Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm Gonna Try to Get Darkfall Tonight

Yeah. Wish me luck on that. I think the "store" opens at 1am for me here in Japan. Considering I've suffered through god knows how many other MMOs that I just gave up on, this can't be any worse. I mean, the Age of Conan box mocks me regularly from the shelf every time I look at it.

Keen's reviews of it over the last few days actually make it sound interesting, and he apparently has a guild up and running or something. Who knows? Maybe it'll be 'neat'.

I honestly won't lose sleep over it (well, past staying up to 1 to try and get it), but maybe I'll have something interesting to say about it in the next few days. Maybe I'll try and think of clever names for my toon tonight. I think rolling an 'ixobelle' is just asking for punishment. Maybe "xXx Niggerbelle Faggotslayzorz xXx", or "CockSlut VanCarebear McDickchoker"...?

Maybe an old classic, keeping it simple... something like "Adolph Oliver Nipples". Lemme know what you guys think. : /


Darraxus said...

Those names are perfect for a PVP game!

How bout, LulzUgotganked McLivinginmyparentsbasement.

Unknown said...

Good luck on getting the game =P. A couple of my friends just got the game after a weeks worth of waiting.

another name to include in your list

Cap'n John said...

You need a name that will strike terror into all those who stand before you. Something like...Killaman Slaughtermaster

Klepsacovic said...

Good luck with Darkfall, it sounds fun, but too stressful for me. Just remember: it's all just pixels, though they are pixels controlled by someone else and that someone else is an anonymous asshole.

Khatib said...

I spent a long time watching DF, but decided I'm not going to get it -- or at least, not the EU release. When it finally gets a real NA release, I'll re-evaluate, but from watching and looking into both games, I'm thinking Mortal Online is looking like the better overall experience to me, so I'm kinda waiting on that one.

Anonymous said...

The release has actually been NA/EU/Aussie. It's not just a "EU release" - just the only server is located there.

The talked about "NA release" is just a statement that Aventurine made that Darkfall will eventually have a server located in North American. Personally, I think it's months and months away. Took them 7 years to get us a Euro server.

Rich said...

So yeah, I ended up getting it. Fell asleep with my laptop running beside my bed, and my cat miraculously jumped on my face at (no joke) 12:57am. Groggily logged into the site, and started the F5 game. Around 1:07 I was just figuring it was going to be a huge waste of time, but actually managed to get in and set up around 1:12 or so. Set the torrent to DL and went back to sleep. It's 8:19am now, and I just got to work. The torrent is exactly 90% done, so I'll probably have a chance to poke around with it before my first class at 10:55.

The whole "thought" of it is actually getting me kind of excited. Conan did that, too, but was a huge disappointment. We'll see how it works out, stay tuned.

Rich said...

and P.S. Khatib:

for all the rants you consistently give on harsher death penalties, and wanting to have "meaningful" pvp, I think you owe it to yourself to check this out, even if it sucks! I have no idea about Mortal Online, but this game seems to be everything you've been asking for for as long as I can remember you posting over at NA. Maybe if I hate it, and it's too hardcore, I'll let you ride out the tail end of my free month : /

Then again, maybe I love it (or at least "like it"), and you're SOL. :)

Anonymous said...

Let me know how Darkfall is. It looks cool and it's something I think i'd enjoy. Heavy PVP, penalties for sucking and not paying attention. I'm captivated, but I'm not dropping 40-60$ into a game i'm gonna play for a week then toss aside.

Anonymous said...

Some guild names worth mentioning that comes to my mind.

Khatib said...

Here's what I posted to a buddy on another forum about it about 2 weeks back:

"I was really planning on playing it, but after they bumped it to late Feb instead of late Jan... I'm gonna be goin out on the road again for work here pretty quick, so I lost interest in trying it on the EU release for sure. [I was on the road from last Monday through this Tuesday -- picked up Empire:Total War when I got home though, so now I'm playin that :) ]

I've heard for an against for it from beta testers. The biggest things that turn me off -- full loot PvP -- I love the idea of loot in PvP... but if it's FULL loot, no one is gonna wear anything worthwhile unless they are in a huge gank group. If you only have a 30% chance of losing your hammer o' doom instead of your random leather pants... you might use it more often, and it might be more pleasantly surprising to loot one off someone. If EVERYTHING drops, EVERY time, people are gonna play to that with cheap gear kits that mirror exactly the ease of aquiring gear.

Also -- it has no PvE. I don't really overly give two shits about PvE, but without PvE, the ONLY demo you're gonna get in game is the PK crowd that is gonna min/max. There will be a couple overly used skill templates, and again, everyone will min/max risk/reward on what gear they wear as well, making full loot kinda pointless. Killing a random ratter in EVE is fun. Killing a random ratter in EVE and having him drop a couple of the spendier modules instead of having them blow up is more fun. Killing a random ratter in EVE and finding out he had all faction mods fitted and half of them survived and you just made enough cash to pay for 3 of the ships you ganked him with -- now that is AWESOME. Without any real PvE content of any kind, no one will have anything REALLY worth looting.

Also, keep/city control in this game is not really territory control, outside of having a closer spawn point on dying, which makes it not that great that way either.

I do hear from some that the combat is fun, others say it's gay as AIDS. I'm just guessing the people who bitch about it suck at it, and are the type of people that either get killed by everyone, or anyone they could kill manages to run away from them, and they can't find the balance between fighting and fleeing, cause I see a LOT of bitching about people being able to run away. Personally I like that. A good chase with a kill at the end is great, or averting someone killing you with some epic evasive action is always a blast too. Especially when you might have lost something big.

Anyways... yeah. I'm about to hit my really busy season with work anyways, so fuck it. I'm more intersted in Mortal Online, which looks to be a straight up UO clone with some pretty nice graphics. They're also going full loot, but will have some higher end PvE that should actually get people turning out in more than basic PK kit gear.

Or who knows, if DF turns out great and starts to build a community, I'll check out the NA release when that happens, which will probably be more like this fall than next month. (Originally they had said NA servers would go up 1 month after EU, now they are saying -- "they'll come up sometime in the future" in a very vague way.)"

Btw Iso, yeah, if you hate it and quit 2 weeks in, I'd probably be at least interested in taking a look at it.