Thursday, February 12, 2009

Re: Dickbaggery

I've been wanting to use the word Dickbag here on the blog since Cronoo posted it in a comment, and I found it hilarious. But I couldn't really find a good use for it. It's not exactly a word you weave into everyday conversations, so I held onto it, and figured when the time was ripe I'd break it out.

I may have reached that point, and feel I can safely say that Gevlon "the Greedy Goblin" is a huge Dickbag.

Dickbaggery is nothing new, and has been around for as long as dicks have had bags attached to them. It certainly predates the internet, at any rate. The internet is a wonderful new avenue for spreading dickbaggery, though, and the convenience with which one can dickbag safely from their own home is allowing dickbags worldwide to attain new levels of pro-dick-tivity (see wut i did ther?).

Gevlon originally had a regular blog about making money in WoW, but it seems like the more attention it gets, the more it's become less about making gold, and more about how to maximize dickbaggery in general. His dickbagging posts seem to be the ones that generate the most interest, which saddens me as a human. One could say OH BUT IXO, PERHAPS YOU'RE JUST JEALOUS OF HIS TRAFFIX?, but I can honestly say that that isn't the case at all. I'm sure there are plenty of Pro-Nazi websites that get way more traffic than both of our blogs combined, but that doesn't influence me at all. It's just a horrifically shallow way to drum up traffic. Eminem probably owes 80% of his fame to the fact that he's not afraid to say the word "faggot" on a mic, and that alone generates followers (which also saddens me). I actually think Eminem is a really talented rapper (I like rap, so sue me), but a huge portion of his songs are just garbage trying to provoke controversy. But there's no such thing as bad publicity, or so they say. That, and the fact that Eminem is white, in an industry dominated by blacks. He stands out. But, sadly, being a dickbag in WoW doesn't make you a unique snowflake.

Likewise, it feels like 90% of Gevlon's posts are trying to provoke a response. We have a word for that on the intertubes: 'trolling'.

My own blog serves a few specific purposes: I discovered that I enjoyed the act of writing after writing for 2 years at NotAddicted, and wanted to continue to do so here, and more recently I'm trying to brainstorm general points for how the MMO genre can be improved upon, or think up encounters of my own design. Gevlon's blog basically amounts to the mission statement of: "There is no point to playing WoW unless you're making gold, and if you have to crap on everyone from Valley of Trials to your Naxx raidmates to do so, it's totally justified when you open your backpack and see those monies."

Not only is he the best player in all of WoW, he's completely justified in kicking anyone not up to his standards of play from any group, raid, or guild he's in, because there's no reason he should have to suffer through raiding with anyone less than 100% awesome. Once he's fully decked in epics from head to toe, wasting any time with those not decked in epics is a monumental waste of his time, and he shouldn't be expected to contribute back to their gearing. While I'm sure he spawned in the newbie zone wearing full iLevel 213 purples, and was able to solo all content from RFC to 3drake Sarth, he is in a unique position. The rest of us need to play with other people to raid, and realize that when we earn a piece of gear, it's thanks to the cooperation of the other 24 in the raid for being there. Bailing out of a guild the instant you get your own loot, or flatly refusing to bring your main that others helped to gear to raids afterwards: Dickbaggery.

I don't have an issue with telling random people who stand at the mailbox in org begging for gold to fuck off, but when it comes to guildmates? There's a line to be drawn. This is where we see eye to eye. When you give someone a guild invite, and they immediately jump on a level 9 asking for runs thru RFC, I'll roll my eyes or just not respond. But if it's someone I've played with for over a year, and they want to explore another class or something, I have no issues boosting them, because I know it will come back around, or EVEN IF IT DOESN'T, they're my friend. Gevlon has probably never been in a guild or known anyone in game for over a year though, and so perhaps that's where the dickbaggery comes from. Maybe he wasn't held enough as a child? Great, now I'm being a dickbag and making it personal.

The point is this, and it's a pretty short and simple one: If you want to be a dickbag, do it in KoTOR. You get NPC teammates that you can Force Choke and generally crap all over. Nobody REAL is affected by your dickbaggery, though. I have an easy time avoiding your blog, I just don't read it. But when the blogs that I do read reference your dickbaggery (or even worse, go further to say YOU KNOW HE'S GOT A POINT) I feel like the World of Warcraft dies a little bit more.

I'm not foolish enough to think that PUGs all give each other group hugs after wipes or give little pep talks before boss fights, but actively going out of your way to shit on other players because they haven't attained the same level of gear you have (on the shoulders of others that you promptly crapped on minutes later)?

Dick Baggery.

Grats on that. Have fun with your... oh. You're unguilded.



Anonymous said...


I assume it was in response to his most recent post?

Melf_Himself said...

"But when the blogs that I do read reference"

Ewww, stop reading Tobold. Problem solved?

Gevlon said...

Dear Ixobelle, thanks for the lovely reference. While you did not linked me, people reading your dear posts can find me via Google easily (not many Gevlons around). So thank for your time supporting my site.

BTW getting audience is a mean, not an aim. The aim is "I feel like the World of Warcraft dies a little bit more." I want to kill your pink dreams of a world full of "freindly helpfull peeps", because it's a LIE. The world is rational and cold. The faster you get use to it, the better.

Anonymous said...

lol @ above

Larísa said...

I seriously don't know what to say. I truly love your blog Ixobelle. I disagree a lot with Gevlon, but I still think it's interesting to read most of the time and I refer to him sometimes. A blogger can't live in a vacuum. The blogging community comes alive when we interact a bit, leting our ideas grind against each other.

I just feel so frustrated in my (according to Gevlon) pretty naïve view on the world - can't we all just be friends? I guess I'm a little bit patronizing (or should I say matronizing?) towards Gevlon. I can't help looking upon him like a younger brother or even son. He doesn't always behave like I'd wish. But I like him with all his faults. And I can't help suspecting that he deep inside is sort of unlucky. He seems to never have been able to really fit in. To find a place in a good, decent guild. Yeah I pity him. (inspired by the season? :))
I'm probably a bit stupid. But can't you just...try to let it go, let it be. Let him exist in his own little universe?
I like you both. As bloggercollegues and as guests of my inn.

Rich said...

@gevlon: it's my pleasure. I found a wonderful use for "dickbag". I don't expect any of what I said to sink in. if anything, I imagine it only poured gasoline on the flames. you said yourself that you were happy that people may look you up (or 'look at you' is maybe a better phrasing). if i can drive more people to your site, good for you. i'm sorry everyone you've come across in WoW is a dick to you; maybe if you weren't such a dickbag yourself you'd find yourself surrounded by good people?

@Larísa: yeah. I'm sorry to upset you, because it isn't my intent to spread foulness on my blog. calling gevlon a "little brother" is perhaps appropriate, because he comes off as someone of the age that doesn't see the bigger picture. The irony of him complaining about people in wow is priceless, when he's the prime example of... well, a typical wow dickbag. the sentiment bores me, and his responses are pretty typical.

you go gevlon, do your thing. good luck with that. when life shits on you, and you find yourself alone, at least it won't surprise you, because you saw it coming, right? perhaps you're already there? ;)

honestly, i hardly lay awake at night worrying over him, people like him only thrive on that. i just thought it was a fitting use of the DB word i came across in a recent comment, and posted thusly.

Anonymous said...

You have to take Gevlon's antisocial, amoral, even psycopathic view of the world with a pinch of salt.
If I really thought he was the greedy Goblin he pretends to be, I would cease to read his blog immediately, but most of his "I hate the world" stuff is just BS.

Anyway, less of him and more of you. :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah I went over to his site via a link (from Tobold I believe) and he just comes across as a "look at me, look at me, i'm important damn it" type. /shrug So after the initial visit I haven't gone back. he can have his little corner of the internet to feel important in and I can ignore him (well except you dragged him over here). The world is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I'm one of those bloggers that has posted that Gevlon has a point with some things he talks about, but it all depends on how you look at it.

I for one believe in his right, as I'm sure you do, that he can write whatever he wants, but I reserve the right to believe that most of the non-WoW economics that he writes about is...well trash.

I read Gevlon's blog for the economic stuff. I ignore all the rest after having read several things that I personally think he either doesn't fully comprehend or refuses to see the other side of.

To each their own I suppose.

And btw Gevlon, the world is only cold for people like you that make it that way and it is far from rational. Your constant talk of "ape-subroutines" only shows that you believe it isn't rational, because if it was there wouldn't be "ape-subroutines". Think about that.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to know a bit more about this guy, so i read a few blog posts, I have to say its pretty much as you say (one post investigating another bloggers claims about being boosted really struck me as disturbing) . But I found this one post particularly funny, as nothing amuses me more than somebody who is elitest and thinks they are the shit, but is at best average. Check this post about naxx out

To summarise, he goes a naxx pug, does 2 wings (which is a great success in pug terms) then wipes on patch and grobbulus few times and leaves. No great shakes there, but then he details his plan for whipping these good for nothing puggers into shape: Go straight to patch, get to 10% and wipe on purpose. Then trawl through the dps and kick any that do not meet expectations, then do likewise with the tanks and healers. Then go to the magical player bank in the sky, get 10 dps, 5 healers and a few tanks to replace the ones you kicked and continue to pwn.

I have to say I found that funny, because only elitest guilds would normally use such tactics, and what drama it would cause on forums all over. Now try to imagine people just sitting there and taking this crap in a pug, especially as many puggers would have a fit if a leader used star instead of moon for polymorph.

The funniest part comes next, now normally I dont like to be anal about people when there talking about WoW, theres way too much of that crap, but these guy revels in it and should really be judged by his own standards. So read this quote from one of his replys

"He had 15K "armory" armour, before buffs. I assume he was not in frost presence to prevent stealing aggro. Anyway he got 29K hurtful strikes, while the bear next to him got 21K hits. 29K is a bit high if one has 35K HP."

A. Its hateful strike( Yes this is very anal of me, but anybody whos ever done a bit of naxx will have the term seared into there brain)

B. Like in most fights, both tanks and off tanks need to be high on the aggro list in order to get hatefulled. Anyway, generating too much threat isnt an issue if you have a brain, omen shows you exactly how high you are. So basicly hes saying a dk should forgo 10% hp, 80% armor because he might liek pull aggro man (not to mention the fact the main tank has massive aggro from being the first to pull)

So yea, gogo gelvon, rage on about morons and slackers, and scream about l2.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


You do realize that you're merely feeding the ego of a misanthropic/borderline sociopathic troll like Gevlon by writing an entry like this, true?

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