Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Oh, boy! I had an interesting incident in an AV the other day. Sgtgankualot the DK (I'm sadly not making up that name, can you say Savage Saronite?) was crying loudly in BG chat about how retarded everyone was, and if only someone would go on D, Horde wouldn't consistently fail in AV every time. This was funny to me because 1) I guess I never realized how horrible Cho'gall is at AV, since Every. Single. Match back on Daggerspine and Scilla was such an intense decimation of the Alliance I kinda stopped paying attention to the outcomes of individual AVs, and 2) he was like, way out past the front line of our own offense.

I called him on it, and he immediately started calling me colorful words like Cock Socket, and 'accusing' me of being a faction change from Alliance.

That's all pretty normal, though. The interesting thing was when he took it into tells, calling me a "nigger faggot jew" etc, etc. I was kinda caught up in guild chat at the time, too, and the fact that I wouldn't put him on ignore was cheesing him so bad that it was interesting in its own right. He was actually demanding that I ignore him at one point.

Suddenly, I had an epiphany, and I'm throwing it out here for you guys' input... you don't reckon that getting people to ignore you serves a new happy purpose for loudmouths, does it? I seem to remember a little snippet of a blue post from MMO-Champion, stating something along the lines of that cross realm ignoring works now, and that you won't be grouped with anyone in your ignore list in the LFG tool.

Let that soak in and think about it.

By right clicking and ignoring anyone spamming crap in trade (something I do pretty liberally), I'm effectively cutting out a huge portion of groups available to me. Thru the 'Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon' system, those people are tying up groups that you're only excluding yourself from. Imagine a 50 person ignore list that's full, and exactly 50 AVs running, with one person from your list in each game. You would be locked out of 50 matches. It's an extreme example, I know, but it works. Although that might never happen, it could. Assuming you made it in a match before one of them did, big deal... they're being excluded from one game (yours), but they still have 49 to choose from because they choose to embrace the trade channel game.

I'm not really making a big deal out of this, and I've been known to troll the trade channel on certain nights when groups are slow, but it makes you think. I wonder if Sgtgankualot basically knew there was like only one AV going, and by putting him on ignore, I'd be locking myself out of every match he was in. I guess the reciprocal is true... if I got in he'd be locked out, but it just makes you think that much harder about your ignore list. I suppose you could just be that much more of an ignore nazi, too, if that was your thing. Get addons that allow you to put 500 people on ignore, and sleep well at night knowing you'll never be in a run with anyone telling dick and fart jokes in trade... but be prepared for longer queues.

I usually purge my ignore list once a week or so, but will have to make a habit of doing it more often than not, or at least on any pure DPS classes I play as ;)


Klepsacovic said...

Things like this make me wish there was a better reporting system. And harsher penalties. Maybe Blizzard loses some jackasses, but I wonder how many decent people leave because they're sick of shitheads like that.

Stabs said...

I really think you're giving this guy too much credit. Occam's Razor says that if he is acting like a complete ass chances are that it's not some cunning manipulation of the game's matching mechanisms but simply that he's a complete ass.

As for a better reporting system I'm pretty sure Blizzard wants the game to be consequence free. Idiots pay money too.

Dwism said...

I think his deduction was more along the lines of this couple of people i once experienced in /1 yelling at each other and everyone. Once in a while one of them you exclaim "lol, another one is ignoring me".
As if being put on ignore was a mark of honor.
How he knew he was being put on ignore is beyond me. I always thought that you weren't being told this unless you tried to /w said person.

Rich said...

probably, yeah... but it was the first time I've seen someone demanding that I put them on ignore.

I've seen people happy to have been ignored like Dw-redux is saying, feeling like it was some sort of achievement, but I've never had anyone active TELL me to ignore them.

Again, I'm not making a huge deal out of this one incident, as much as saying 'oh hey, and this occurred to me as a side result'. The ignore list has a new functionality, instead of just filtering chat... it filters PUGs now, too.

Anonymous said...

I thought the new "no-grouping-with-ignorees" thing was only for the Looking for Dungeon groups, not BG's?

Hatch said...

And in the dungeon-o-matic, you'll get a group instantly anyway if you are a tank or healer. So only pure dps have reason to worry about their ignore list. But the fact that ignoring people limits your future groups is a clever observation I didn't think of...

Dude said...

The ignoring not grouping feature is for dungeon finder and /lfr feature not battlegrounds.

Ooke said...

I would have just reported them not blocked them. Give them a timeout if they were saying the things you said they were. Get them to block you.