Monday, March 2, 2009

Sixth Screenshot

So this has been going around for a bit, and I actually posted a link to the screenshot below in a comment on Larisa's blog, but now I've been officially tagged for it on Word of Shadow, so here's the recap for those that haven't seen it already. The screenshots folder here on my laptop at work is pretty barren, but this is as good a screenshot as I would be able to dig up at home anyway. :)

The story here is that my priest (ixobelle) and warrior (izobelle) are both AFK as I smash my face against everything in SFK on a friend's ret paly. The priest and warrior are on separate accounts, linked by recruit-a-friend for 3x XP. Once I realized this applied to everything (I thought only quest turn ins counted before), I promptly devised the farmzors strat for hitting 60 asap. Here I'm 19 or so, and running SFK.

While at first, it was tricky having everyone on follow, and using fancy targeting macros, I eventually realized that none of that shit mattered, and would zone the two noobs into an instance, park them on the floor, and drag everything back to them. Instance mobs don't reset after chasing for a bit, they'll follow you to the ends of the earth. For SFK, that meant running to the deathguard in his cell, and pulling that stuff back and hosing it down while he moseyed over to the courtyard door and opened it. Then I'd run out the courtyard, through the kitchen, up along the ramparts, into the tower, all the way to Fenrus, and kite ALL of that back to the entrance. There were exactly two places I could hop down a ledge and pop a flash heal off while the train choo-chooed along it's tracks, and that was generally all that was needed.

Once back at the front door, I'd turn on ret aura, pop consecration, and just mow the lawn. Both noobs would ding. We'd all zone out. Reset the instance. Do it again.

After Fenrus is defeated, the gate in his room opens up, and you're free to go fight Arugal, but that was more runnig than I cared for for such a little slice of the instance. Resetting and doing it again was a fresh level.

After SFK came SM Cath (the entire dungeon in two pulls... everything before the cath, and everything inside). Then Scholo. In scholo I had to actually use follow, but I broke it up into about 4 little sections, and would bang it out pretty quick. At 58, I took them into outlands, and began using the warrior to bang out quests with the priest on follow casting heals when needed.

Good times.

Well, not really... but EFFICIENT times, at any rate.

*edit* realized I'm suposed to be tagging others for this to live on, so uhh... to paraphrase Pokemon:

Alt Fanatic & Hatch, I choose YOU!


Anonymous said...

Damn that ret pally looks familiar.

Good times. Mob tagging still works in some zones too (Outland areas).

Raitin said...

So, to clarify, did you do the Alt-F4 trick you mentioned in an earlier post, or have 3 boxes running for this to work?

Rich said...

three accounts, all on one box. i have two monitors, a little 17 inch 1280x1024 over to the left of my main 22inch 1650x1050 (i think).

the main screen gets whatever I happen to be 'driving' full screen window, while the other two get tiny little draggable windows. I can grab the corner and resize them if i feel like actually see what's going on over there, but for the most part i just needed to walk them out (reset) and back in again.

all spell detail and viewable distance gets turned way down, but my machine is pretty decent as it is. quad core (9950?) AMD, 2 gigs of ram, 8800gtx, whatever.

Raitin said...

Cheers for that. Does it also require 3 installs of WoW, or can you launch WoW multiple times? (Sorry for the interrogation, I'm just interested to see how it works, just in case)

Anonymous said...

If your comp can take it, you can run as many instances of WoW as you want off a single install. It really depends on your system. I've had open 5 at once, my g/f's comp can handle 2 at most.

Hatch said...

And I thought I was leveling ludicrously fast by questing using RAF...but wow sounds like you were getting a level every few minutes! Nice!

Now let's see what my 6th screenshot is...