Sunday, August 30, 2009

Prep for Aion Launch

I was having issues getting into Aion yesterday, but at least it turns out I'm not alone. It just isn't 'up' yet, and nobody can get in. Mordiceius asked what race I intended to play, but rather than answer that in a random comment I'd thought I'd throw it up here in case anyone wants to hook up and quest a bit.

Whenever a new MMO launches and I intend to meet anyone in it, without knowing what the server names will be etc, I generally just follow a few rules I came up with that make sure we can line up without fumbling around outside the game.

- Horde equivalent (the 'bad guys')
- PvP server (if they're segregated)
- Last server name on the list, alphabetically, that meets these two criteria

For Aion, though, I'm fudging on the first one for a few reasons. WoW has seen a huge swing in server populations towards horde, or at least on the servers I play on (Cho'gall is like 12:1 Horde), and I imagine a lot of the kids are going to choose the devil race for its general "bad-assery". Plus my lil Ixobelle I made on the chinese server was hawt, and I want to hang out with her some more. : /

So for what it's worth, I'll be a little healer chick named Ixobelle on the last PvP type server, playing the 'good guys'. If someone decides to ninja my name, just run the equivalent of a '/who belle' and I'll probably turn up. I reckon I'm gonna dive into this one for at least a little while, and will probably have alts similarly named (Izobelle, Isobelle, etc).

Got a lot of stuff on my plate right now (and am in the final stretch to drive down to Irvine and throw myself to the mercy of the Blizzard receptionist the weekend after Labor Day, or maybe just camp their parking lot with tranq darts, stalking Tigole), but will be in when I have some free hours. That's probably going to be late in the California timezone, while the wife and kid sleep.

See you in there?


Mordiceius said...

Well I am going to be rolling Elyos with Goon Squad. Currently it looks like the Goons are going to have upwards of 300+ people playing the game. The problem is that guilds have a max cap of about 90 players which is really really dumb.

Elyos is going to be filled with the KAWAIIIII anime kids and girls while Asmodians are going to be filled with people who think they are hardcore and who are CRAWLING IN THEIR SKIN! Either way it is going to be hilarious playing with most these people.

Also, check out this video of some boss fights:

Khatib said...

^^Oh shit, stairs, etc. What up fellow goon?

Haven't fully decided if I'm playing this one yet, or if I'll play with older friends or a bigger goon group. I'm thinking probably start with the smaller group of older friends. I prefer the giant goon zerg of randomness and hilarity in more sandbox games.

For sure going Elyos, tentatively looking at Israphel for a server I guess with the small group. We had pretty much the same thoughts about faction that Mordiceius mentioned. Hopefully Elyos will be underdog a little, and have a more ... people you'd actually like to randomly group with... side to it than Asmodean or whatever the other one is called. And the other side will likely take the game too seriously and be easier to piss off in PvP which is always fun.

Hatch said...

Well, crap.

I want to have blue skin. Can you have blue skin on Elyos side? I also like the talons, though I'm not a fan of the hairline going down their backs. So maybe I could be convinced to play Elyos if I can make a character with blue skin and orange hair.

Rich said...

i'm apparently totally retarded.

I thought the game went on sale sept 1, so I've been trying to get in these last few days for my 'head start', but now I see it releases on like sept 22... maybe the release date got pushed back?

open beta starts soon, then the head start after that, then release, but still a ways off.

Anonymous said...

Please post photos of the hot Blizzard receptionist when you get back from Irvine. Thank you.

Kyir said...

Good luck with the interview.

Ulfblud said...

Definitely not very impressed by Aion thus far. Granted I'm only level 5, but where's the ingenuity, the difference?!

Hatch said...

There is no ingenuity or difference. It's exactly the same MMO you've been playing since WoW came out, just it's really really pretty and looks like Final Fantasy.

Preordered it and expect to enjoy it despite the lack of innovation.

Well I guess the whole "winged flight" thing is sort of innovative, but you won't see that for another 5 levels.

Ixo, which server you gonna be on? Name reservation for the headstart is today, yo!

Hatch said...

So the servers went East/West for launch. Since I'd be playing later, I'll probably pick a west server even though I'm east coast, so prime-time lines up with when I'd actually be playing.

That leaves:


Yustiel (may become the west RP server)


Vaizel (self proclaimed roaming pvp server)

Nezekan (oceanic)

Siel (one of the original beta realms, looking to be the "we've been here since beta so our shit don't stink" realm)

Personally I'm leaning toward Ariel.