Sunday, May 10, 2009

Preachy Douchebag is Preachy

Holy shit. I know I should be off saving the rain forests, or curing cancer while I wait for my wife's visa to clear so we can move back to the states, but Jesus Horatio Christ on a cracker, I didn't realize spending time with my wife and son was actually endangering my marriage! Thank god 'Anonymous' stopped by to set me straight! In my post about fucking TEE SHIRTS, he dropped by to give me a few hard learned life lessons, touching on how I'm a) wasting my life when I should be configuring Exchange Servers b) totally fucking over my marriage and alienating my half breed son and c) letting my body go to hell in a hand basket (that last one is implied, because I'm sure he meant to tack it on there, but maybe there's a limitation on comment length?)

Indeed, where would we be without internet superstars worldwide that are too lazy to even register comment accounts, but choose to share their life wisdom with us?

I realize they use pretty big words, and that may be intimidating for some people, so allow me to break it all down in LAYMAN'S terms (that's us, lay men).

It begins with me mentioning I sometimes drink beer at night, and play WoW after all my other responsibilities have been taken care of, and my wife and son are safely asleep in another room.

Anonymous said: I have a modest proposal. Instead of playing WoW till 5 in the morning, why don't you brush up on your IT skills and what have you, so you can appear more knowledgeable when you get back to the USA and need to, you know, look for a job.

There is a bunch of new stuff out, like 2008 Server, Exchange 2007, etc.

Translation: I'm a huge dickhead, and love telling other people how to live their lives. Instead of partaking in any form of leisure activity, I've determined you should be an IT person for the rest of your life, even tough you used to do it and actively made the decision that there are other things you wish to do with your life than troubleshoot Linda's fucking print queue.

A new version of various softwares have been released, which is shocking, because they usually just release one version and call it quits.

WOW! Thanks, Anonymous! I'll get right on those new versions of Exchange and Windows Server. Shall I build myself a mock office LAN environment with my one laptop? How would be best to proceed? Please advise!

Anonymous said: OK, then, resume what you are doing. I do wonder what your wife's parents think of a guy who plays video games till 5am and is planning to take their daughter and grandson out of the country. Maybe they think you will become a professional video game player.

Don't want to do IT, ok, but playing games ain't furthering any goals.

Translation: I have no idea how Japanese family life works, but hell, I'll just throw some random shit out there, all while using phrases like "resume what you are doing", and "I do wonder". I am not a robot, I can assure you of that quite assuredly.

P.S. Video games are bad. You should be watching TV like I do.

Hmm. Here's where it delves into my family life, and how my wife's family can't possibly want their daughter to run off to America with a loser like me. While I could go into quite a bit of detail here, I think I can sum it up pretty simply.

My wife's family loves me. ADORES me. They realize I'm an intelligent person that loves my wife and son (oh wait, sorry THEIR DAUGHTER AND THEIR GRANDSON), and have faith in me to take care of them. In addition to this, there are a few cultural things I could throw out that sound pretty shitty if viewed out of context, but I might as well, just to prove how LITTLE you know about Japanese family life. I married my wife when she was 31. After a certain age in Japan, if a woman isn't married, she's considered 'old christmas cake' and the general assumption is that she never WILL be married. They call it Christmas Cake because before the 25th (of December/25th birthday) it's easy to sell, but after the 25th nobody wants it anymore. Add in the fact that this daughter is the youngest of three (another cultural point), and her two older sisters already have 2 and 3 children each, so they're just thrilled that not only did I not care that Satomi was over 30 (you honestly just have no idea, foreigners have a hard time understanding this, because it's not like that elsewhere), but she now also has a child of her own.

The 'man' role in Japan is also very well defined, and it's his responsibility to provide for his family. No one will question your ability to do so. It's not their job to doubt you, and you should be able to handle it without asking. You're a man. I'm that man, and they have faith in me. I'm sure in America it's some whine and bitch fest where everyone is insecure and crys about everything, but in Japan you man up and just fucking handle things. Or you kill yourself, but yeah... Pretty sure I'll be okay, thanks for the concern.

Then I could delve into the fact that in Japan, gaming isn't viewed in the same negative light that you seem to think it is everywhere else (which isn't really the case either). Ever hear of Nintendo? Yeah, that's a Japanese company. One of the most successful companies in Japan. Ever hear of Sony? I could go on like this, but you're honestly at a disadvantage because you've probably lived your entire life in one country, and can't imagine that somewhere besides 'home' might operate with different rule sets and standards.

In Korea, Starcraft players are like superheroes. You know Puff Daddy? Yeah, like that. On TV, wearing expensive clothes, living the lives of rock stars. You may find it silly, but how silly is it in America that someone like Alex Rodriguez can hit a silly little ball with a stick, and that makes his contributions to society (and ridiculous paycheck) somehow more 'understandable'? That isn't to say everyone is standing behind my chair and cheering me on with every Shield Slam, but it isn't like I forsake everything else and lock the door behind me when I play. My wife also understands that I use ventrilo as an outlet for native English speaking. She understands that I need some 'my time', it's kind of part of being in a loving relationship.

I'm sorry your wife hates you and all of your hobbies, that must suck. :(

Video gaming and watching TV are pretty much on par with one another, except that I don't just passively play a game, I consume it. I analyze the fights and encounters, pay attention to the architecture of the areas and quest chains, and try and think 'if I were to do this, how would I do it differently'? That's been how I play games for quite a while, and leads me to think it might be something I could do for a paycheck. I think many people are content to just soak shit up, but not many people are willing to go and create the content for the soakers of the world. You see this post? I'm creating it, you're soaking it. See how that works?

Anonymous said: OK yes, I guess you have written about your desire to be a video game designer. Well, that is a longshot, since that seems to be a prized position. You have no programming experience and you are not an insider. Blizzard would basically have to not promote from within, but instead pluck you out of the lineup by chance and give you a plum spot that I am sure many internal programmers are wanting.

I could go into translation mode here, but yeah, at this point you're just sounding like enough of an asshole on your own. If all they wanted was to pluck people from within, they wouldn't really post job listings on the public site, would they? I'm pretty sure Blizzard has an internal email system they could just use to CC listings to each other with if that was their intention.

Backup plan? You have IT experience, but you don't want to do IT. You also lack a college degree, a minimum requirement for many "generic" white collar positions.

Here's a shocker, I don't want a "generic" white collar position. While I'm sure everyone is all very impressed with your Liberal Arts Degree (which many in the business world have, don't try and deny it), I guess I'm more of a realist. People look at a degree as 'this person is able to stay focused on something for four years'. After you grow up a little bit, people start looking at how long you hold jobs, and whether or not you were considered for promotions. My manager at DSI (who I loved, don't get me wrong) was a double major in French and English. Yeah, THAT'S useful for a project manager at a PDF conversion firm. I came in at the bottom of DSI and was consistently promoted after every review until I ran the IT department. The next step up would be CEO. I can come off as a bit crass here on MY BLOG, but I know how to operate in an office when required.

So all this equates to little marketability when you get back stateside, unless maybe you want to continue teaching English. Oh wait, kindergardeners in the US are already fluent in English.

Wow, this is just you sounding like a bitch. Not much to say here.

Whatever, dude, it's your life, but you seem like an intelligent guy, and it sucks watching you set yourself up for failure. I have enjoyed some of your posts in the past, and perhaps this is my away of attempting to repay you for the free entertainment, though I suspect it is not welcome.

Gee, thanks for paying for your free entertainment. I imagine you get this a lot, but when you send a little letter to George Lucas after you saw Star Wars on channel 2, he doesn't really give a shit that you thought C3PO sounded gay. Especially if you come off like a high falutin douchebag.

I wish I could afford to play games till 5 am. I like games, but all I have time for is reading about them, it seems. And I have an established career. I cannot imagine what it would be like for someone who is actually trying to get established. There is so much to do.

Here's a point that I make every once in a while, but then people forget: I have a style to my writing, and I tend to push the envelope a bit. Yes I did stay up till 5 am during an Ulduar PUG, but it was because I knew the next day my wife would be taking my son out to a friend's for the day, and I would have the house to myself. It's not like my wife is banging on the bedroom door telling me to wake up while holding my screaming baby, and I'm throwing shoes at her telling her to shut the fuck up because I'm hung over. It isn't something I do every day, and there's a literary device called hyperbole that maybe you should look into if you think everything you read is the word of God.

Seriously, if I were you, I would smash the WoW disks. Get your head straight, man. Put away the childish things, you are an adult. Sorry that it takes a stranger on the Internet to tell you this. Perhaps those close to you are too close.

Seriously, if I were you I would shut the fuck up and eat a bowl of dicks. Stop acting like you know how to live everyone's lives for them, because we all know people like that, and they all annoy us. Sorry it takes me to tell you that, but you sould like a fucking prick. You're the guy that doesn't get invited to things, and when you show up anyway, we all just groan and go home early because you're boring. 'Put away the childish things'... yeah bro, I play WoW, and want to design the dungeons. That's like telling an artist to put away those silly crayons and colored pencils and grow the fuck up.

Well, hope I am wrong, and maybe you do have all your business together, and I am just seeing a minor part of it here. Good luck.

Translation: Tee hee, we're still BFF rite?


Anonymous said: Yea, I think I do work a little too much, maybe 50 hours a week. After that, there's family time, some TV shows I follow, social time with friends, there seems to me little left for games. Maybe an occasional Civilization or Halo. I have my own business, so I have been fortunate to have a good income, and hope to retire in 10 years or so, but to each his own.

Oh gee, the old 'I own my own business' fallback, and now it all becomes so crystal clear. Newflash: unless your business is mowing
fucking lawns, 50 hours a week to run your own business is a fucking joke, and is a pretty good indication that you're full of shit. PLEASE give us a company name, I'd love to see what is going to pay for your retirement in 10 years.

But. . . a month off, my ass! If you are independently wealthy or have no responsibilities to anyone, sure, no one's business but your own. But that is not the case here. Nothing is stopping him from getting back to the US and making everything comfortable and in place for when the family arrives, instead of doing all that house hunting/furnishing/job hunting business with wife and baby involved.

No, seriously, you're right. Nothing is stopping me from running off to America and leaving my wife to handle going to the embassy in Tokyo (a good 6 hours of travel) and watching an 8 month old, then traveling to America alone. Nothing except not being a dickbag husband that values money over more important things like oh-i-dunno FAMILY.

But anyway, you are right that I have no business to preach. It's just that I have seen crappy dads around, and it bothers me to see someone headed that way. It's going to especially stressful on the marriage that one partner is in a foreign country. It is only natural that she is going to look to him to be the strong one here. She is already going to be missing her family and friends. Too much slacking off, and the marriage could be over, and he may never see his wife and kid again, as the whole Wednesday/Every other weekend visitation deal doesn't work when the kid is across an ocean.

This entire paragraph is like a tour de force of idiocy.

It's completely obvious that you have NO idea what you're talking about. You tell me to abandon my family and go get established alone, then you say 'I see crappy dads, and you look like you're becoming one of them'. Never in all of the comments at NotAddicted or here have I seen one person that is so blatantly retarded, and I've seen my fair share. I wish you could know how foolish you sound, but you're probably already ignoring what I'm typing here to think up witty one liners to post in response to this whole piece here. Way to go ace, you win the prize. You should start your own blog up, because I'm sure the denizens of the intertrons that don't know how to function as normal human beings would keep you wonderful company there. You would have a solid readership, and could freely spout your ridiculousness and relationship counseling every day from 'on high'.

Seriously, good luck with that.

Anyway, I promise to shut up now and mind my own business.

lol? Little late for that, doncha think?

The best part is that 1) this was all posted in the comments section of a post about wacky japanese tee shirts, and 2) he's dead serious. He honestly thinks that his little nuggets of wisdom are going to show me the error of my ways, and have me suddenly turn over a new leaf.

Gosh! Thanks Anonymous! I'll stop being foolish, and trying to find work in the gaming industry! You're totally right! I'll abandon my family TODAY and run off to find a job configuring VPNs, because even though I've done it before and found it horrendously boring, you aren't SUPPOSED to enjoy your job! Thank Mohammed you happened to stop by and post your glorious insights to how I should live my life in that article I crapped out about English Tee Shirts in Japan. If it weren't for those magnificent words of wisdom, I might not be divorced and comtemplating suicide in the server closet! Wait, I think it backfired!

Rescue me again!

<3 <3 <3


Larísa said...

What an idiot. Personally I don't think I'd bother to answer to all his statements. I'd possibly just delete the comment since it's not about the game, but about boosting his ego. Or if I'd let it stay I would have answered something very short. Mind your own business sort of.
Anyway - keep being you. Don't waste your energy and talent on people like him.

Rich said...

yeah, I could go that route, or really just drive the point home.

Sometimes it's cute when people have no idea, but when he started to doubt the fact that I care about my family it got a little personal.


HP said...

can't mess with a man's family and don't expect to get burnt right back =X

Klepsacovic said...

What a coincidence, a week or so ago I was trying to write a post about something along the lines of "how do you call someone out for their flaws without giving them attention?" This came from my own experience with someone non-anonymous who I regard as the digital version of a robber baron, but without the late-life philanthropy.

I suppose I could link this as a "what not to do." But what can a person do? People just aren't good at ignoring people who bother us. We like to put sharp things in their chests and explosively implant heavy metals in their brains. These are not available courses of action online and this is known, so those who seek to annoy have a great deal of freedom with their comments.

Trolls thrive on attention. The best response I can think of is a ban, preferably with an email explaining the reason: "don't be an asshat." It's rather unfortunately that trolls are so rarely banned online and almost never IRL.

Hone Melgren said...

Hehehe PORNED !!

Does the douch bag you were talking about realise this is a blog ?

IE You could be posting about having your hand down your friggin pants and how much you hate the new Transformers movie....

And it would be perfectly OK

(now if only i could figure out ma Blogger passwords lolz)

IMHO Ixo you're a lot more successful in many ways then many of these scribes who thinks a high paid job IT is the friggin Nirvana

You don't need to prove your self to me , to this douche bag or anyone else for that matter.

I look forward to reading more posts in that sarcastic doesn't-give-a-fuck way you have and wish you much success in the future :D

Hone Melgren said...

Scribes == Scrubs

I fail at this whole Blogger thingy....

Silkworm said...

Give him that troll t-shirt.

I happen to work in a family business and I happen to be married to a foreigner. I do play WoW or do things of my own AFTER my wife is asleep which includes classifying my porn collection or Anime(*) watching a classic movie(Do you feel lucky punk?) or just plain good old reading. So I consider myself lucky that my wife actually understands me and does not whine about it. Come on, she is an adult and can take care of herself and does not need baby sitting. That's why I married to her because I enjoy her company and she does not suffocate me with the need to attention.

(*) I'm not an anime fan but through my friends playing WoW (surprise kids that are 10 years younger than you sometimes actually have taste. So it's not age but the person.) I discovered some very good ones. "Code Geass" is highly recommended. Though it beats me why such a twisted main character must be named Lelouch. Sound very soft in a gay way.

Impadin said...

Jesus, what an retard.
I like the way you think, family and income is important. But so it having a job you like and some time on your own to enjoy what ever hobby you might have. Which will make you a more happy person and that will fire right back at your family, by having a more happy and lovely husband around.

Thats atleast how I strife to live my live. Keep up the posting and a big good luck with all the IRL encounters you have ahead of you in due time.

And btw, blizzard wake the fuck up and hire this guy... ;)

Tragedyx said...

"Seriously, if I were you I would shut the fuck up and eat a bowl of dicks."

After intently digesting each individual word in all it's glorious humor, this phrase made me erupt with laughter in such a way that my girlfriend woke up in a panic as if someone were stabbing me to death.

I wish you were on vent because this post is absolutely fucking brilliant. I'm gonna check WoW, but it's like 4am for you or something so I doubt it.

If this whole blizzard thing doesn't work out, ever think of comedy or something along that line? The truth is funny when you make everyone look like an asshole while telling it.

Zaxis said...

Ixo, I know you have what it takes for the Blizzard job, and want you to know that you applying for it inspired me to apply with them as well. True, the job I applied for isn't as glamorous as game/encounter design, which is what I would like to do, but I don't really have the right skillset for that, yet. But it's still a company I love, and even if I were to basically be a glorified janitor there, it would be worth it to me, just to be a Blizzard employee. Yeah, I'm a fanboy, I know.

Anyhow, as someone who's had a failed marriage, and not from playing WoW or any other games, but because we both rushed into it (two months of dating, lulz) and realized two years in that we didn't really like each other that much, I can say that Anonymous has no fucking clue what he's talking about. Period. Your descriptions of your family life sound like some of the most well-balanced and supportive relationships one could ask for. So fuck him, and keep on fighting the good fight.

Bonedead said...

Sounds like a case of projection to me.

Anonymous said...

Ixo, I have been reading your random articles for a while. While I don't doubt the fact you know how to run your life and handle your own shit I am starting to doubt the fact that your running out of stuff to write if your so concentrated on this dude. I dont really read the comments, and while I understand the douche is annoying and your gonna defend yourself please do so in the comments, well it is your blog run it your way but....

well lol if the guy with the "established career" that is netting him millions and forcing him to not be able to play games becuase of time constraints but yet has time to critisize your life well..... id say he has no room to talk tbh.

Stay cool ixo, keep up the articles, dont waste time on trolls. Your yet one more person influencing me to move to another country in the coming years if i get the chance. For sure its def different in other countries but those who never move dont realize. Moving from Poland to the U.S...well ok your blog, im out!

Pierre said...

someone hit a nerve with ixo again. review more Free Realms instead of doing blog forum drama.

this blog is getting as stale as WoW 5-man content.

Hatch said...

Ixo, it makes me a bit uncomfortable to think that you are "soaking" us in your "content".

You should have bought the fuck shirt.

Anonymous said...

I apologize, I should not have presumed. Good luck and I wish you a long and happy marriage, and I hope you get to do what you like professionally.

Anonymous said...


Krunchy said...

Some people have the "my way is the only way and everyone else's way is wrong" mentality. I figure if things are working out for you and you're happy with how things are going with your life then why the fuck should something someone else says matter? I didn't think I really needed to tell you this, but I really can't think of anything to say that hasn't already been said.

Unknown said...

I just pissed myself thinking of this miserable shit head hiding under a blanket with his laptop answering blog posts while his wife screams at him to get off the computer.

He is definitely an unhappy prick who has trouble balancing his own life. I especially love the fact that he doesn't have time for your silly games, but watches TV and plays civ and Halo. Certainly your free time killers are way more valid choices than mine.

Iso I am really worried about your choices in life, I mean your wife actually loves and respects you? You must be drugging her. How does she withstand the horrors of a husband who plays video games?

You must be a magician!


Anonymous said...

No, THIS is the real anynomous from last thread. All you Ixo fanbois can suck it. I am making $250K per year while you guys dream of slaving at Blizzard for $30K. Crap, I could have made $20 in the time it took me to write this. I'ma gonna get back to work.

Anonymous said...

I can pretend to be anonymous too!

Rich said...

@Hatch: You know I don't mean it in that way. Sometimes I use that analogy as the blunt force way to get across that I'm actually the one that's making shit for the trolls to come and troll on. Without the content of the internet, the trolls would have no where to go.

That said, I recognize I'm not the sole supplier of content. I actually like blogging more than the top down 'I create you consume' format of NotAddicted. I feel like I'm on the same level with many of my peers, and I love the mingling aspect of jumping off from a comment to find someone else's content to soak up myself.

Trolls, and especially those who post anonymously, are who that specific sentence was aimed at.

Bonedead said...

Your moms a troll! Lol. I'm drunk on a Monday, it's not depressing! Ahh. Oh well.

Copperhead said...

I've been reading since you posted over at FOH, and since then you've developed quite a following of asskissers. If he tries to eat one of your dicks, he'll have to fight off your groupies that are already suckin on em.

That anon guy didn't seem as much a troll as someone concerned about your well-being. But fuck that shit, you tore that stuffed shirt a new one. That's what it's all about right, making your critics look bad to your peeps. Next time though, don't do the forum war point-by-point argument format. You don't realize how incredibly boring it is to read, especially since we probably already read half of it in the last post.

I've been thinking for sometime you play too much WoW and don't seem to be doing anything. I figured maybe you just don't post about what you ARE doing because it's boring. Or maybe you're doing nothing, but who cares because I only know you from WoW anyway and I don't hold an intervention for every WoW addict I meet on the internet. But watching all these fans trip over themselves to pat you on the back is just disgusting.

I'm gonna enjoy watching you fail and have to settle for some piece of shit job.

Just don't forget to blog about it.

Rich said...

Damn! Internet tough guy is tough! That's new.

Not sure you understand the bowl of dicks thing, though. No where was I implying that he should eat my dick, or that I even have multiple ones to choose from. Reading comprehension FTW!

Anyway, you sure told me. On my online diary. Then I clicked *your name* to look at yours, and found you have nothing else to say.


I didn't even know a web page could be so empty and still have a title. Way to go, champ. I will give you this: the title is catchy, though!


Wow! I get it! Like the beginning is named after some animal that crawls around on its stomach all day. If it bites you, its poison isn't even strong enough to kill you, though, in most cases. It's just, like ... annoying. Then the end of the site name is like "SSSSSS", because that's a sound a snake makes! Clever!

I guess a more lethal animal may have been cooler, but maybe Blue Ring OctoPUSSSSSSS has kind of a negative ring to it. Hm.

Tell you what, I'll add your blog to my reader, and will get a notification if you ever decide to post anything. Then again, I won't hold my breath(hhhhhh).

Anonymous said...

Iso, you are my freaking hero. Hats off to you, sir.


Tragedyx said...

It's not so much that he has a following of cocksuckers as it's he has a group of people who appreciate his writing style and comedic approach to everything. Because being serious is completely overrated and IT'S THE FUCKING INTERNET. ZOMG why so serious?

Also, he's a fucking killer, but in that feel good, wholesome type of way.

Trolls live under bridges and talk shit to people. So do bums.

(My word verification was reagents!)

Tragedyx said...

I hope everyone enjoyed my nonsequent inconsistent run-on rant as much as I did writing it. Also, my bunny just ran across my foot and i'm drinking coffee.

Ithiel said...

Hi Ixo,

If there is a 'limitation on comment length', it only serves to limit the amount of ROFL'ing I can do at what has to be one of the best examples of tearing someone a new one I've ever read... lol.

Cheers out to HP for linking me here. ^.^

"A new version of various softwares have been released, which is shocking, because they usually just release one version and call it quits."

aw.. you've shattered my illusion :p [incomming tech blurb] Don't worry, all your missing in Server 08 is them trying to make a server OS as pretty and bloated as Vista (not to mention, just as slow), and Exchange 2007 is just the bastard love child of Exchange 2003 and geek with a fettish for doing things via command prompt. Both are a move backwards, and are about to be replaced anyway. There is a free 360 day trial of Exchange 2010, and we're at RC1 of Windows 7, so the new version of server won't be long behond that.

The new changes can be summarised in the same single sentence I used to describe Vista: "it's slow as hell, but there's this really funky way to change between tabs now that keeps me entertailed while I wait for things to start working again."

As for the douche - about the only useful thing he said was 'dont play wow till 5am', which is hardly new info, and as mentioned, not something you regularly do anyway.

His personal attacks, and digs at your family were totally out of line, and until we are granted the ability to bitch-slap over TCP/IP, I think you've nailed the interrum solution ^.^

If nothing else, 'Mr Anonymous' does inadvertantly pose one real question worth answering: Do you really want to go back to America? :p

The irony is that I'm wanting to build up my own IT business enough that I can hire a few tech's and a full time manager, then head off to Japan for a few years. lol. Mainly because I'm getting sick and tired of fixing peoples printer queues >.<

[not-so-subtly also looking for awesome contributors & guest posters, while symoltaniously searching for a way to destroy every printer in the known universe]

Anonymous said...

Irony is ironic.

Hatch said...

Ixo! I didn't feel insulted by your "soaking" line! *I just thought it was a dirty joke!* :D

Looking at my comment I get why it came across that way. I was just trying to make a joke back, because I thought the "fuck" shirt would be hilarious on a little baby. :)

Stupid internet and it's inability to convey nonverbal cues!

And I thought your post was awesome, btw. I really, really enjoyed watching you tear this guy apart.

Eaten by a Grue said...

Um, yes Hatch, the loser has been torn a new one. I am sure it sucks for him to have to go back to his $250K job and nice house and family and lick his wounds, while the victorious blogger, unemployed and living with his in-laws to "save on rent" can pump his chest.

Crucifer said...

I would keep this comment open and every time someone thinks you are being stupid about something, point them to this post as a suggestion of what stupidity really is.

Anonymous said...

Love U long time Ixo <3

Anonymous said...

This whole thread is hilarious.

Neither Ixo nor Anonymous come out of this smelling of roses - you're both angry nerds.

Ixo - what's wrong with telling anonymous that he doesn't know what he's talking about and to shut up? Why rant so much, what does it achieve? Nothing, other than the continued hive fives of your cock-sucking followers. Cathartic? I don't know, it just sounds irrational to me.

Hopping up and down waiting for your wife to go to bed, then jumping on your computer, is not healthy, no matter how you look at it. If you do that once a week, fine, but anything more regular and it's just weird. Even Daniel Howell of BRK realised this and wised up before it went to far.

Linda said...

Mwuhahaha, most awesome response ever. Thanks for making my day :)

Unknown said...

Excellent case of the good old Pennyarcade's "Internet Dickwad Theory".

What a total arse blowing wind through the Anonymous vent. I seriously doubt this anonymous windbag would have the guts to say a thing in real.

Great riposte, Ixo and Godspeed on your way, both in real and virtual lives!


Anonymous said...


What a fine scientifically proved theory that is.

My friend, we of the Anonymous persuasion of course hide behind our facade. Why would we risk letting the cat out of the bag and posting under our real names such as, erm, Ixobelle, or, erm, Copra? That would make all the difference now wouldn't it?

Still, shooing the wife off to bed, then cracking your knuckles, adjusting your underpants and settling down for a nice 3 hour early morning grindfest, so that you can enjoy waking up groggy having earned some sparkly new pixels. What joy! What logic! What more reason do you want in order to enter the nirvana that is angry nerd rage when someone points out it's a little odd?

Well, toodle pip, I'm off to dream up an excuse to justify to myself as to why I should spend another early morning "tanking" rather than sleeping. Perhaps I too can gain an entourage of high-fiving sycophants. Imagine that!

Stabs said...

10/10 Ixo!

Mike ... said...

Preachy Douchebag also has some strange frickin' ideas about IT. I work in IT. I'm team lead of a group developing and deploying web facing apps. I've barely written 100 lines of code this year and less last year. I wouldn't know what to do with Exchange 200x if it fell in my lap. I don't need to know. If due to some freak accident I did need to know I'd, you know, read some documentation or find someone who does know. What total percentage of people employed by Blizzard know how to setup an Exchange server?

Trust me, if you become the worlds best guru on setting up Exchange servers that is all you'll ever do.

No, what game development companies care about is passion. What's one way to show you're passionate about games? blog about them.

Dink said...

Point... driven... home!

I still remember the Frybeard story and photoshop.

Ithiel said...

@Copra - ROFL! Awesome and so true.

@Ixo - I think your anoniwanker has made his way over to my blog.. Take him back! Take him back! lol.

Anonymous said...


Why didn't daddy show any love towards me so I wouldn't have turned into such an asshole as an adult? *sniff*

Hank said...

Larisa wrote:
"Anyway - keep being you. Don't waste your energy and talent on people like him."

Your thought-out invective, Ixobelle, reveals your energy. Sometimes it is cathartic to vent like you've done.
I like the P-A "Internet Dickwad Theory", but not everyone succumbs to the temptation. I know you're all people behind computers. Sometimes we like to be anonymous and rant & rave online, though, and this is a fairly safe environment to do so (so long as you don't let the trolls chew off your genitals).

-visiting from Tobold's blog

Copperhead said...

Well, you made such a fuss about that guy being an anonymous, I decided I'd register. You use the name of your WoW character for this place, so it seemed appropriate.

Lol though.
I totally would've named my char "BlueRingOcto" if I would've thought of that.

Anonymous said...

Trolls 1.
Ixo 0.

Not only did a bait a reponse from you, but I baited an entire post. While anon. On YOUR blog. My accomplishment, and your saddening lack of restraint, is up here forever.