Saturday, October 1, 2011

Warrior Stances, and... basically every other class

Why do warriors get fury, defensive and battle regardless of "spec"?

Fury is basically Berserker, Arms is Battle, Prot is defensive... why break it the warrior into 9 "classes"? How come the druid can go bear form as a moonkin?

I propose 3 "stances" per class, changeable at will. Why should I sit around as a Mutilate Rogue and force the group to sit around for this next pull because I want to go "Combat"... why not just make it a stance and be done with it? Why not give rogues AoE, Single Target, and Stealth "stances" that don't require being out of combat to activate?

Mages can have Frost, Fire and, Arcance stances, and can popped in and out of at will?

Priests can focus heal, group heal, and go deeps as the need arises... why limit yourslef PER PULL? WoW seems so full of ideas that are half assed.

Why STOP. WAIT. DRINK. in order to swap roles? C'mon Blizz... You've made it *ALMOST* so easy to swap roles... why not go all the way?

Pushing out the rough draft of this post in order to gauge feedback (and also because I can't be fucked to proof it all right now... if you can't see what I'm driving at by now, more words won't crystalize it all...)

Druids = ANIMAL. Moonkin. Tree.
Shamans = Melee, Ranged, Heals)
Hunters = Uhhh... Dog, Cat, and Pig? No, seriously... AoE, Single, and Pet? I honestly haven't spent any time in the Hunter Trees, but I reckon a theme can be drawn from each...
DK = Tank, Deeps, Debuff-o-riffic?
Locks = Pet, Curse, Nuke see where I'm goign with this?

Why force a respec at all?

Why not drop it like it's hot?

P.S. SNSD = Taeyeon and 8 other random scrubs, AMIRITE?
P.P.S. The new album got pushed back SLASH CRY


Stripes said...

If you can respec at will things will rapidly go from, "oh cool, something I can do in this fight!" to "I must master all 3 stances or I can never raid"

Here is a post by someone pondering the same queston for a MMO they are designing:

The do a far far better job explaining it then I do.

(I think the post is a week old, but I read it just an hour before coming here)

Jessica said...

Hi there! Wow feels like a far distant memory by now but the people I got to know thanks to it aren't. Or you're distant, alright, but still very much alive in my mind.
Glad to hear a sign of life from you, Ixo. It's been a while. All the best!

Cap'n John said...

I'm getting my money back from Blizzard by playing the free Trial and Raiding at 20, which is kind of fun, occasionally challenging (when scrubs don't pull their weight) but very repetitive when you run the same handful of Instances over & over & over again for minute upgrades. It's just like End Game Raiding :D

So yeah, I agree with you, pretty much on everything. With a couple of almost fully geared out Fury and Arms Warriors who often have 10-25% more HP than the actual Tank, and can pull 100+ DPS I would have no problem switching to Defensive Stance and Tanking any level-appropriate Instance. In fact last night we had an SFK group fall apart, leaving me and a Shaman, and we pushed on and 2-manned SFK, including Commander Springvale and Lord Walden. Although I didn't go Defensive but stayed in Arms with the Reef Axe (2H Axe from BFD) for maximum DPS.

So yeah, Trees are pretty much irrelevant if we have Stances we can switch between.

Re: SoShi, I also agree. SoShi = Taeyeon & Co.

Rich said...

we but things also converge towards "I'm a mage that was able to cast fire spells 12 seconds ago (and can cast them again if I stand still for 12 more seconds), why can I not cast them now?"

Warriors and druids etc have way too much flexibility in this sense (being Arms, but putting on a shield and going defensive stance? Really?)

Dunno. I had had a few beers before typing this (does it show? ;)) but i'm generally finding things where they *almost* go somewhere, then stop short, and actually back up two paces before making it live.

Conquest points: why can I get the limit from Rated BGs, but not just doing arena? Arena alone can take me 300 points shy of the limit. They want to expose people to varieties of playstyle... but doing ONLY RBGS (and zero arena) means I can hit the cap.


p.s hey larisa! Found your movie blog ;) Bookmarked!

Tesh said...

I've argued before for the ability for *any* class to be able to switch to any of the trinity roles on the fly. Say, the main tank goes down and the Rogue behind the boss swaps to Evasion Tank mode and takes over while the Frost Mage takes a moment out of his DPS routine to res the main tank (thanks to his shifting to healer form... let's call the res "Cold Slap" or something) and rebuff him because the "real" healer is busy with the adds chewing on the Hunters.

I know, many players wouldn't like that sort of flexibility, but it's exactly the sort of thing that drew me to the Druid class, and something that I think would be healthy for the game and grouping.