Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ulduar Predictions

Ulduar is going to be the holy messiah of Wrath, finally giving those noobs noobing it up in Noobxeramas a taste of what real raiding is supposed to feel like. Nevermind that we, the hardcore elite internet dragon killer raidmasters of the universe, haven't universally beaten Sartharion with 3 drakes up... Sarth is a total noob, and the fact that we've killed him hundreds of thousands of times with NO drakes up is proof enough in OUR book that Wrath is totally EZ MOAD, and a huge waste of time. When Uludar is finally delivered, we will grovel before or overlords of the Raid and Dungeon team at Blizz, and shower them with Uuleydar Praise from on high. We will happily wipe (once or twice) while experiencing new raid content, and will finally be graced with brand new encounters (that we'll look the strats up for on Wowiki before actually attempting the fight ourselves). When we finally down those raid bosses (on the first night of attempts) our shouts of triumph will be heard far and wide (on the internets). You better hope these encounters aren't too hard bugged, though, or you'll have blood on your forums hands!

Sure, buddy. If you say so.

Is it me, or are 'teh hardcorez' gonna be let down no matter what Huladar ends up looking like? If it's too easy, it's going to be a huge piss and moan fest about "OMG GG WAY TO NOOB IT UP JUST LIKE NAXX THIS IS TOTAL PROOF THAT WRATH IS KIDDIE POKEMON RAIDS FROM HERE ON OUT". Too hard and the content is "OBVIOUSLY BUGGED WAY TO GO BLIZZ L2TUNE PLESE". Why is there no satisfying these people?

I'm going to come right out and make Ixobelle's Big Prediction for Ulidor: It's going to be 'too easy' in the eyes of many people that consider themselves expert raiding experts, and a huge tidal wave of massive crying about it is going to follow right after its release.

FebruaryNilihimGaming Inc will beat the encounters in 37 seconds after their release, and write long winded overly dramatic posts that will be linked on front pages everywhere about how they're going into retirement as nothing in the game is challenging anymore. My friend Tragedy will echo the sentiment in ever more emo tones on vent even though our guild has a hard time getting even ten people together in the first place. MMO-Champion will have full loot tables and strats posted for every encounter before the sun sets on the first day of release, and everyone will generally go about thier lives exactly as they right now, except that there will be one new raid per week to be saved to.

Hooray for the internet, long live something or other!

Blizzard is basically screwed no matter what, but here's the shocking revelation: who cares! People will continue to play the game, and even those that cry the loudest will still line up and zone in (much to the dismay of those forced to listen to their complaining on vent during the run). People seem to be investing way too much effort in Waiting For Urgadore, as though it's going to be some radical departure from the game as it stands.

This coming from the same crowd who won't do runs in Heroic Occulus or Heroic Halls of Lightning because those encounters are too hard, or who cry about Sarth with 3 drakes up "not counting" because they have Sarth with 0 drakes up on farm.

Hot cocoa isn't cutting it this morning. I need a beer, dammit.


David said...

I would say Heroic HoL is not hard - Heroic Loken is. He is a so-so gear check and the ultimate noob check.

Can you shift between 2 predetermined locations immediately after each thunder nova emote? If the answer is yes, you win. If the answer is no, go to jail, do not pass GO, and go practice on normal HoL, which is meant for level 78 players and the legally blind.

The point is people that can destroy some end game content, but not all, have nothing to brag about. Whining about said lack of content just makes you look lamer. Its like complaining the menu at a restaurant sucks, but 1)You keep on going every day and 2)You order the same thing every time.

Anonymous said...

For us casuals and for some lucky people who have been hanging on as a group together the content is good and there is challenge if you want to take it. Last week Sartharion 3 drakes was a wipe fest. This week sartharion 2 drakes downed at first try. Now gonna be 3 drakes until Ulduar. We downed Patcwerk in 2.38 something only around 200 guilds did around the world. Next challenge is Malygos under 5 mins. They all keep you busy and actually you dont lose massive hours of time just to do them. Our total raiding this week including full nax clear, sartharion, malygos,archavon is only 2 nights play. This is waht it should be. You must be able to give a break once every two nights. Now we think what are we gonna do on a Saturday night with 40 people online. There is simply nothing to be done. We go around killing Onyxia, Illidan, Deadmines. I can actually take my wife out to dinner and enjoy it knowing that there will not be raid tonight and I have to miss it. Really when you go to dinner like that, it becomes a boring event whereas now I can go without remorse. I dont know at this age(33) I'm still like a kid. I like the possiblity of challenge. Well when I come to think of it the core of our guild (including me) are people who have palyed Diablo 2 on our private server, who played it only HARDCORE (when you die you die) and we played it right until WoW was in our doorsteps. There was no ranking no achievent no nothing. Juts for the sheer fun of it we leveled up chars, Baal runs, Pindle Runs, Diablo runs. Pretty much this is going the same direction until SC3 or D3. There is rumor that Bliz plans to keep the game live until Level 100. which means 2 more expansions roughly 4 more years. They should be retards not to do that. Even if the game loses half its player base, there are new comers(that kid who is in high school will be going to university and can play 24 hours now) and still its very very profitable. After Ulduar comes our core 25 will raid it while Nax will be done for fun and to gear up alts and friends just like Karazhan. If Ulduar is 3 nights content for a casual guild like us, its more than enough for us.

Anonymous said...

I understand that exaggeration can be effectively used to make a point, but come on...! Hai2ustereotypes!

But here's a question. Why, if raiding has been 'nerfed' to make it more accessable/gear easier to get, does pvp gear still have an arena rating in order to buy it? What about the people that only like to play in the battlegrounds for example? Why should they be excluded? It's the same principal really.

Rich said...

for the record: i think naxx is fine. I'm just tired of the level of whining about the 'nerfing of endgame' that has become the norm, and think these same people crying are going to be severely disappointed with the 'next big thing'

Hatch said...

I have to admit that I'm hoping Ulduar will be harder (my guild wants to do sartharion 3 drakes, we just haven't gotten around to trying it yet, and I'm fine with that. and we will probably wipe a lot). I love that the entry-level raid is easy as pie, and that there are some, albeit limited, hard-mode options out there.

I think some are looking forward to Ulduar because we've gotten a lot of inklings that Blizz isn't willing to change naxx, but does think it's a bit too easy. And they've seen the success of hard-mode encounters like 3 drakes and are going to focus more on those in Ulduar. And with the entry level naxx there for everyone to enjoy, there isn't as much pressure for Ulduar to be super-easy.

But the key thing I'm hoping for is that they correct the way loot is given out. Right now, it's easier to suck ass and get tier 7.5 than it is to get tier 7. That should be reversed. Make 25 mans actually harder to win, instead of just harder to organize. It sounds like the devs will make the hard-mode stuff give the best rewards, and then I think most people will be happy, even if they still complain all the time, because hey, that's what they do.

Anonymous said...


I know what you are talking about, as far as feeling like you're missing something. I am in my 30s also, and I just had to put the game down and walk away. I can't even raid twice a week, it just leaves me wanting more. Reading some about it is all I can allow myself.

Anonymous said...

I've just gotten back from holidays and am only just leveling up my resto druid now. So I hope that Uludar is still some time away to give me a chance to join a guild and earn some gear.

A lot of people I know are complaining about Naxx being easy, yet they still raid it every week without fail. Tbh, I enjoy the being part of a big raid with a smilar goal the most, not necessarily the new content.

Anonymous said...

I quit raiding. I basically quit playing. This isn't the same game I started playing. It's like a woman you marry, who becomes a drug-addicted crack whore because she wants more people to like her. More people do, but she doesn't understand it's different from the way you did.

I remember wiping for hours upon hours, turning into days and nights, on new content. I enjoyed the bugs, the unkillable bosses, the glitched transition bosses who were only programmed for two phases initially because no one expected anyone to get passed those within a month or so. Epics meant something (You played too much and had the gear to prove it.) You farmed for hours for consumables and repair money, only to spend it all in one nights raiding. None of this easy mode bullshit.

As far as "If you can't down three drakes, quit complaining." Guilds can't filter fuckheads and retards anymore. You can't fuck up. Faceroll, collect loot. No one is gonna leave their guilds of generalized friends and collected token black guys and the random asian who doesn't know english but plays well. There is no longer a need for not only learning your class and your job, but everyone elses. No one dies in raids anymore, unless they run into slimes.

Epics are the new green: I mean, you can buy the max level shit right off the AH, straight farmer style. There is no pride, no effort, no sense of teamwork or reason to even be guilded. I don't need good relationships or reputation on the server, I can pug everything, I can use the difficulty slider and lose 1-2 items, usually novelty anyways. The game itself is entirely different, nothing like it's original entity. Everyone has the best gear in the game. Everyone pays for it, so everyone is entitled it. Why not just start people with pre-made high level...but 1-55 isn't hard anyways. I mean, it's not like they give you gear you won't replace until...oh. Hrm.

11 Million subscribers. 98% casual. The funny thing is, those 2% put more hours in than the rest combined and get the same rewards as scrubs. The reason content comes out on time isn't because casuals log on test realms and spend hours wiping on bosses. Well, no one wipes on bosses anymore anyways, so I guess that's moot.

I remember a time when epics were truly epic. When balance didn't exist and RNG ruled the world. Mages were a free kill, unless they were pom/trinket/pyro. SL Warlocks needed a raid setup to kill. Warriors without a healer got raped by everyone, and with a healer turned into an unstoppable killing machine. Rogues (god bless them) effectively stopped all classes with 3 buttons. Everyone died in 2-3 hits. Bosses shit down your neck in seconds. When the game was actually a challenge. When things were actually fun. I'm wondering how long until players can buy legendary items with badges of happiness that drop from critters, and blizzard condones the use of botting and speedhacks in order to make the game more profitable for casuals who don't really like to play, but they like to act like they do.

At least Arthas will be glorified as the most pussy badass boss in a video game ever. Frostmourne, now available in 2 ply.

I played to raid, when raiding meant something. Challenge, fun, cohesion, teamwork. Effort. Blizzard sold out. 11 million baddies > everything good about the game.

/rant off


Anonymous said...


Well written, and it sucks to be in the minority of fans of something you cannot control. Sort of like an awesome TV show that the masses just don't appreciate.

Quitting is the thing to do, and at least you get your real life back. What I have learned is to focus on things I can control in my own life, like my business. These are things that some company cannot take away on a whim.

Anonymous said...

You have no idea what you're babbling about. If you were as half as "hardcore" as you pretend to be, you'd know that "back in the day" the game was never hard. Not including bugged out, non-tested, impossible raid-math, retard guildies, etc. encounters; it was simply the new experience of having to do slightly more than the EQ'esq, "just have to have enough healers to keep tank up while constantly OOC rez'ing dps".

The best, most complicated encounters in the game were during the 25 man instances; nothing, in the history of MMO's has come close to the raid encounters/demands of the SunWell. It's a little unfortunate that yes, you can raid stack, and yes, many guilds did to get through those encounters, but they were never a requirment. People are alot like electricity, always searching for the path of least resistence. Alas, I digress...

You were, what? 13 when the game came out? I've been playing since release. I was in a guild that was 48 on C'thun kill in the US, and 47 on Kel, US. So what? If 5 of us, from the orginal 40 are still playing, I'd be impressed. It's completly meaningless, and I actually don't care about those "accomplishments" all, but I suppose it would give me some "cred" before I make my following statement: You're a newb, the games better off with you and players like you, I'm glad you gone!

"well written", made me lol IRL!
laff. WTF business you run? I wouldn't let you dig a ditch in my yard bro.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you're as awesome as you think you were. I was 20 when the game came out, a guild leader, and one of the first people to do lead people through new content that strats hadn't been written for and everything was "Impossible". We had priests healing BWL in Ubrs loot and AH greens. Epics meant you worked for it.

As far as being glad i'm gone, cool, I'm glad as well. I'm getting back into shape and before the years over my new job will be replacing my old one of WoW. The thing about IRL is that it actually means something. But I see, you are the embodiment of "Elitist Prick", and pride yourself as such. Alliance? Let me guess, NE hunter or rogue? Maybe a dwarf paladin. You're all the fucking same, doesn't matter. Just another kid who thinks he's awesome. I realize not everyone can be as awesome as you. Obviously, you're super hardcore. You're not at all unhappy with the current state of the game, from what it seems, so that tells me you're full of shit. But explaining it to you would be like teaching a child astrophysics: It doesn't matter if the concepts are there, you simply can't grasp them. The top players in the world all agree on content, casuals, and blizzard making everything welfare and easy.

Calling someone a "newb" of all things, after they invested 4 years of 80 hours a week into something is not only foolish, but childish. I can only think of one thing worse than a "newb" as you so eloquently put it. My rebuttal is simple: Eat dick, casual.

Thank you and good night.

P.S. Ixxo, sorry to troll on your blog bro. Sometimes it's great to knock an ego down a peg though, gotta admit.

Rich said...

lol <3 trag

Anonymous said...

Trag, you even read my post?

Ixo, no love? Been ride'n shotgun since Notaddicted!