Sunday, October 25, 2009

Oh Boy, Grass

NWN2 files are large. My thing is already like 60MB, and it's only one half of one of the two towns. I did some more fine tuning, and added a bunch of trees when I realized I can (yes!) turn them off so they don't keep getting selected on accident. There's a bunch of neat little things I'm figuring out, and generally progress is going smoothly.

This is still on the whole exterior "just make things look pretty" side of things, of course. Once I get down to the nuts and bolts, it'll be a whole lot of learning again, but it's good to focus on something you can do for a while. Speaking of making things look pretty, I put some grass down. It's a little overwhelming I think.

I also got into some zen state of mind as I painted cliff walls. Where the grade is steep, I applied a rock texture (grass grows on the levelish surfaces), and I felt like I was painting Arathi Highlands the whole time I was doing it.

I'm really happy with how my waterfall looks, when viewed from the bridge, but not so happy with the path leading up to the waterfall (it's pretty blocky). These are all things to add to the list, but I feel like I'm making strides with the editor, and that's what matters.

It still has nothing in it to 'do' but if you're bored and want to just look around, go for it. Don't judge it yet, it's still pre-rough :)



Kyir said...

I don't have NWN, but from the screenshots it looks pretty good.

gehrig38 said...

Just keep grinding dude, nice work!