Thursday, December 25, 2008

Guild Drama, Just in Time for Christmas

So yeah, today I leave work at 1pm for a week long Christmas / New Year's vacation. This past week has had me sitting at my desk with no classes to teach, but stuck in the teacher's room since there was no legitimate reason to go sit in the English room as classes were over for the semester. Just when I thought I would have a chance to make a raid or two (my guild is primarily based in America), half the guild splinters off to form its own thing, and everyone left behind is stuck with that stupid 'well whatre we gonna do now?' look on their face. A few days back I mentioned a surplus of bitching and moaning over lack of progression, and apparently it's now come to a head.

Merry Christmas, assholes.

The biggest issue here is the aforementioned lack of progress. We have (had) about 120 members in the guild, and I'm not sure how many were alts or people that didn't log on at all. I myself have about 5 or 6 Ixo/Iso/Izobelles in the guild, so those numbers are probably pretty inflated. There was one 10 man group that were kinda like the "A" team, and they would run Naxx every week consistently among themselves from start to finish, and they were kinda recruited as a lump. About 5 or 6 of them knew each other outside of the game, and once they filled out the 4 or 5 other slots they needed, it was a clique within the guild. That happens, and is natural. The 6 or 7 people I know from previous servers that came to Cho'gall ahead of me, and actually sent me emails wondering where I was right before Wrath came out were those in the guild I considered my 'oldest WoW friends'... Tragedy, Razed, Krunchy, Carkom, Pants, Sanctus... these are the people I've moved along from Daggerspine to Scilla, then after a brief jaunt on Oceanic servers, back to Daggerspine, and now to Cho'gall.

Tragedy was our main raid leader, and that guy in the guild that really should just get it over with and reroll European and app for Nihilum or whatever they're calling themselves now. He reads mmo-champion daily, and can quote random gear stats off the top of his head. When this new group splintered off, and took him with them (they 'get shit done') it was kind of a blow, morally, for the rest of us. Now there's this whole stupid drama involved with 'well, I could probably just send Trag a mail and get an invite to the new guild, too, but fuck them for bailing in the first place'. Even sitting at my desk and typing crap like this out just leaves a sour taste in my mouth, because jesus fucking christ, IT'S A FUCKING GAME. So few people tend to understand this anymore. Nobody ran off with my wife, and my child is doing just fine. I still have my job, and make plenty of money to get the rent paid and put food on the table for my family.

At this point, I reckon I'll just bury myself in my alts for a bit, wait for everyone to kiss and make up, and then just rotate back into the picture on my new priest. David kinda really hit the nail on the head in a comment he made a few posts back:

It really is :(

For a brief moment before the expansions, I was in a little guild called Dirty Laundry that a few of us joined out of boredom after having most of the content in the game at the time on farm. They were struggling through Zul'Gurub, and having 5 or 6 fully geared toons suddenly step into their guild and help lead raids and give strats on some of the harder fights (tiger, panther) was huge for them. They were a small casual guild, and the atmosphere after guild first kills for them was such a good vibe, that a few of us actually just stuck around and stayed in it for a while. Eventually, though, around AQ20, loot drama began to spring up where before there was none, and people began to complain about people dragging their feet in raids. It wasn't even us, personally. We already had everything out of there we could want, but once they tasted the nectar of MOAR PURPEL PIXLES it became this... ugly thing.

Ugh, I really need to just spend time playing some Minesweeper or something, where there's no one else to depend on, or no one else to complain that 'you're doing it wrong'.


David said...

(different david here than the one above)

How can your guild be so antsy about progression when there will be no new content for at least 2-3 months? Did they want to do 3 drakes up like, now? Not 2 months later?

Naxx 10-man loot (yes even tier 7) is the same item level as current crafted epics, rep epics, heroic drop epics, and emblem gear. Getting naxx on farm is nothing different than playing any other part of the game at the moment. Unless your enjoyment of WoW and life as you know it depends on having a tier 7 4-piece set bonus, it is not necessary to go into naxx to get some of the best gear available in the game.

If your ex-guildmates were so ready to taste 'progression' they ought to reroll and do Molten Core without any characters or gear over level 60. Then they can have their face-smashing mass wipes and 'progression' all they want.

Anonymous said...

Oh god, you're on Cho'gall?! That's where one of the server transfers form my guild was about two years ago, taking all of our good raiding guilds.

Deathwish, or whatever that guild is that is one of the top US guilds on Cho'gall used to be on Bleeding Hollow as the guild Evocation.

Rich said...

@David: exactly my point (or the one I've been trying to make with them). I was also not in some methamphetamine crazed rush to level 80. The same people complaining are the same ones that got to 80 in the span of two days, then were pissed that there was no one to run heroics with yet, because people like me were 'taking too long to level'.

We're never going to be a guild of world firsts, and that seems like a harsh reality check, every night, for a few of the people that splintered off. The ridiculous notion that changing the little words that appear below your character's name in brackets will change that would be laughable, if it wasn't fucking up the basic ability for the rest of us to form up in raids and actually zone in at all... be it for wipes or whatever.

@Mordiceius: I just work here. I really have no idea about the server itself, I was just told that this is where was guild was now :/

Tal said...

Question is, if your guild is that bad and your friend left to start another one, what's keeping you from going along with him? I mean, the "it's just a game" argument goes both ways - you don't owe your current guild anything, and if the people you have fun playing with are gone...

Rich said...

yeah, but it's one of the friends only... without going into the murky territory of 'this friend is more valuable than that friend' (I'm not going there, for the record), he was our raid leader, and one of the biggest motivators we had. To each his own, though. Maybe the whole guild just reforms under a new name, but that's the stupid 'non-solution' to the problem.

In all honesty, raiding during xmas break is probably not a very good thing to be doing anyway, so the alts will fulfill my fix for WoW during the break. Just kinda sucks that I was looking forward to it, but meh.

Anonymous said...

Stop playing the game if you don't like it ya chode. I'll put you in bed and make you sleep. GO TO SlEEP!

Anonymous said...

Whatever you do dont fall into to the transfer trap (again). Its such a waste and its really just people being retards. I played tbc across 4 different servers as alliance.

I ended up back on horde anyway, playing with many friends who did the same. Servers are almost all the same, unless your stuck on one of the few servers that really are dire its just not worth doing it.

Guilds will always suffer from the grass is always greener mentality, especially if the guild is together for the loot and progress only.

Anonymous said...

Its funny that you're ex-guildies were going so ape-shit to run the raids, when after a few days they should have everything on farm.

With at least 2-3 months before Blizzard gives us more raid content, and the lack of your guildmates ever getting close to World First kills, they aught to learn to just enjoy the holidays.

Progression is great, but in this expansion there is nothing to gain by being the first, when by the time that the next raid is released almost everyone will be decked out in 25m T7 anyhow. Tell them fuckers to piss off, and do your own thing Ixo.

Anonymous said...

glad to see you've left the anon-comments turned on. we might have missed this gem otherwise:

"Stop playing the game if you don't like it ya chode. I'll put you in bed and make you sleep. GO TO SlEEP!"

i love shit like that. i also enjoy reading this here blog of yers. keep writing and yeah play some minesweeper or toss cards into a hat or something.

Krunchy said...


Maybe it's good that my acount froze. I play wow for leisure, not to log on for drama. Is there anything to which I can look forward if I unfreeze my account, Iso?