Tuesday, September 15, 2009

And Then I Remembered That I Don't Like Twitter

I was watching Jimmy Fallon while slaving over a hot mouse pointer in InDesign, still working on this 40 page design doc I'm making, when he had John McCain on there and they were both talking about Twitter. Earlier in the day I saw news on the TV talking about some Yale student that was killed and stuffed in some wall at the research lab she worked at. It was all very depressing, but the news camera zoomed up on 'the discussion taking place on FaceBook' regarding this poor dead woman, and all the camera showed was some shit like "@_@ OMG I KNO! SERIOUSLY ITS SO WEIRD! I SAT RIGHT BEHIND HER IN SCIENSE!!! ^_~!!"

I wept for the world a bit, and then wearily did my duty and made a Twitter account, just so I could lock down the Ixobelle name on there for when I'm some world famous... guy. Apparently Kanye West got all upset that someone took 'Kanyewest' on twitter, so I reckoned I should save myself the anguish.

Yes, I'm truly back in America. Learning wonderful things. Apparently the president gave a speech or something recently? I must have missed that. I think I was watching football.

The ultimate... uhh... the top...


I don't even really know what to call it, just look:

Correct me if I'm wrong, but in this picture... I believe Twitter's instance servers are full.

Please try again later...?

Not likely.


Figworth said...

Additional tweets cannot be launched; Please try again later.

Sven said...

yay! Fail Whale!

Anonymous said...

you have to either be ignorant (that anyone cares that you like cheese on your sandwiches every morning) or narcissistic to use Twitter.