Tuesday, June 30, 2009

T-Minus Five Days and Counting

Yeah, gonna hit a slump here. I hate announcing crap like this, because it gives me free reign to ignore my blog, which is dangerous. The only thing that really forces me to post here with any regularity is that I feel guilty for little Timmy who's visiting my page from some death camp. He sneaks across enemy lines, ducking under barbed wire, and chaffing his little inter-nuts on polyester carpeting as he crawls past reception into the internet lounge.

Brenda, the last line of defense to the company mainframe, is occupied with little Timmy's saved up rations, molded and pressed into the shape of a donut, and rolled along the floor past her watchtower.

While she huddles over her snack, Timmy logs in, only to find THE SAME CRAP THAT WAS THERE YESTERDAY.

Then he gets shot and dies.

So sorry, Timmy, but I need to run to the Japanese DMV today and handle some paperwork. If you're new here, go read my most favorite post I ever wrote!


If you're old here, you're probably sick of me telling people to read it, but I'm proud of it, and need to write more things like it.

In the meantime, I have 5 more days left until the big migration, so cut me some slack, and see you soon on the other side!


Jong said...


awesome read. I started the game december 2007 and hadn't exprienced the introduction of heroics and daily quests. I wonder how much QQ there were from those European guilds when they removed the hyjal attunement process.

Larísa said...

That post, Sir, shows why you are my Blogging Hero, playing in a different league than any other WoW blogger I know of.


Kyir said...

I for one, believe that that is one of, if the not the best posts that was ever written on the Internet.

You deserve a Pulitzer or something.

Hatch said...

One of the many posts over there that made me a fan.

One of the simple things I really appreciate about that article is that you held onto the "Pauren" joke until about halfway through. That must have taken some willpower. :)

Although given your inside information on how Blizzard runs, I wonder why you'd want to work there.

Anonymous said...

So you bringing me back a cute japanese girl LOL!