Wednesday, March 4, 2009

One Death = No Undying

Goshon over at Working as Intended has an awesome post up right now comparing WoW to the 1986 World Series. I'm not really into baseball, but I understand the rules of the game, and (more importantly) Goshon writes it in a way that makes you feel it. I've actually rewritten this paragraph about three times now. I don't want to just summarize his post here, you really need to just go read it. He tends to focus on quality over quantity, and while he may not post every day, it's worth adding him to your RSS so when he does, you don't miss it.

(Um, yeah. There's really no body text for this story... just go read his post, already!)


Anonymous said...

I can't quite put my finger on it, but his writing is good to a point until he totally fucks up an entire sentence. Very annoying.

Content of the post was cool though.

Krunchy said...

Well, as someone who has raided and does like baseball (although not the Red Sox), I see what you mean about that article. When you're getting so close to a goal that has eluded you (and your group) for so long, it blows your mind that something as silly as letting the ball go between your legs (or a bunny eating the raid leader's mic cord) can take victory out from your grasp.

Then again, I'm a firm believer that nothing is definite until after the fact. Those bad guys in the TV shows and movies who are all "it's over" as they're launching their final blow make me want to gnaw on my remote. It isn't over until it's over and that's something that's true both in WoW and baseball. We've had 2% wipes in "farmed" content because someone said "it's over" in vent and half the healers stopped pushing buttons. Likewise, my Cleveland Indians had near guaranteed victory in the 1954 world series taken away by a single over-the-shoulder catch (The Catch: look it up).

I liked that article, but I guess to me it all boils down to this: Even when things are going your way, never assume it's a sure thing until it's actually happened. Also, don't say "it's over" or anything like that on ventrilo or some weirdo named Krunchy will come to your house and make you eat your keyboard.

Tragedyx said...

Calling the show before it's over. I specifically recall a certain epic attempt where a certain "star" tank was overexcited.

[Raid][ThatOneFuckingGuy]: Yes, yes, vael's dead, good job guys!
[Tragedyx] has died.
[Snax] has died.
[Hieman] has died.
[Painlesdeath] has died.
[Raid][Clamil]: WTF No no no...
[Yiska] has died.
[Krunchy] has died.
[Dang] has died.
[Raid][Realmadrid]: Dios mio...
[Organdonor] has died.
[Druantia] has gone offline.
[Raid][Valmirra]: Are you serious?
[Oxident] has gone offline.
[Necrobellum] has died.
[Raid] [Tragedyx]: Awesome. I love this window that pops up when bosses die. The one that says: Release spirit? Wait...

Thus, night one of attempts ended. Some of the wipes were humorous though (Crackaman casting curse of tongues on Vael, vael yelling in demonic as he two shot the raid). I do remember night two being a huge success though. I think we made it to Flamegor?