Friday, July 3, 2009

To Quote Myself: "WOO! I’M E-FAMOUS!"

I've been ground to Valhalla. It was a bit like AoE grinding, and a bit like grinding coffee.

I'm apparently so super famous on the internet that I totally snubbed our mutual friend Randolph Carter back in April, and he came crawling back to me begging for another chance.

Actually, that isn't how it worked out at all... it was more like "I'm stupid, and suffer from short term memory loss, and opened his mail and went about my life like a moron for a few months until he was like HEY JACKASS, SO WE GONNA DO THIS OR WHAT".

I'm fun like that.

Anyway, this is all just a fancy introduction to the following link. Read, and enjoy.

I'm typing this on my Mother in Law's laptop, as all of my computing goods have been packed up for transit to the Americas. I'll check back in with you guys in about a week.

Don't make a mess, and turn out the lights when you leave.


Larísa said...

It's an absolutely wonderful interview Ixo. But I wouldn't have expected anything else from you.

You've got so much things to say!

I'm not famous enough to be asked for interviews. But I did the questionnaire, so I at least would get a little spot in thet encyclopedie he's building. But I didn't put in half of the work into it that you obviously did. Cheers for you!

BTW I told them they could use the thumbnail you've made for PPI as illustration. I hope you didn't mind.

Rich said...

I keep seeing those little things popping up, HP has hers up on her own site too... I love it! ;)

The batman thing got a little strange, and I realized in the middle of it I had the word "fuck" like 5 times in a row.

Meh... sometimes you just gotta roll with it, I guess. :)

oshin said...

Ixo, you just pimped your camera, how about you put your cash to work and give us some farewell shots of japan for your blog !

Krunchy said...

Batman, eh? Even without that, thought it was a good interview. Anyway, Iso, you have yourself a safe trip over the ocean and we look forward to hearing from you again once you're back in the states.

By the way, if you get a chance, try picking up the beta for English Aion. I've been giving it a whirl for a couple of days now and I'm really impressed with how finished it feels even in beta.

Kensai said...

Podcast you say ? Hmmmm... *scratches unshaven beard*

Khatib said...

So if that's your ideal game, are you gonna check out MO? I'd say give it a month post release though for all the Darkfall d-bags to flame out on it and let the actual community types settle in. Might be up your ally in terms of "realism over convenience." Although I know you'd bitch about it not being as easy to jump in and out of as WoW then too, ;P.

Dwism said...

Apart from a great interview, you may have ruined batman for me... Or at least ill never be able to see him in quite the same light :)

The last part of the interview was my favorite (about your very own mmo), there is a lot of things in game that we skip over, and those are the things that make for the great stories in and about a game. It reminds me of those youtube vids of people playing the game for the first time. Those first kills, seem to hold so much more adventure in them that our latest raid, partly because they took so much time to do each thing.

Anonymous said...

Ixo, long time reader, 1st time poster.

Been following you since your NA days, and then all the way to here, and soon to the tree outside your house with binoc....anyway.

Loved the interview, and the batman thing made me lmao as most your posts do. Don't let the good ol US of A take time away from your blog. Don't know what I would do without my weekly ixo fix.

Isey said...

Can I have your autograph?

No, really? =)

Grats Ix, good read =)