Sunday, June 13, 2010

Oh Boy More Glyphs

As someone who doesn't have an Inscriptionist (Scribe? Whatever), I'm pretty disappointed that the new Path of Titans thing has been axed, and is being replaced with... drumroll... "Medium Glyphs".

Really? Why bother even calling them Medium? Why not just call them "More Glyphs"? Hooray for people who run 'empty my mailbox and repost 800,000 auctions at a time' addons. Hmm, maybe it's just a not so subtle tie-in to the $3.99/mo Web Browser AH?

To be honest, I'm not sure I really care anymore. I've pretty much stopped playing since my guild died. I log in, xmute a gem on two toons, then log back out. I haven't done any PvP or a single raid in over 3 weeks now on any of my level 80s, and my druid/shaman combo topped out around 72 before I realized I just don't want to trudge thru Nexus 50 times apiece only to unlock... whatever comes after Nexus. Running UK over and over kinda drove that point home nicely.

I got a job doing IT for an art college in my area, which gives me an option of sitting in on game design / animation / modeling classes for free after my shift is done, and I've been digging into tutorials on UDK. So there's that whole employment thing cutting into my 'I can't stay up as late as I please because I need to wake up in the morning' time, but it's not like I'm really missing WoW at this point. Then I see 'Moar Glyfs' as one of the big changes coming for Cata and

oh sorry, fell asleep there for a sec.

: /


Anonymous said...

Yup, true. I can't get excited about glyphs. I'm not really buying the fun factor and cosmetic side of it -- I know it's a big deal to some people but I play a warrior. My cosmetic factor comes from gear. Sure, they MIGHT do something cool like offering different animations, but it's bound to be too much work to do the animations for every race and a large number of spells.

I don't really get the difference between minor and medium glyphs anyway.

Kiryn said...

To be honest, glyph selling really sucks with the mobile auction house. I can list my glyphs a million times faster with AuctionLite. I tried the mobile auction house thing for one or two glyphs, but it took so long to get the pages to load and then type in the bid and buyout prices manually for each item that I'm not even going to bother.

Why medium glyphs? So now we have major glyphs, which have a large effect on your gameplay. Minor glyphs, which have a very small effect. And now medium glyphs, which have no effect at all and are completely flavor? Or they'll also have a very minor effect that's now active instead of passive? I agree with Spinks. I don't get the difference.

Yay for the first round of cataclysm disappointments!

Sephrenia said...

It doesn't look like it's going to be that good news for scribes...

The other issue, of course, is for the Inscription profession. With glyphs becoming one-time learned "abilities," scribes may find their profits down in the dumps as even people who respec often or swap glyphs on a per-fight basis can simply swap at will from their spell books. Still, we may also see a leap in the amount of required reagents for glyphs or some other change to help scribes justify a price leap on their wares, or Blizzard may have just decided that Inscription was just getting a bit too lucrative.


Griddlebone said...

Same here; I levelled a Paladin up to 80 recently, geared him up for entry-level ICC, applied to a guild since my old one's collapsed and all the splinter guilds aren't really enticing me at all...and the app has currently been there for a week now and, despite having like 6 replies, none of them have actually been about my app. Oh well. I bought a LOTRO lifetime sub for no reason. We'll see how that goes :P

Rich said...

@Sephrenia: that's news to me... so we just buy one "Glyph of Smite", and activate it out of combat whenever we feel like it? Like tiny talent changes? That actually seems kind of neat, but waaaay too granular.



For the record, mediums look to be 'active' flavor glyphs... two examples (not set in stone) here:

Tesh said...

Making medium glyphs cosmetic/fun is a good change for Druids who don't want to lose their tree form. It was rumored that it would be shifted to a glyph to keep the tree on, but players didn't want to give up a functional minor glyph slot for something they felt was being taken away unjustly.

Just a thought. I'm all for customization stuff. Maybe there will be a medium glyph that unlocks appearance tabs? ;P

Doug said...

I think you missed something. The glyphs dont get destroyed, you can swap them in and out as necessary, so you only need to buy one of each you need.

In addition, I got the idea vendors will sell glyphs. So the AH shuffle will slow down.

They said they want scribes to focus on other things like cards and decks.

Anonymous said...

I argued with my friend about these for a little. I said they were pointless, especially when Blizzard is one of the few companies that can take risks and expand vertically instead of horizontally. My friend argued that it gives your character more customization and that is never a bad thing. We ended up agreeing that we don't care.

I still think it's pretty pointless and dumb. I should know not to expect anything from Blizzard that will turn my MMO world upside down.

Griddlebone said...

@bonedead: Well, why would they turn the MMO on its head?