Friday, April 9, 2010

Gasoline for the Fire

I've changed my mind. I wanna be a pop star.

懐かしいいい.... Around 2005, I left teaching at Konkou Syo Gakkou after being there for a year; a fluke during my time in Japan, we usually rotated every semester to a new school. During that time this song was playing in practically every convenience and grocery store around the clock in Japan. Japanese fads burn HARD, and then die out quickly. Hirai Ken is an established singer in Japan with a bunch of albums already, but this POP STAR song caught on like wildfire, and was everywhere for a short time. I wasn't going to let POP STAR just disappear like that, though. I used to dance the POP STAR dance and sing the song for my 2nd and 3rd graders at recess (anyone older than that was way too cool for Hirai Ken, evidently, and anyone younger had no idea what I was doing).

During my ceremony where the kids lined up to give me hand made medals and thank me for teaching there for the year, they played this song over the school's gym PA system while lining up and making a "jazz hands tunnel" for me to walk down. It was all very surreal.

lol japan

I stumbled across this video recently in my bookmarks, and one word stuck in my head: NATSUKASHI ("long time no see"). For all the new Anonymous visitors, and any more that visit over the next few days, here's something new to hate on. Don't say I never made it easy on ya.



Nikola said...

Cool song, i can see why all the fuss :)

BTW, keeping finger crossed for you (job interview).

Shilgrod said...

this makes me miss you random life in Japan blog posts

HP said...

Hahah, I actually really like this vid. So quirky and so japanese (I guess anime-ish is more appropriate)!

Him acting out 3 different personality types amused me for some reason. It's kind of weird seeing a white-ish guy act so japanese lol

Nice find =)

lothe said...

he did more then 3 he did 6 in that video now lets see if you can find them

Hatch said...

That is some Japanese-brand insanity right there.

I love how the animals are dressed like Luigi. :)