone reinvited him back, and at this point I just don't care enough to be fucked about it.

I've been playing my alts, who have all gquit Audacity. My warlock is an officer, but I really have no intention of playing it at this point. Maybe I can edit my CONFIG.WTF file to include a line to automatically gkick him every time I log in my warlock. You can still append slash commands to that file that get run upon logging in, right?

Ahh..... warcraft. I need a new hobby.


Anonymous said...

You should just say "fuck that server" and come to Bleeding Hollow where the cool kids hang out.

Rich said...

that's like 150$ in xfers... ;(

Rich said...

...and Bleeding Hollow? That server name sounds like it needs a tampon, ugh

Anonymous said...

It happened to me twice. To cut a long story short I had to lvl up 2 times up to lvl 60 as there were no transfers at that time. And on the third one I had to roll Ally to get together with friends. One thing is sure. It is not possible for us (married with/without children? ring a bell?) to match play time to the 16-25 year old kids and/or teenagers. So naturally with their no-lifer schedule they want TEH SHINIES. Join a guild with more mature people and look for that only. Maybe European servers are a little more lucky about that. Also another problem is tanks and healers. You can always get a replacement mage/lock/insert any dps class here but you can not replace a well geared tank or a good healer. So be that one yourself and try to get this idea to your close friends group. Get 2 tankable classes (1 warrior and 1 pala/Dk/bear) and 3 healers/hybrids and you can even see Arthas yourself. Just find random 5 dps and thats it. Thats our advantage. All the kids want to storm the recount or wws charts or blow the dps meters away. I dont have the ego. For me being in that 25 man raid is enough.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I hate loot whores. That's why I'm taking a break from wow. I was an officer in my last guild in BC and put a lot of effort into farming and helping out people get their SR gear, to only see the guild die a month later because of 3 specific loot whores. If you know you're going to gquit and are only sticking around for loot, and as soon as you get the loot you start talking shit, then gquit and talk more shit in your new guild, you're not a good person.

Anonymous said...

Ixo, I feel for you man, I can't imagine going through that shit at this point in my 4 years of playing this game. When I first started years ago I was in one of them angsty teeny-bopper guilds that was all based around getting the GM gear, and doing his brand of PVP, even though half the guild was only level 19-25, and he was 30 and wanted to kill shit at the Crossroads.

It was stupid, and whenever we called out this piece of Arizona White Trash (anyone in Scottsdale not White Trash?) he'd do massive guild kicks.

Fortunately, I was able to form up a guild with my buddies, and for the next 4 years after that we've held steady as a unit, and have had decent successes, being in the top 5 of server progression all along.

Hopefully, you can get away from these fucking parasites, and find some decent adults to play the game with. I hate to attribute all your problems to these failed-abortion teenagers, but it just seems apparent that they are your bane.

There are guilds on your server I'm sure that have young professionals that are casual but get things done. Good luck on that man.

Anonymous said...

Now I'm a long time reader, like redridge defense long, first time commentor. Holy hell Ixo how do you find these guilds? Maybe mine is a special case but we are just as happy to see our friends get an upgrade as ourselves. I'm the youngest person in the guild, at 19. I guess we're all just old at heart

Anonymous said...

I feel your WoW pain.

If you ever form your own guild and set the rules and kick retards, I'd like to transfer over. Sounds like some fun.

Darraxus said...

Lol I know exactly what you are talking about. There is a little douche who runs heroic 25 naxx and actually makes good progress. All he does is swear and be a dick and say how x sucks or y sucks and insults people. He wanted to make his own guild for raiding, but none of the other pugs would join him. I still go because I get a nice chance at gear, but it certainly isnt a permanent thing. As a matter of fact I have (doucebag pug raid leader) as the comment next to his name in my friends list.

Anonymous said...

Bleeding Hollow is a great server...but you suck, and your blog sucks and you should end it all.

Anonymous said...

Lunchie, is that you?