Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Idle Hands

Last night I respecced back to Discipline. 52-2-11 or something at the moment (check the armory link to the right). I was full shadow for a few days, but it just felt lame. I hate the purple see thru aspect, feel like shadow is 'faking it', and I was drinking all the time. Disc leaves me full mana, like, always. I was holy for a while back, too, but since sticking with Disc for a while I'm really enjoying it.

Plus I want to heal some more.

I've been writing some stuff on healing, and felt like if my armory showed I was shadow I'd be talking out of my ass (tip: I do that anyway). I'm still having a really hard time just knuckling down and doing quests, though. I keep doing ANYTHING other than gaining XP. Fishing, cooking, making moonshroud/spellweave/ebon cloths, transmuting Life to Fire. Doing my Northrend Alchemy Reasearch things to learn new elixirs every three days. I'm 85% thru 74 with a bank full of level 75 trinkets (alch stone) and 76-80 cloth tailor crafted gear. Once I hit 80 I'll have a ton of shit to wear, but I just can't find the inspiration to do it.

For a while I joined up with a guild called BLEED. They were actually really nice people, and I initially hooked up with them after going on a few TK pugs straight to Kael where the loot was kept on grouploot the whole time. The GM wanted to 'get a few phoenixes on the server', and I found it noble to keep the loot set open, in this day and age of ninjas and paranoid master looters. In the end, though, my schedule in Japan kept rearing its ugly head, and I eventually left on good terms, saying I may look them up again in May when I get back to the states. My 'old' guild is all but dead (Tragedy posts here on the blog, but has cancelled his account effective March 3rd).

I've got this mission to bumrush Irvine, and to do so I feel like I shouldn't fall out of touch with the game at large. At the same time, I've got this feeling like I know all there is to know about WoW already. That's a slippery slope, and came up in art classes when I was at the Academy in San Francisco. The instructors kept walking around the room asking why we were focusing so hard on the paper in front of us instead of looking at the model in front of the class. People think they KNOW what a nose looks like, and they tend to draw the one inside their mind rather than the one attached to the person's face in front of the class. If you lose touch with what you're trying to brainstorm ideas for (questing, raiding), then you form assumptions on the idea as it sits in your mind, and not how it actually plays out.

I should probably just xfer my preist to an oceanic realm and pick up a guild there. Healers are always in demand, it's mostly just finding a like-minded group of people to click with. Then, when I get back to the states in May, I can xfer the whole lot to somewhere else. Cho'gall was only my choice because that's where Trag and the crew played, but they've all since stopped playing or gone their separate ways.

I basically need to shake this rut and just bury myself online for a few solid days and hit 80.


Anonymous said...

I think you should really lvl up and try to get into a decent mature guild even if they are struggling at Nax. This will keep your "link" with the raiding aspect of the game and as you said healers are always in demand and discipline is fun to play and quite useful in raids as a solid MT healer. Oceanic servers can even be better for you because of timetable and I guess they must be even more desperate for healers down there with the -comperatively-small number of people playing. Aussies ftw until you head back home to US.

Unknown said...

If you're having to stop and drink all the time as Shadow, you're doing it wrong. Spec down disc to 3/3 Meditation, then go down the Shadow tree. At 75, you can make it to the bottom without giving up anything really important. When soloing, use a VT then MB. I didn't use SW:P while leveling. VT only ticks after a Mind Blast. So, PW:S, VT, MB, Flay, Flay, Wand. You'll find it much easier and much more mana efficient.

Anonymous said...

Joe speaks the truth. You should end every fight full mana, full health. Dont forget spirit tap for leveling.

Raitin said...

I'd say stick with leveling. Only xfer if you feel the need. But if you do, I'd recommend Dath'Remar if you are alliance, not 100% sure about Horde (sorry, but I never kept track of your Faction :P). If you come to Dath'Remar, I'll hook you up with some very mature and "serious but easy-going" people. Not even nessesarily from my Guild, although I would recommend 90%+ of them.

Rich said...

Yeah, I wasn't very clear, and don't want to come off as a shadow hater, per se...

I leveled my warrior prot, druid resto, and am doing this priest as "healing" (whether disc or holy). I guess reading back that just means I'm a glutton for punishment... but I honestly feel like way too many druids plow thru leveling feral, and then switch their spec to whatever they were 'going to be' (and something they haven't touched at all) at 80 ...or just stay feral and say fuggit.

I want to learn the ins and outs of priest healing, and that means i'll stay disc for the time being, and suffer when I'm questing, but be readily available to heal runs when I feel like popping open LFG and gracing someone with my presence. ;)

when I went shadow, I dumped a LOT of points into the tree... I probably could have done it smarter and made more use of disc talents for regen etc, but meh... I do have 11 in shadow still (spirit tap, imp SW:P, chance to hit, mind flay), and it's enough to lighten the load during grinding.

David said...

Most oceanic realms are crazy busy at peak hours for players in Japan. I can always log on and get a group within 15 minutes to go do something. Its true there are less Oceanic players overall, but they pack us pretty tightly on less than maybe 10 servers. If you're going back in May though thats $25 for 2 months or so of play - consider it a professional investment ;)