Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mod Update

Just plugging away, but thought I'd post an update on the mod so far. Rather than work in my entire town area, and run back and forth needlessly, I've carved a little 4x4 square out of a mountain, and am working there as my basic dialog/quest debugging area. Almost all of the text and quests are in place and doable, but there's still no 'end'. You take the quest chains to completion, and then you're just standing around. Tesh is an NPC with no text at this point, too. I'm going to sit down and write him in today.

If you have NWN2, and want to take a look, have at it.

the ixobelle.bic file is the character, and goes in My Documents\Neverwinter Nights 2\localvault. The ixonew.mod is the module itself, and goes in the
My Documents\Neverwinter Nights 2\modules folder.

Like I said, this is mainly to make sure the right dialog options appear depending on where you are in quest chains. Talk to Hatch to start the 'main chain', or just pick up odd jobs from Larisa or Syp or Jong. Tobold has multiple 'solutions' to the problem at hand facing the virus, and Gevlon and Syp have some rivalry going too.

I'm also sitting down and trying to figure out a way to have multiple ending cinematics (or end states). I think I'll be able to do with with the Alignment value. Since I'm supplying the character to use, I can designate it as 'true neutral'. Doing the 'good' quest line (find the cure) will increment you up in 'good' standing, where just killing everyone will cast you down towards 'bad'.

At the end, I'll see how good or bad you were, and end it accordingly.

It's starting to come together, and I'm really getting a handle on the scripting, which is a relief. I need to figure out how to make people fight back, though ;) you take a swing on them, and they just run away.

Anyway. Enjoy.


Kromus said...

Awesome mate, just keep at it and good things will come!

I don't at all think im any good, but if I can help you in anyway then I might aswell try, so, sorry if below makes no sense at all.

I bet its hard to do, but can you create some form of global variable that can be read by a function,
And then everytime you do a certain quest depending on what you did you can just make it +1 for good and -1 for bad(or more if severely good or bad. and also allowing for the user to change his ways halfway through?) to the global variable, then at the end of the questline you could run function code like;

If currentStanding1 =- -1

if currentStanding1 = 0 then


Sorry if that sucked, and I don't really understand the tools you use, and weather manual code can be input, but, maybe that'll help you, who knows. Lol. Maybe it'll give you an idea of what not to do, \o/ xD


Rich said...

that's basically what the alignment stuff does. I can reward certain actions (or quest outcomes) 'good' or 'bad' alignment values, and basically just choose which movie to play at the end based on that.

I reckon like

50-26 good
25-1 good
0 (neutral, just did odd jobs)
1-25 bad
26-50 bad

that's 5 endings. we'll see if ti works out that way, or if I just go the 'you killed tobold, here's the tobold dead ending'.

Kromus said...

Yeah, the "Tobold died" thing is the safest route, but do you want to go down that route? :D

I think it'll be impressive doing so many endings.

And ah sorry, was worth a try :)

Tesh said...

This makes me wish I had NWN2.

I'm not sure what that says about my original estimation of the game...