Saturday, April 4, 2009

What Day is it Today?

I've honestly lost track. I think it's like Saturday or something? I've been without a job for all of 4 days, and already the time is just blurring together. It's not like when I was younger and could just drink myself silly any day of the week or anything crazy like that; I actually find myself still waking up around 'work time', but am spending late, late nights in front of the computer, grinding out quests on my 71 warrior. I ran a BT pug and picked up 3 pieces of T6 and a nice ring, and have come to realize this is the best way to level (obviously).

I did the same on my priest for the trek through Northrend. There's a guy named Evac on Cho'gall that farmed BT over and over getting glaives for his rogue. He's got quite a system going... forms up the PUG, gets everyone on his vent, and just blasts thru the place. He does free rolls for any item that drops, and keeps all the greens, gems, and Hearts of Darkness for himself. Then, any item that drops, you can 'bid' on if you don't trust your luck to rolls, or just want to 'overpower' the roll system itself. Starting bid is 100g, with 50g increments. This seems like something Gevlon could get behind. The funniest is when Illidan drops, and a glaive is on the corpse. Bids quickly spiral out of control, and I've seen the offhand go for 3000g. Just yesterday, a dagger that summons some ... something... went for 2500. People have too much money, and are just looking for ways to spend it. This gold just goes in Evac's pocket, for the hassle of organizing the run, and explaining strats. He does Sunwell, too. I gotta start paying attention to the quick-and-dirty strat rundowns and start some of these up myself. : /

While at first it seemed kind of silly, and the runs I went on my priest on I didn't spend a cent (still getting 2pc T6, 2 cloaks, an OH, rings, and a helm), I decided these last few to just chuck a few hundred gold around, because the warrior set is just so bad ass, and I want to just get a decent tanking set together without having to scrape around in 5 mans. Hit 490 def with a bullet, and am plowing through quests. I never thought I'd say prot was a good soloing spec, but MAN, they've made some real changes to that tree, and it's actually a lot of fun to play. I missed my warrior, which is why I chose this guy to /follow my priest for the RAF run (never played a priest, wanted to try it out). In groups, the threat gen is through the roof, and with talents like Warbringer, Sword and Board (nice synergy with Critical Block), and glyphs like this Revenge one, prot is officially off the hook.

Anyway, yeah. I'm not dead, and will make a concerted effort to fall into a regular groove with posts. I used to just have a bunch of dead time at work where I would hammer out posts, but now it's going to require a conscious decision to sit down and crank one out.

God, my life is so difficult, right?


Anonymous said...

Dude, you have a wife and baby. WTF are you doing waking up to play WoW all day. Get your shit together.

Rich said...

Uh, I guess I didn't really spell it out explicitly, so I can see where the confusion is coming from.

I wake up during normal hours (not sleep in all day), and then do 'wife and kid shit' all day long. The "unemployment bonus" just means I can stay up till 2 or 3 am on a weekday and play WoW. If I'm groggy in the morning, it's cool, because I can sit around in my underwear and drink coffee until I fully wake up. I don't need to jump out of bed at 6am, get in the shower, and drive to teach elementary school to teach genki lessons.

Being up at 2am even means I can hold/rock the kid back to sleep if he wakes up (bonus wife points!), and the whole "what day is it" thing just is coming from the fact that it's not "thursday, which means the cool second grade classes in the morning, with the 4th grade shits after lunch".

I fall into routines, and I'm developing a new one currently. Not having my classes is throwing me off, but not in a "woo hoo i'm going to the strip clubs all day every day" kind of way.

So yeah.

Anonymous said...

I levelled my warrior 70-80 as prot and it's a great levelling spec :) Have fun with it.

Just note that you'll need 540 def to tank raids at 80.

Longasc said...

I just wonder that you are still not bored to hell with WoW.

Kyir said...

People who get bored with WoW just have trouble motivating themselves.

Tragedyx said...

"People who get bored with WoW just have trouble motivating themselves."

Is that a joke or just completely random nonsense? I quit WoW because I felt motivated to do something with myself other than play a video game that requires 40 hours a week my entire life. Also, the fact that I had previously had a job and played WoW meant I had no social life, then the Wrath thing kicked in and you could spend 4 hours a week earning what other people worked alot harder for in alot less time. That's when I realized i'm not doing this for X more expansions and said fuck it.

I eat healthy, workout, have a social life and a job lined up that will pay 6 figures a year, and all of this wouldn't have been possible if I would have continued down my endless path of WoW obsession.

I don't condemn anyone for playing though, because I've been there and enjoyed it for awhile before the fun wore off. I guess all things in moderation?

Also Ixo, have you read anything by Neil Strauss? His writing style and yours are very similar, although personality wise you two are pretty far apart.

Kyir said...

Way to take it out of context.

Motivate themselves in game is what I meant. Be like: "Hey, today I'll farm some rep" etc.

Rich said...

trag, seriously. slow down, you're gonna rupture something.

nothings worse than the guy who used to smoke a pack a day, and now stands around outside office buildings telling people who smoke that they're killing themselves.

Ulduar will maybe be a breath of fresh air or maybe not. I'm running sunwell and BT for lols in the meantime, because the guilds I was in were always too drama infested or incapable of getting 25 people to show up on time.

Plus leveling my warrior. That toon's fun to play, but I'm having a hard time crawling through Borean Tundra again. I actually jumped on my rogue (level 41) but will NOT do outlands again. Something needs to be done about that place, and fast.

Rich said...

..and never heard of Neil Strauss, I'll dig him up on wiki or something this afternoon.

Tragedyfuckingx said...

"I don't condemn anyone for playing though, because I've been there and enjoyed it for awhile before the fun wore off." -ME

"nothings worse than the guy who used to smoke a pack a day, and now stands around outside office buildings telling people who smoke that they're killing themselves." -YOU

Did you even read what I wrote? Whatever. I guess you can brand me with a hypocrite label even though I did nothing to earn the title.

Rich said...

oh, cut me some slack... i was referring to the three paragraphs before that, where you had no life while playing WoW, but now you eat healthy etc.

you know i'm just fucking with you, it's all good.

Kyir is just sayign there's still a lot of shit to DO in WoW.. even if naxx is lol-EZ-moad. I recently bought some Valor BoEs off the AH for like 20 gold, and may spend some time putting together the whole Tier .5 set for 'standing around in town' gear. Was goign to do a full tier 1 set, but I can't solo MC on mt tank (yet). The Valor is doable (but tricky with no heals).

Fun is where you find it. It's not some big thing.

oshin said...

Make enjoy the 2AM gaming and lounging around in your underpants, as well as the time with your family, if your doing any project based work 8 hour days can be quite hard to come across.

Then again, I hear that the blizzard offices here in ireland have a gamesroom with xboxs and stuff.

Dink said...

Most of us play WoW because nothing better has come along.

I just went thru 3 other MMO's, 2 FPS's and 2 RTS's looking for somewhere else to go.