Monday, March 16, 2009


Women are ultra-impressionable beings, and therefore are easily controlled by aliens and the elite. The main purpose of women on Earth (that is, what aliens have programmed them to do) is to enslave men via relationships. Women are obsessed with relationships and love (due to alien programming), and don't care about anything else in life. They would have men believe that being in a relationship is one of the most important things in existence, not realizing that men couldn't care less about being in a relationship--and rightly so. Furthermore, women force men to waste their precious time and resources on them. This demonic charade (i.e., relationships) has gone on for far too long and obviously has no end in sight. Thus, you can blame women for the downfall and utter hopelessness of humanity.

I was reading Overcompensating today (a new webcomic I've discovered), and came across this one from around January in the archives. At first it was just a funny little comic, but then in the text below, he links a few wack-o websites that are good for a chuckle. has to be my favorite pick of the litter (I didn't delve too deep), with my favorite part being how every three or four paragraphs, an irrefutable TRUTH is revealed. The first paragraph of this post here is filed there under WOMEN, but there's a few other winners in the pile.

For example:

Apparently the earth is hollow (as every planet is), and contains a sun on the inside. The people living on Inner Earth are very advanced, and while some know of those living on the outside, not all of them do. The north and south poles don't actually exist (they wrap around, leading to Inner Earth), and we've all seen the proof that this is so, because Aroura Borealis is light from the inner sun shining out of the hole in the top of the Earth.

Traveling to the Poles

One cannot travel to the North Pole or to the South Pole for two reasons:

1.) The North Pole and the South Pole do not exist. In their place are polar openings that lead into Inner Earth.

2.) Anyone en route to a polar opening is eventually stopped by Outer Earth guardsmen.

...and then it just goes on to the next subject after that. No other further details on the "Outer Earth guardsmen", as everyone (obviously) knows who they are. It goes on to have YouTube videos of a newscaster blinking, and apparently her eyelids are "totally fucking reptilian" or something.


There's a quote on freedom of speech that I can't quite dig up on the net right now, but the general gist of it goes something like this:

The greatest test of whether or not you actually believe in freedom of speech is when you're confronted by someone you don't agree with.

This isn't on some vanilla level of "I'm in favor or Law Q, and these guys are against it". It's more of whether or not you believe someone should be able to have a website up endorsing the virtues of pedophilia, or justifying the genocide of another race. Once you begin to draw a line... "he can say sex feels good, but he can't say sex with an 8 year old feels good" then you're suddenly blurring the matter, because YOU YOURSELF don't agree with it. Regardless of whether or not the law is on your side. I'm kind of going to an extreme here, over some silly "the government is full of reptiles wearing human masks" thing, but it all falls under the bigger umbrella. I can point at this website and laugh, but I would never want it taken down. I doubt anyone does, in this particular case. It's mostly harmless, and good for a chuckle while I wind down the hours after my classes for the day, but before I can go home.

The internet is a beautiful thing, and while I may roll my eyes at the person that takes their time to type all that up, I respect their right to do so. My internet raid dragons aren't real, either, but I'm not trying to convince people that they are. Conspiracy websites are funny, and they invariably remind me of Maddox's post about the whole 9/11 'conspiracy'. His basic premise being that if the government has no beef about strapping bombs to a plane to knock down two towers in the middle of New York in broad daylight, that same government would probably be able to take out anyone with an AOL and Geocities account as well... : /

You go,; with your crazy, bad self.

You just... go, girl.


Klepsacovic said...

This is why I support education. Lots of education. However much education you are imagining right now, it's not enough. The goal is to teach people to think logically so that when they go out into the world they don't respond to problems with stupidity and/or violence. In other words, we'd need a lot less censorship and security if people weren't so damn ignorant.

However in keeping with the Law of Irony, I have, unknown to me (myself?) said something extremely stupid in the same post where I try to reduce stupidity.

Rich said...

holy shit:


Larísa said...

I love to chuckle at those insane conspiracy theories as well. But your example about advocating sex with 8 year olds worried me a bit. OK, I don't have any problem about people expressing such desires. But too often it's combined with actually publishing pictures on abused kids. And I can never ever accept that, not even in the name of freedom of speech. There IS a distinct line and I'm prepared to fight to protect that one as much as I can. I know it's pretty hard these days, but yet. Just imagine if something like this happend to your own daughter... God, my bloodpressure goes up just thinking about it. It brings out the lion mum inside me.

Anonymous said...

"Women are ultra-impressionable beings, and therefore are easily controlled by aliens and the elite."

You had me from the first line =P

Khatib said...

That's the first time you've seen timecube?

I feel sorry for you. You've been without the wonders of a four dimensional day for so long, I can't imagine how you've been functioning!

Hatch said...

Thank you so much. :)

I'm 100% for free speech. This guy can say whatever he wants, and I get to laugh at it. Imagine how much less laughter we would have without free speech?

We just better make sure he never makes any laws.

And remember:
"Godism Organized Crime
is a gotohell Mom & Dad. Did God have bellybutton
and did he have tailbone?"
-Dr. Gene Ray, Cubic and Wisest Human.

Hatch said...

Oh and also, in response to Larisa:

Photography is not the same as free speech because there is another person involved. The reason porn photos of children are (and SHOULD BE!!!!!) blocked is because there's actually a child involved.

A pedo can talk or even draw pictures as much as he wants (even though the idea makes me sick), but he CANNOT get an actual child involved or he is DONE, imo.

But can't stop free speech just because it is often accompanied by things that are illegal.

Rich said...

yeah, the example I used was a bit extreme, but that was the point.

many people will advocate free speech until it crosses a personal border.

I jew promoting free speech that comes across a pro-nazi website is in a bit of a conundrum. I have no issues with saying that such people (the pro nazi in this case, or the pedo in my other) aren't the people I want living next door, but the INSTANT you begin to say "you can say this this and this, but you can't say *that*" is when you open a whole can of worms.

I think people abuse this, like when they do a painting of christ with shit smeared all over his face. are they REALLY trying to propose that what they've made is art, or are they looking for a few hundred headlines? then again, my 'appreciation' of art is pretty limited. I usually just don't care, and usually view that example as the latter (that they're looking for attention).

again, I kind of spun off on some whole other tangent from some conspiracy theory website to protecting the first amendment... but they *are* related, however loosely.

Hatch said...

Ixo, I think what you're forgetting here is that Harmonic Cube Cubic Spirits Are Supreme Being.

You maybe academically retarded by Fact Earth Has 1 Day When Dead Still, And 4 Days Within 1 Earth Rotation, losing 3 days retards humanity.

HP said...

I dunno who said it but I think it was Voltaire? "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." Great quote.

I agree with that but I don't believe the right to express your opinion means you have the right to trespass on the equally important rights of others to life, freedom and happiness. That is why child pornography does not fall under the protected right to express your opinion.

Individual opinions and the expression of them should not be stifled but to share something that shows or supports the degradation or misfortune of another person is not a right to expression, it is abuse and deserves our disapproval.

Well, that is just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

This is totally not relevant to this post. But good luck with that whole MMO2 application whenever it happens.

I'd play it.

Keystone said...

There is a fine line between acceptance and tolerance. I'll be tolerant of what you say for the right of free speech, but that does not mean I'll accept it just because you have the right to say it.

Rich said...

well, duh...