Wednesday, August 5, 2009

So Here's Something Stupid About 3.2

I usually don't post about 'the big topic' of the day, since everyone else is already doing it, and it's annoying to go from one site to the next and read the same thing, but here's one I just don't get (and don't see anywhere else).

The token changes. Everyone knows running heroics will now get you Tokens of Flaccid-E-Peen or whatever that you can turn in for Tier 900, but I kinda assumed they'd be converted.

This isn't the case?

Suddenly I see trade spammed with people 'looking for a tank for chain heroics', and I roll my eyes, knowing I'll never need to run UK or UP or whatever the two letter acronym of the day is because I've already run them so many billions of time on my other three 80s. I have a currency tab full of Heroism and Conquest badges doing nothing ALREADY, and those can now be used to buy--- oh wait.

So let me make sure I understand this right: Running heroics NOW will get you tier 9, but running them last week is just useless Heroism badges? I ended up changing 24 Valorous badges into Heroism ones to buy the dumb Heirloom chest for my 48 Rogue, since that's the ONLY thing worth buying at this point. I already have two heirloom daggers, two sets of heirloom shoulders, an heirloom 2h axe, and now the heirloom leather chest.

I kinda assumed it would be like 'all the badges in your currency tab get converted', or at the very least 'the Token of Flaccid-E-Peen vendor sells FEP Tokens at a 1:1 ratio for Heroism or Valorous equivalents'.

Lol? I'm supposed to run a tier 8 warlock thru Utgarde Keep for upgrades? I heard all the crying before the change, and mostly ignored it, because I guess I didn't understand. I even ran a few naxx10s for shits, because at least those would give me badges for after the patch.

Jokes on me, I guess.



Zupa said...

At first I assumed the same, when I read the patch notes about a month ago.

Someone pointed out my mistake when we were chatting about the patch in guild chat though.

The good news is you can use those heroism badges on epic gems!

I wish I hadn't spent 110 of them on BLUE gems not so long ago...

I ran god damn naxx 25 last night to get badges for the guild to spend on tier 8.5 upgrades. ZzZzZzZz... and you know what? Smashing through heroics is far more efficient than "farming" a 25 man instance.

Apparently we aren't geared enough for the new instance, so on patch day, rather than do the new instance, or do our uld progression run (up 2 yogg) we go... naxx 25.

I didn't even get time to run the new five man



Rich said...

Apparently we aren't geared enough for the new instance, so on patch day, rather than do the new instance, or do our uld progression run (up 2 yogg) we go... naxx 25.


Anonymous said...

Shouldn't you all be, like, playing for FUN?
If you are bored as hell doing the same instance over and over again, will the reward of a "magic pencil of e-peen" be sufficient to make it worthwile??

Darraxus said...

Yeah, no conversion on the emblems. You can still trade them down though. I enjoy 5 mans immensely, so I really dont mind the change.

Hatch said...



On the bright side, you can use those old emblems to buy epic gems, so they aren't a complete waste, just close to it.

It was pretty fun to actually have a reason to bring my main to a heroic last night. We just mowed the places down, it was cathartic. But it's going to get old fast.

Wish there was more new content to do for the badges...

Silkworm said...

Noob of the day here! JW 436. I decide to hit it 450 so I can buy epixxx gemz. Voila there is something called an icy prism thats red/orange = skillz. Hmm lets see it need Frozen orbs? I need 14 of them = 140 badges. Hmm I only got 26 :( Aha I can convert my valorus sh^'+? Ok here we go all heroic badges. Hmm need 50+ each of stupid gems. OK let me go and get from my alt. Relog , creating icy prism zzzzzz. done. You can not do that now. WTF? 19 hrs 59 minutes cd. :(( All my shinies gone. Because I relogged to my alt I can't buyback. Sad panda. Hug me.

Rich said...

@ Anon: That's my point. I do play for fun, but have hit a double edged nub here.

1) I have no interest in plowing thru the same content I've already done a zillion times, because it wouldn't be fun, so I don't do it

2) Even on my warrior, which probably COULD still make use of heroics, I don't get invites, because I'm not Ulduar geared for Heroic HoL (

River said...

Well some 5 mans i don't mind running with my guild cause I make fun of and we crack jokes with. Like Violet Hold, The Utgarde ones. On a side note maybe I'll get a blue Proto Drake yet.

I'm still having fun cause well it's the people I play with. If they weren't around I would probably play something else.

Lyubomir said...

"Lol? I'm supposed to run a tier 8 warlock thru Utgarde Keep for upgrades?"

So true... well Blizzard has done it. This and the upcoming faction changes, I am officially quitting retail realms.

oshin said...

It makes sense, its to close the gear gap between 5 manners and raiders. I think its fair enough, after all everybody has complained about uber raids that only hardcore raiders that are geared to the nines can do, but this is exactly what icecrown citadel would be, as you`ll no doubt need ulduar gear to have any hope.

This way even the unwashed masses who only ever have done naxx have a shot at setting foot in there.

It also means anybody who has just hit 80 doesnt have to spend months hauling through heroics, naxx, ulduar until hes finally caught up.

But I say this as somebody who is crap geared and does alot of 5 mans. If you happened to have spent the last 3 months sweating through ulduar for gear you`ll be sickened to see it so easily available. Then again, its not like this hasnt happened before (t6 badge loot anybody ?), and it sure will happen again.

Have you tried the new 5 man ? Its pretty crazy I have to say, if your blue/green geared and just starting out anyway, you can just farm it all night and be sorted gear wise.

Rich said...

true, citadel is coming, and this is just for playing catch up.

and yes, it does happen... BC being released saw boars dropping greens that blew away tier 2 and 3.


Anonymous said...

I think it should be obvious to everyone that epics are SO easily avaliable in patch 3.2, because this serves as a soft gear reset for patch 3.3 and the coming of the Lich King.

The whole purpose of WotLK was to tell the story of the lich king. Blizzard needs this raid to be accessable to most players. I wouldn't be suprised if icecrown citidal had a the same set up as ToC. 5-10-25 man runs, each with a heroic option. This will allow all players to experience the raid. Most players will opt for the 10-25 man versions wich will require atleast Ulduar/ToC/conquest badge gear.

How many people went to the black temple in the bc? I didn't, infact I'm not even sure if the black temple is the correct name.

kangax said...

true true ... just another cheap "balloon" to bring back dissatisfied ex players... and i guess i fell right into the trap :D

Kensai said...

Well, i said it before and i'll say it again, WotLK is the alt lvling expansion. As I hit 80 with my shaman, it took me 5 days to get a total of 90 conquest badges, most of the awesome drops from toc/toc hc, wg trinket, and revered with the kirin tor. Five. Days. Even if you'd be lucky with kara drops, you wouldn't be raid viable in 5 days in TBC, not to mention vanilla.

So, if you don't care much about the money/rewards/rep that quests give, hop into AV, pwn your way to 80, get some crafted stuff done - even the lvl 78 pvp crafted set ain't bad - do heroics and in one week you're a pro.

It's all about alts, mates. Not about the Lich King or the Frozen Citadel. ALTS !