Saturday, July 11, 2009

When Geeks Move

We don't just put furniture in a room and push it around.

We plot.

We scheme.

We make diagrams, and squeeze every ounce of efficiency out of our new living space.

Then we end up just putting all the furniture in a room and pushing it around.

I downloaded and installed Google's Sketchup program that I remember Timothy recommending to me way back when I was building my castle/dungeon, and clunked around with learning how to use it (really simple actually). That took a good hour or so, then I decided it didn't need to be in full 3d (and I probably could have just banged it out in 3dsmax anyway), so I swtiched to a topdown layout using Illustrator. This was handy, as I could just set a scale (1mm=1inch), input the dimensions of the sofa and bed and everything, and have draggable little boxes to arrange to my heart's delight.

My parents have an extra house on the hill behind the main place that my dad uses as a studio. He's an illustrator. So all of this is building up to the day when we get a bunch of guys to come and drag all the stuff from the studio down to the house proper, and make space for the whirlwind Ikea Delivery Tour. I cringed when my dad casually mentioned "going down to Home Depot to hire some Mexicans for the move", but that's just how they do it in this strange, foreign land. God bless America? I honestly have no idea anymore. I've been out of the loop for too long.

I hit up Taco Bell on my first day back, and have since made a point of getting Jumbo Jacks, Svenhard's "Horns a Plenty", and homemade Nestle chocolate chip cookies stuffed in my gullet, washing it all down with some Odwalla apple juice. Going to Safeway (the main grocery chain here) is like foreplay before some Bachalian orgy of food. Onigiri seems so... quaint. Such a distant memory.

Anyway. I haven't logged into anything, much less anything resembling a game since a day or two before leaving Japan, and still have a bunch of crap to sort out before I fall back into a normal routine. I reckon the next few posts will be more of the minutiae of getting settled, before I begin posting more world first downings of hard mode bosses. Has 3.2 even hit yet? I'm afraid to peek into WoW for fear it may begin downloading a patch, and then I'd be glued to the laptop until the wee hours of the morning "L-ing for G" on some server where everyone is actually awake at the same time I am.

There's a horrifying thought! : /


Figworth said...

Nope, no 3.2 yet, although testing of the new dungeon is ongoing on the PTR.

Kiryn said...

I know what you mean about the diagrams, though I'm old-fashioned, I just like the hands-on feel of plotting it all out with graph paper, making little cutouts of my furniture so I can move them around.

It's how my mom taught me to do it when we used to move every few years as a kid. You mean there are people who move without plotting and scheming about where they want to put all their furniture?

Jong said...

"We make diagrams, and squeeze every ounce of efficiency out of our new living space."


welcome home m8.

Hatch said...

What a coincidence! I was just drawing diagrams for moving furniture myself this weekend, though I was doing it by hand and it really wasn't working out because I wasn't very accurate in estimating size. Imagine my surprise when I started moving everything around and then, halfway through the process, discovered that my bed wouldn't fit where I was planning to put it and my TV couldn't go across the room because of where the cable jack was. I just ended up putting everything back and having a beer instead. I'll have to do it on the computer next time. That 3-d layout google thingie looks cool.

Welcome back to the states! We'll super-size you!

Anonymous said...

I looked at your Dad's stuff, it's got that 80's early nineties I don't know..... vibe to it. Retroish I would say, but still very cool.

Ulfblud said...

Welcome back to the states!

Tragedyx said...

OMG! Where are you living now? I'm in an undisclosed location training for my upcoming job. I'll be in Cali in about 4 months and I definitely wanna chill whenever you get some time. Shoot me an email when you can. Also, welcome back to the greatest nation ever. Not because we're fat, arrogant assholes, but because when we don't like someone we kill them and take what they have. Ahh, isn't natural selection wonderful?

Rich said...

Orinda, Ca 94563


Rich said...

and they never sold ice cucumber pepsi since that one time, but the DAY i was getting on the plane I saw some other fruity flavor ("Shiso Pepsi"), and I grabbed you two bottles of it (much to my wife's dismay). But yeah, we gotta line something up.

Krunchy said...

Whatever happened to Ji**con? Weren't we going to plan a big ol' gathering somewhere? Now that Iso is back in the states, I say it's as good a time as any.

Rich said...

lol Jizzcon.

If you're going, you're coming.

I was in japan, and missed it... /cry

(for those feeling left out, this was our guild RL meeting that happened at one point while the guild was in full swing. I believe it was in Kansas? The guild druid bought the guild priest a TV. Just like, out of pocket, because Razed was so fucking broke, and Fifty was one of those guys with a house that you take the tram to the golf course or whatever. I was on vent during the event, though, then you fuckers all went to hooters, and I just... uhh... played some WoW or something...)