Thursday, February 4, 2010

How to be TOTALLY RAD for the new VOA stuff

Want to show everyone how badass you are, but arbitrary Gearscore numbers not doing it anymore? Ever wanted to crap on 24 other people simultaneously? Well, look no further! In this guide, I will show you how to be a total friggin badass, all while having your name prominently displayed for all to see!

Pay attention, it's pretty complicated!

Step 1) Get in a raid for VOA
Step 2) Beat the first (new) boss
Step 3) Bail on the raid the instant you see there's nothing for you personally that dropped

Here's the total sum of all the HELLA BAD ASS parts, in conclusion:

1) 24 other people are stuck trying to beat rest of the content without you, because NO ONE will join a VOA raid where the newest boss is dead.
2) Everyone sees you were the first to go, and anyone who realizes how FRIGGIN SWEET you are might just try and follow suit. This will create a snowball effect of TOTAL BADASSERY!
3) pretty much anyone who has a problem with it can eat a hot bowl of weiners, because... well, see #1, above.

I like in my screenshot here, that not only did Riass bail on the raid before the second piece of loot was finished being rolled on, Jlee apparently is following suit by 'thanking everyone for the run', Dooknookem is suggesting a pre-crapped-on 10 man variant, and Originfreak is even so bold as to ask for a teleport exit. Wouldn't want to activate your heartstone, bro! God Forbid, no! You'll need that to bail on the next thing you run within thirty minutes!

Also, Riass, bro... come on! What's with the rez? The proper TOTAL BADASS thing to do in this situation would have been to "/spit" on any FUGGIN NOOBS WHO DIED ON EZ MOAD TOVARLON (or whatever his name is), and then /quit the raid. That way everyone knows that you're disgusted not only with the lack of priest drops, but ALSO of the mentally deficient in the raid who took AOE to their faces.

I guess I have too many alts, because I actually still look forward to Koralon (and even Emalon's!) loot tables, and I'll gladly spend the 37 seconds it takes to kill Archavon for a badge.

Am I alone on this planet?

/le sigh


HP said...

That sucks =T

They should've stayed for Koralon at least since 251 t10 should drop from him, no?

Hatch said...


It sucks that Blizz has set WoW up so people with such disparate goals are all thrown together. Same thing with heroics, and it's causing all kinds of tension in what passes for a community.

It sucks for everyone, because either you get stuck with a wasted save to an instance with bosses you could still use, or you have to kill a bunch of bosses that are useless to you just to get the one that's worthwhile. And when you have a bunch of alts that all want to run the new boss in a limited amount of time, it's even harder to tough it out and "waste" that time on bosses that can't drop anything for you.

Still, the classy thing is to stay in the group for the whole instance. Doesn't take too long to do the other bosses, and we all just kind of have to accept that it's part of the price of running the place. Blech.

Klepsacovic said...


Sage said...

10 free gold per boss in 25m, 19 per on 10. Also free badges. But no, Archivon is too HARD.

Rich said...

HP: nah, the 251 drops from 10 man Tovalone, I think... regardless, though, I still look for pvp drops from everyone, since I'm still rocking 2 pieces of 213 crap deadly... bleh