Saturday, November 28, 2009

WoW is 5 (dollars)

Vanilla WoW is 5 bucks for a few days. I already have like 3 accounts (only one is active, relax), but figured I'd scoop one up just in case I even wanted to RAF myself again. $5 for triple XP from 1-60 goes a long way towards making the old world's emptiness tolerable. Then again, come Cataclysm, maybe we'll be going to the old world for the new content, so whatever. 5 bucks. Go go.

That is all.


Anonymous said...

My thinking is that in a few months we will see an updated battlechest that includes wrath for $39.99 (retail) making vanilla WoW essentially free. I guess if *all* you want to do is RAF a toon on your main account and don't care about the other account then this is a great deal. But other than that specific purpose one should save the $5 and use it towards a new battle chest.

Tesh said...

I bought the boxed version for $5 from Best Buy. My nefarious plan is to install it on a internet-free computer and use the mapviewer on it until I get bored. (If that works, anyway.)

Then maybe I'll play it "for reals".