Saturday, January 28, 2012


Christ, I don't even want to deal with it.

And here's me, not even bothering to write about it. Good night. Sleep well, young prince. This is all very ridiculous.

gzzgagsHasgaHHHgnn~~~ I'm sure this can be viewed one way or another, but --honestly-- I think I'm basically over it. As a whole. I'm more interested in configuring our college's eval PA-500 than playing "Dante air-juggles Thrall in Amalur". Perhaps I'm bitter? Everyone from Penny-Arcade to the bagger at Lucky's is wetting their collective pants over Reckoning, but I may just be over the entire enchilada. Like, as a whole. Maybe I just need sleep. Who knows slash cares... zzzzz... maybe I'll take another stab after the sun comes up.

I apologize for the rambling. This has been a tremendous last few months. I may be Director of I.T. coming up here very shortly.... or I may not be. It's all very ridiculous. LE SIGH. I load up my blog in Chrome, and push "new post", then close the window and turn away because I'm not sure what to write anymore. I don't play WoW anymore, and that was the BBQ sauce that drove my McNuggets towards the PUBLISH POST button. I could switch it up on everyone, and begin to write Stupid Powershell Tricks on my blog, but at that point I reckon it's time to retire and fire up or something equally boring no one will care about. Know that if you're reading these words that I love you, and I know you've been with me through the thick and thin, but I just don't want to crap out ... crap... like I'm crapping out right now, and call it a post. That's why 4 months off the charts.

There are games that inspire (Hero Academy for iOS, Limbo for Windows) so I guess I need to just focus on that, and get back down to brass tacks, as they say... Things have been spiraling out and about, and feel like wheels are turnign that are beyond my influence to control.... did I mention the Director of I.T for a Digital Arts College thing..? Jeez Louise... talk about double edged sword of opportunity/responsibility crashing down like an Unstoppable Force of doom on my face. At least I still got the alias to vent on.

I need to remember that. This is catharsis. This is why I type into the white text field.

I'll be back with more, and I promise it won't be so heavy.



Bloodshrike said...

Hey, welcome back! :)

Glad to see you posting again. My advice is....don't sweat it. WoW may have driven you to hit the publish button, but as long as you can formulate thoughts about something, write about it.

You're one of the bloggers that I read, regardless of the topic, because you make it entertaining. The others are BigRedKitty, BigBearButt, and NeedMoreRage.

JThelen said...

Worry less Post more. Take care.

Kiryn said...

I know what you mean. I barely post anything on my own blog any more because I've only occasionally poked at WoW since before Ulduar came out. I feel like I should, since I'm paying for the domain name and everything, but I rarely get inspired to flesh out any of my posts any more.

You'll still be on my feed reader, whenever you choose to post again. No pressure.