Saturday, July 10, 2010

Game Over

So, I quit.

After my last post, I did manage to get in the phone queue and get put on hold for 1 hour and 15 minutes.

After that, I got some scrub phone tech nobody that told me that Blizzard would rather lose me as a customer than relinquish my real name on the billing form. I always make a point of spelling it out for them.

"So you're telling me you'd rather lose me as a paying customer than change the name on my account?"

They claim it's for account security, but anyone that chose the name Dickcunt Vaginapenis can go ahead and use that as their RealID while paying in gamecards since they thought ahead during account creation. I brought this up as well, and he confirmed that to be the case.

I've played WoW since closed beta, and been in the BC and WotLK betas. I have two active accounts that have been canceled. I've paid over 500$ in character transfers during my time, as I have so many toons that moving them all to a new server (they always migrate together) costs a few hundred dollars each time I do it. A ridiculous side note is that I originally signed up as Ramona Quimby on one account during creation, but they had no problem changing that during the migration to

With that being the straw that broke my back, I officially quit WoW. I imagine posting on the blog will slow down even more than it has, since WoW was the main thing I blogged about. That and Japan, and I live in America again, so... yeah.


Congratulations, Blizzard. Apparently, getting reacharounds from Facebook is worth killing WoW, or at least worth telling faithful users to fuck off if they want their name removed from their accounts.

And to think I wanted to work there once?



I suppose I'll sell the account, just to prove the point that their "account security measures" are a joke, and that anyone willing to pay game time in cards can take it over as easy as if the name was...

...well, Dickcunt Vaginapenis.

: /


Kiryn said...

I have this problem with RealID, you see. I don't think the name my parents gave me when I was born is the name I should have. People tell me it's a beautiful name, I don't care. That's not the point. The point is, it's not MY name. Kiryn is. All of my friends have been calling me that for ten years. The only reason I haven't legally changed it by now is because I'm getting married next year and changing my legal name is something I'd rather only do once in my life.

When I made my WoW account, Blizzard assured me that my personal information would never be released to the public, and it needed to match my legal info in the event I had to prove my identity if my account got hacked. So I used my legal name, the one on all of my credit cards. Now, they tell me it can't be changed without sending them a court order. Or, as it seems from your case, at all whatsoever because they've got so many people wanting to do it right now.

I canceled my account yesterday, shortly before they announced they were renouncing their "Real Names on Forums" idea. I have to be honest with myself, I will probably come back for Cataclysm and just not use RealID.

The moment they make it mandatory for ANYTHING, I'm quitting forever. The moment I get married next year and Blizzard tells me I can't change the name on my account no matter what legal documentation I send them, I'm quitting forever.

Rich said...

One of the points I tried to make while he kept telling me RealID was optional was that it's optional NOW, and I don't imagine it will be forever, and I'd prefer to get this over with.

He put me on hold to 'check with his supervisor' which I know means 'got get more coffee, and/or go take a leak' in any position where the customer is on the phone, and not standing in front of you.

After he told me again it wasn't a big deal, I asked him for his real first and last name, which he immediately refused to give to me, even though he knew mine.

Tal said...

I see why you'd want to sell your account just to prove a point, but how is giving some stranger the ability to expose your real name a good thing?

Griddlebone said...

I don't think exposure will be a problem.

Rich said...

My name isn't a secret, it's the fact that it's not an option to opt in or out that is, or that I don't wish to be Richard Ericksen while healing ICC. I'm not super RP or anything, but when I play Super Mario, it isn't Richard Ericksen in there jumping on Goombas... it's Mario.

Hatch said...

My dislike of RealID is well documented, so I can't disagree with you. One of the benefits of them backpedaling on Real ID, no matter how minorly, is that I no longer have to feel like I'm betraying myself if I keep playing WoW to be with my guildies.

Knowing you, you'll just buy the xpac and whatever discount package them make out of the first 3 versions of the game and open a new account for Ramona Quimby. :)

It would be a shame if you weren't posting anymore, though . . . if you don't come back to WoW, maybe ToR or GW2 will grab you or something?

Or you could just do more general posts like the one you did right after this about raping last tuesday. :)

Cap'n John said...

If you do plan to sell your WoW account make sure to read my guide on "Selling Virtual Property", specifically WoW accounts. (shameless self-plug ;)