Sunday, March 8, 2009

Got a New Guild

Joined up with a Naxx 25 PUG this weekend, and went on my priest. They needed heals, and I figured a trial by fire was the way to go for me. I'd healed a few 5 mans, and a heroic or two, but usually with people that would be pretty forgiving if they died or I screwed up. This isn't my first raid healer (resto druid), but I've gotten pretty serious about playing the priest, and don't even log the warlock much but for occasional Titansteel cooldowns, so I figured it was time to see how this whole 'priest raiding' thing would play out with it. Got Clique and Grid lined up to where I thought I could handle it, flasked up to compensate for some less-than-stellar gear, and dove straight in. It went really well, actually, and the core guild that was running the PUG (not a full PUG) seemed like a cool group of cats, so I took a ginvite mid run.

Conjunction Junction (I didn't choose the guild name, and never do) will be my new 'team' on Cho'gall. The biggest thing, in my own mind, is that the vibe on vent semed just right for my own frameset while I raid (joking around, but knuckling down when needed), and that I didn't need to write some fucking essay or poem about how much raiding experience I have to get the invite. I guess that's two things. Whatever. I honestly was starting to miss being part of a bigger picture, and the fact that the entire Guild Application Process took 2 tells felt about right.

Plus my priest got about 4 or 5 items in the course of one run, but on many items I was the only one rolling. Checking the armory link to the right for my priest now, I'm doing pretty good, I think. I think the GM appreciated that I even offered to keep that loot 'in the guild' by joining, and the skeleton guild I was in before was already pretty well in the ground, so yeah...

Compare that to the 10 man PUG I was in on Friday night, where the boomkin was bitching at me for rolling on (and winning) a dagger that dropped. Apparently crit is useless for Disc priests, because Divine Aegis procs go by your horoscope for the day, and he kept insisting that haste wasn't a healing stat. Um, Flash Heal? Greater Heal while Penance cools down? Prayer of Healing? Binding Heal? Are these all instants?. This is the same druid that didn't bring any reagents for Rebirth or GotW... and do druids even use daggers, or was he complaining just to complain? Because, you know... that's what you do in a PUG. This is the SAME druid that later in the run rolled on (and won) the Sheet Lightning headpiece, and when pointed out by the warrior ML that it was cloth replied with "and? stats are stats". Oh you'll get yours, my friend, just wait and see...

But yeah. I'm glad to be out of the LFG channel for a change. This was further cemented by the fact that the guild doesn't really care if you DO run PUGs (the guild is still too small to fill out raids alone), and the 'training run' of Malygos that followed the Naxx run. Not many had been in there before, and the GM just wanted to get people used to how the phases worked, and how the whole fight went down. I myself had never even set foot in EoE yet, but was pleasantly surprised to find people left on the planet that realize there needs to be a first time for everything.

We wiped, and it was hard. Never did down him, but had a few good attempts. With that knowledge under my belt, though, I was able to jump in a different 10 man EoE pug later in the weekend on my t7 lock and bang it out in three tries. So grats me on two counts. Or three.

Or something.



David said...

I'm starting up a guild with some old friends from the BC days. They haven't been on much since LK and they are all leveling up to 80. We are just hoping to gear everyone up in heroics while we try to fill out a 10-man roster. It's nice though, to have an interested gchat going while messing around, and some solid partners to run dungeons with.

I even went on a Dire Maul run to finish an achievement with guildies, and it was a complete waste of time character-wise, but I had great fun just chilling in game and messing point is being guilded is fun - if you guild with friendly people, not just a random group of loot hounds.

Melf_Himself said...

Predict guild drama and e-rage within the week. Or possible guild rage, followed by e-drama. Tough call.

Brian W. Smith said...

Ixo, I'm happy to see that you found a new guild to join up with.

I think if that group can remain the way that you saw them this past weekend, you may have a pretty decent home for the time being, and get to play the content in a more stable environment.

Good luck with it.

Rich said...

I'm really interested in checking out Ulduar when it comes out, and wold hate to have to see it thru "PUG goggles". The issue of my timezone not lining up is nothing new, but I'm finishing up work here in Japan in the next week or so, then I'll have a dead three months while we finish visa paperwork etc for my wife. Then it's back to the states, and a "normal" timezone.

Anonymous said...

Since you'll be on a "normal" time zone, does this mean you'll now be sleeping while i'm wide awake?

OH dear.