Saturday, July 17, 2010

Starcraft II Beta Key up for Grabs

This isn't me crying over how I think it's going to be a horrible game, this is me facing reality and knowing I have absolutely zero interest in RTS games.


If you're in the beta, don't be greedy. If you aren't in, and were hoping to get in, then hurry up and put that code in your page and claim that shit. While you're sitting here reading this sentence, someone already has it on the clipboard and is pasting furiously!



Jan said...

ohhai. Tried it out to see if it worked, and it did.

Thanks! :3

Anonymous said...

Though you really could just play Starcraft I and get the almost the same experience.

Hatch said...

but less pixelated!

Doug said...

Been in beta for 3 months. I like SC 1 better.

With only the Terran mission being included and Blizzad charging 3 times for the game for each race, I'll pass.

Mike ... said...

BlizzAD ? I'll assume that's intentional, because it's funny.

Unknown said...

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