Thursday, December 24, 2015

Introducing Hotdog Thursday

Hey all, Long time no see..!

I'm back in the Bay Area, working for an MSP, doing IT shit, rolling my face on various keyboards.

I've graduated to management now, so there's a new thing you can hate me for! :) I'm also throwing my hat in the ring for pod-casting. It's something I've wanted to do for a long time (because typing is hard, and speaking is easy). I've got a few buddies on the mic with me, so it isn't some big dumb monologue.

We're calling it Hotdog Thursday, which I'm sure everyone will thing "here's a bunch of dudes, lolol hotdogs, get it?" but it's actually because we wanted to release one day each week, we randomly agreed on Thursday, and my elementary school in Orinda (Del Rey Elementary, right down thew street from my folks place) "featured" hot dogs on the menu when I was in grade school, and so... Hotdog Thursday was an actual thing that's embedded int eh back of my brain. This is the top secret origin story of the name, only true Ixo followers will ever know :)

You can watch us grow (and/or fail) at The website is horrid at the moment. Watch it grow with us. I remember NotAddicted (and subsequently this own domain) go through similar growing pains. I love that kind of shit.

If anyone still has me on RSSes, or is getting any of this... look for us @ NO DOMAIN SORRY, or else on Soundcloud.

P.S. I'm the one on the podcast that won't shut up.

See y'all on there?

Rich / Ixo


Isey said...

Ha! Welcome back?

Maybe? Will you still be posting here at all? I still peek in now and again =P

Peter M said...

Richard! good to see you back. I still come here from time to time hoping for some updates.. I have still yet to make it out to west coast. Haven't been back to Japan since 2013 either and Asakuchi even further... i'll give a listen to your "new venture" in podcasting.

Anonymous said...

I found this site while looking for old ones. I doubt anyone looks on here anymore but for some reason I'm fascinated by old blogs like this. Please respond if anyone is still active on here!