Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm Just Gonna Call This Now

I had a little epiphany during a 5 man a few nights back, and am going to timestamp it here. It's not so much a question of If but When. It's also not some major gameplay enhancement, but more of a 'we're already 87.2% percent there, let's just go all the way'.

The Need before Greed window is going to get a new button. Vend.

Similar to how having an enchanter allows the DE button to light up,
the vend button will become available if a certain trade-skill is present.
I'll give you a hint: they can drop a vendor inside runs.

So let's see... add a Vend button...

No, wait... having the gold piece and the dollar sign is confusing for the user.
Let's make the 'put it in your bag' option an actual bag. Whether you choose
to vend it later or put it on the AH is up to you.

But then let's specify that Jeeves is a trade-skill icon, rather than just gold
(while still having the point be indicated by a small stack of gold pieces).
This meshes up with the existing 'disenchant' motif.

There we go.

And now we wait.



Kyir said...

I believe the dice should be changed from Need to Playing Craps.

It will make the game much more addictive.

Klepsacovic said...

Does vend beat greed? Or no? If not, then why not just hit greed to beat all the vent rollers? I'm reminded of Gevlon's "greed with compensation" idea.

Maybe I'm taking this too seriously.

Rich said...

Greed/DE/Vend are all variations on 'I won't wear it', and stand on equal footing. Similar to how Greed/DE already operates.

The rationale for the DE button being added to the frame was that everyone could hassle the enchanter at the end of the run, the button itself is just a shortcut.

The rationale for Vend is that everyone could similarly just ask for a Jeeves at the end of a run to just vendor their greens for gold.

I honestly just don't care for enchanting mats anymore, and usually just sell my greens rather than put them up on the AH. This would shortcut that process.

Merella said...

The problem with assuming that hitting Greed means "I won't wear it" is that if the item isn't of the highest armour class that you can wear you just can't hit need. I don't know how many times I ran into this doing heroics on my resto druid. I had to have my mage friend need on the cloth items that I could use then trade them to me.

Rich said...

yeah, but that's a problem with the armor system itself.

A solution to that would be to realize that balance druids want to wear cloth, or (zomg!) just say 'druids can ONLY wear leather'.

That warriors can wear cloth, but gain no benefit, is a stupid mechanic. Why can't mages wear (and just get no benefit from) platemail?

It's a topic I've explored before (, and just feels lazy.

drumpeter said...

Warriors wearing cloth with no benefit makes more sense than mages wearing plate with no benefit because.....Warriors are strong and carry around plate (cloth isn't heavy--anyone could carry that shit around in battle), whereas the poor lithe mage with no muscle mass that isn't magical, can't carry around heavy warrior gear on their back all the time...
I know, a real-world answer for a WoW question... just a thought though ;)