Friday, January 22, 2010

who just tried to bring a knife on an international flight?

... after 4 beers, mind you?

no pictures for this post, I'm in osaka airport now, and the plane is boarding in like 4 min.

the ideal situation for flying to / from japan is to drink, and then sleep, and then wake up on the other side.

I have a stilleto knife that I bought in italy a long time ago. it ended up in japan with me when I lived there, and then I apparently left it here. I come to japan because my father in law has stomach cancer, and I see the knife in some random kitchen drawer. better throw that inmy laptop bag so I don't forget to bring it home!

going thru checkin... DO YOU MIND IF WE SCAN YOUR LAPTOP BAG AGAIN? naw, go for it (they prolly see my belkin or mouse or something, no big deal)

cops are called over, and I'm pulled off to the side. they reach in and pull out a black stilleto (if you don't know, think switchblade, basically)... this is in line to get on a plane to america.



bad japanese explanations ensue, and they seem to hit on that I use it for work. Sure! I say, i open boxes with it etc!

They take the knife, and are apologizing that I can't have that on the plane.

You mean I'm not going to jail? No fine? nothing?

SUMIMASEN OKEKSAMA (we are so sorry valued customer!) DOZOOOO (please go ahead)

(minus the knife)


I love japan. Be home in ten hours!



Kyff said...

I suppose the reaction would be the same in any civilized western country. Given the amount of scissors and knifes found in any major international airportt every day the prisons would be (even more) full, if the passengers would be imprisoned.

AFAIK it's not a crime to carry a knife in most legislations. It's simply forbidden to have them in your hand luggage.

Jong said...

"the ideal situation for flying to / from japan is to drink, and then sleep, and then wake up on the other side."

Have a safe trip back. Hope your father-in-law recovers soon.

Chose your flight path wisely said...

So you were definitely lucky. As far as I understood at Philadelphia International Airport you will get catched for doing nothing wrong at all. You don't have to bring along anything forbidden - they have it ready there to put it into your bag:

oshin said...

Try Bratislava airport sometime.

Khatib said...


Oh ffs, she started crying? If she'd have just instantly said "That's not mine" like 99% of the population would have said, he'd have probably instantly said right back, "Haha, yeah, i'm just foolin with ya." End of story.

Instead she says nothing and starts crying?

Probably does coke on weekends and actually thought she fucked herself by leaving some in her laptop bag.

Khatib said...

P.S. What kind of beers were you drinking at the airport? Is Sapporo actually big over there? That's pretty much the only Japanese beer I know of and I'm kind of a fan. Have it every time I go to the teppan yaki place around here.

HP said...

Heheh, I like how you made us laugh a little so when you told us your father in law was sick, the blow was softened a little because you still kept your sense of humor.

My mother is a cancer survivor, so I know that debilitating fear that just takes hold of you and won't let go. I went through that dark tunnel and finally saw the light at the end of it. I hope you find yours too.

Best wishes for your FIL. My regards for your wife. I know your humor will be a source of comfort to her.

Rich said...

Khatib: they have sapporro over there, but if you're drinking it stateside, you're drinking canadian beer.

They don't have those thick silver cans that could derail a freight train, either. sapporro in japan just comes in boring white cans with a star on the side.

for the record, I was drinking Asahi ;)

A Bountiful Blessing said...

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