Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Look, All I'm Gonna Say...

Is don't search Google for 'watermelon' unless you want to see the first result on the page be some fucked up image that looks like a little girl's face wearing some necklace and earrings, with her fucking skin peeled off, OK?

Eesh! Fucking weirdos.

Now I'm all traumatized.


Cap'n John said...

It's sort of like of those kids in the Starburst commercials whose heads grow into fruit when they eat a Starburst candy...sort of.

Little freakier looking, though.

What? You knew by mentioning it we'd be compelled to google it. Morbid curiosity and OCD are not a good mix.

Cronoo said...

Just need some fried chicken and koolaid.

Rich said...

...and Cronoo pulls the race card.

lol, shame on you.

Cronoo said...

Don't judge me.