Thursday, February 26, 2009

Creative Use of Game Mechanics

Killed Ursoc in Grizzly Hills last night with creative use of the Alt and F4 keys:

Log the priest, invite someone (anyone) to party. Alt-F4 (not "logout" or you automatically leave the party), log back in as the warlock and get that person to invite them to the party. That random person can leave the party now...

You now have a party comprised of your lower and higher level alts. The quest for Ursoc requires you get an NPC to assist you, and he won't start the quest unless you have it in your log. Okay. Alt-F4 again, and get back on the priest. Start the quest. Alt-F4, back on the lock. Kill the big bad guy, or get him to about 10% with a full set of DoTs rolling. Alt-F4, relog the priest.

In this manner, you can actually still see your higher level alt 'finishing' the fight if you relog fast enough. The warlock itself is sitting there DCed, but the voidwalker is going strong, and the dots are still rolling. Boss dies. Sprinkle your magic Ursoc Dust on the corpse. Collect loot. Vendor it.



Anonymous said...

I always worry about my files getting corrupted if I Alt-F4 out of the game. I know lots of people do it to bail out of undesirable PuGs, etc., but I can never bring myself to.

Also, I might possibly have too many addons to log in and out quickly enough to make your technique effective. *cough*

Brian W. Smith said...

Ixo, was there any reason you couldn't use the NPC to tank or DPS for your priest? Were you just trying something different?

Rich said...

I actually did use him to tank, with just me healing, but i ran out of mana, and his tank DPS alone wasn't enough. when I brought my lock I used the NPC as a healer, but didn't really need heals. with the right spec, my void could probably tank rag (sadly).

Brian W. Smith said...

People may cry about your VW tanking Rag as they are sobbing about VWs tanking Sartharion with 3 drakes up.

Anonymous said...

Ixo, I say we 2 man MC tonight. Maybe bring a 3rd for faster dps, but definitely boomkin/vw tank and go go.

Damn. We may need a magic cleanse. Forgot about the insane sulfuron add dots and the kiting needed to kill them.